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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wow! Blazerwap Official Blazervpn And BlazerMini Now Launched

A blazer without blazerwap VPN is like a farmer going to his farm without cutlass. For many months now, we have been using third-party VPNs modded by different people and in everyday, we keep hearing different VPNs with different strange names being modded. So that's why I have decided to create an official VPN for the blazers that will be able to tunnel your whole device in order for you to browse and download without any crashes.

I looked all the features of many VPNs and find out that psiphon is one of the best VPN which can tunnel without crashes, so I decided to create a VPN like it to all blazers to download on their various devices.

From today onward, I will be using the Blazervpn and Blazermini for all my tutorials on any latest cracked cheats and tricks with its new classic methods. So let's see their Features.

Features Of Blazervpn

  • It supports all networks in the whole Africa, Asia and Europe particularly Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Airtel, Ntel, SMILE, 4G LTEs 
  • It supports only Android 4.0 kitikat and Above 
  • It doesn't crash at all. So you can connect to this Vpn till you are tired (depending on the cheat or data plan you are Using)
  • It is free to use. You don't have to buy anything.
  • It is simple to use with simple interface like psiphon of course
  • With this Blazervpn, you don't need tweakware or Stark VPN anymore
  • It is fast and doesn't kill battery easily 
  • It can tunnel your whole application and Connect to your whole Apps 
  • It is easy to configure and set up
  • It is suitable for all old and for all upcoming cheats
  • It has Dzebb handler which is the best handler that tunnel whole device
  • And many others
Where can I download Blazervpn And Blazermini?

Blazervpn is like psiphon but redesigned with more features, stability, handler, speed and improved performance for your Smartphone and you can download Blazervpn by clicking here.

While Blazermini, is Blazerwap Official UC mini with handler feature to access, Download, browse and surf the internet so you can download Blazermini by clicking here.

Note: Our VPNs has Dzebb handler that will tunnel your whole device to receive response from your inserted proxy server or from your Host or IP port.


In every cheats or tutorials, we blazerwap team will only make use of Blazervpn and Blazermini. So if you have not yet installed it, you are lacking behind!

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Blazermini and Blazervpn? Do you like them? 
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Best Commentator For January 2017 Now Rewarded - Checkout!

This commentator has won this award twice now and he has been paid and awarded. His name is Abdquadri ibrahim who is one of  the hottest commentator for more than two months till now.

Well, this is late to be announced and is not easy to win the best commentator because is not for every month. I am also seeing two amazing best upcoming commentators that are very active on blazerwap called BRIGHT and AKINSEREMI SEUN.

We only reward them but they don't know the administrators of Blazerwap watches their comments in every daily basis.

All best commentators can be rewarded at any time, any day or any month as it is appointed by the Blazerwap administrators.
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Monday, 2 January 2017

If You Have Not Done These, It Means You Are Not Connected To Blazerwap!

As a Blazer, you are to always stay connected to on all platforms and this will definitely give you the fastest ways to receive our updates about phone, desktop reviews, web tutorials, browsing solutions and technology updates.

Some blazers can't receive our updates because they are not connected so that's why I will show you how to stay connected with us on all our platforms.

How to stay connected to for more faster updates

1. YouTube Channel: We are always active on YouTube, updating classic and quality videos in a more understandable way. If you are not part of our YouTube channel, it means you are not connected so kindly SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for free to receive our hottest tutorials by clicking here.

2. Facebook Group and Page: Have you liked our Facebook page or join our group? If NO, it means you are not connected to us because we update our Facebook and group page daily. You can like our Facebook page by clicking here and join our Facebook group by clicking here for more faster updates.

3. LinkedIn: We have many followers on this platform and is where we update our article posted on this blog daily, so you need to connect to us on LinkedIn by clicking here.

4. BBM Channel: We don't miss any of our update on this platform and those who are connected can testify how they receives our update immediately when published on this blog (Blazerwap). So you can join us now by clicking here.

5. Twitter: We update our articles via this platform without no delay. So as a blazer, you need to be connected to us here by following us on Twitter - Follow us now by clicking here.

6. Instagram: Many blazers are on Instagram and we often update our videos which means we update it once in 4Days. So you can also follow us by clicking here.

7. SMS: - This is a very fast method to receive our daily updates as a text message. You will always get notifications on any articles being published here on blazerwap so kindly send FOLLOW BLAZERWAP to 40404.

8. Android App: Our Android application is available on playstore so you can download the application and recieve our updates through the application and not only that, you can browse through the application. So Download our Android app on playstore by clicking here.

9. E-mail: You can always receive our updates via your E-mail whenever any article is being published on this blog which is also one of the fastest way to receive our updates. So submit your email now by clicking here.

10. Google+: Our google+ is another faster method to receive our latest update without no delay. So kindly follow us now by clicking here.

What are you still waiting for? Stay connected now!


When you stay connected to blazerwap on this platforms, you will always receive our daily updates without no delay and all your problems will be resolved successfully.
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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How Has Blazerwap Helped You in 2016?

Blazers are the most valuable assets and therefore, I need to know how has really helped you in your daily activities or most especially our niche which is based on Technology updates, Website tutorials, Browsing solutions, Phone and PC Reviews.

With just a sentence tell us how Blazerwap has really helped you in 2016?
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One Love To All Blazers For Being Part Of Us In Year 2016

It is not easy starting a blog on 1st of June, 2016 and by the stop of the year, the blog get acknowledged which isn't by way of our making or power however, by the people at the back of it. These people are the Blazers and that i genuinely admire all your efforts to make this blog grown in just a couple of days and for without blazers, no blazerwap.

We the Blazerwap administrators Fayose Opeyemi and Precious Agbontan are here to sincerely thank you for all your efforts you blazers has made for us to reach this stage even till today. 

Well, we would have shared airtime to the blazers as we normally do even on a normal day but we have a serious issue to fix and that can not be possible this year (OOPS! Am sorry) and i promise next year or even before next year will be tough on blazerwap as we will supply the blazers with alot of airtime and even find some data resellers to share you guys data. So we are sorry for that and I believe you can understand and bear with us.

So to those who we have offended, we are sorry and others who we never replied their messages on social medias like Facebook and the rest in year 2016, am very sorry because it wasn't intentional but for this year 2017, we will always try to reply all your messages as fast as possible.

People I Have To Send My Greetings To Are;

1. BLOG READERS: The blog readers are the most important people and they are called Blazers. Without blazers, there is nothing like blazerwap and blogging without readers is like blogging without certificate. So that's why I have to thank the blog readers who have spent their time reading my posts and to those who comments like Kolawole Tobi, Lekan, Chibuzor Amaechi, Isah Adamu baush, Abdquadri ibrahim, Akinremi Seun and to those Annonymous commentators with other people.

Infact, i don't know how to thank you guys and girls, without you blazers, my blogging is a complete waste, energy and wasting of resources but you guys really amazed me and we will surely reward everyone. 

2. TO THE BLOGGERS: We are not the best bloggers but is all by the Grace of God. So our words for the new, old or existing bloggers is that they should focus and never give up on the rough time. What will definitely make you blow in blogging is just for you to stop copy and paste because you can't keep your readers using other blogs articles or images so make your blog unique and get your readers coming from the east, west, north and south. 

One of the best way is to always promote your articles on social medias in a more attractive way and not just that, always try to write all your articles in your own way without anyone initiative and if you are not yet making money with your blog, kindly relax and work on your blog SEO and Traffics and with time, money will come your way like water.

Our Appreciation

We know many Blazers might have been expecting something from us and we must confess that it wasn't our fault because the issue on ground is not little which occurs after Fayose Opeyemi C.E.O of Blazerwap has wedded so that's why we have successfully prosponed the gift to next year or before next year. However,  next year will be great and even if I have to share Airtime, it can't reach all the blazers so keep Blazing!

Well, as I have said earlier that without Blazers, no Blogging and I will also have to thank you guys that with your continual effort, we will make it and be successful.

I am not just stopping like that so I have to award the best commentators of the month (Abdquadri ibrahim) and if are the one, kindly drop your bank account number for the transfer.

So I really thank you blazers for all your efforts and we assure you that we will always drop informative, unique and useful information for you blazers also as you will continue to stay updated to us even in 2017.

Thank you very much!

Written and edited By Fayose Opeyemi and Precious Agbontan the C.E.O of
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Saturday, 26 November 2016

See What Happened About The Free Etisalat Data Giveaway

I have been receiving mails, messages and calls about the last free etisalat free giveaway data that I should express how it happened that way. Well, I have successfully explained it to some blazers while some are still doubting me so that's why I have decided to make a post about it and tell you how it happened that way.

There was this etisalat data Sharer who shares free data to all members of Blazerwap on WhatsApp group and he showed us his data screenshots and even transferred huge amount of data to the blazers on the WhatsApp group and even me, then he mailed me privately that he is ready to share the blazers in the website huge data of 15GB, 5GB and 10GB then I was excited that this is one time opportunity to make the blazers surf in abundant data for free.

See one of the data he shared...

So he said I should make a post about it that all blazers should drop their etisalat numbers for the transfer and before that, they should connect with me on some social medias for more updates. Then after they have all dropped their numbers and followed me on social media, the data Sharer only sent the data to few people and refused to share the data to the hundreds of numbers awaiting.

See our chat on WhatsApp before the failure;

So what am trying to say is that, all blames should go to the data Sharer because he promised all of us and failed.

The blazers can testify, I gives free giveaway to thousands of blazers and even reward he best commentators and gives glo, etisalat, mtn and Airtel updates and their cheats on all VPNs, technology updates and all are free. So don't think I lied to you in order to Promote my website because the blazers are my blood, without blazers, no so keep blazing!

I think this have resolved the issue so keep blazing for more cheats, technology updates, phone and PC reviews, website tutorials and many more. Just keep blazing!

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Wow! Best Commentators Of The Month November - Collect Your Reward Now!

Normally, is not easy to win the best commentators of from thousands of blazers commenting everyday by day but these two guys did!

Well, they didn't know that celebrates best commentators of the month but they was just an active fans of this blog and I was secretly watching them. So today, they will be rewarded as the best commentators of the month.

November best commentators winners

1. Kolawole Tobi - N1,000
2. Lekan - N1,000

Note: Am not transferring it as a recharge card but into your bank account so KOLAWOLE TOBI and LEKAN should drop their bank account details for the transfer.

Active best fans of this blog are;

2. Abdquadri ibrahim
3. Meeky bash

So the best commentators will continue for the next six months which means is no more monthly as the best commentators may win a BRAND NEW SMARTPHONE.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

New 3 Best Amazing DS Emulators For iOS 10 - Checkout!

What can be better than a good old blast for the past? Imagine re-experiencing the games you’ve invested your entire childhood to! How awesome would it be to shake the dust straight off that Nintendo DS bad boy?

The only thing that might stand in your way is the absence of the deice itself. I’ve lost mine while moving and so have some of my friends. Your console might be broken or whatever. Or you may be simply out of titles to play.

The later is easily fixed with sites that offer best gba roms at The absence of the device itself should not stop you as well for as long as your Smartphone is around. Simply use one of the three emulators that are mentioned below for the ultimate DS experience of your iPad or iPhone.

Best Nintendo DS emulators for iOS 10

So if you are stuck in a situation where your only hand-held gaming opportunity is your Smartphone –these 3 amazing DS emulators will save the day and expand the reach playable titles.

1. NDS4iOS -  While peaking in the era of iOS 7 and 8 this emulator holds its ground perfectly on later OS versions. Pokémon titles are now fast, responsive, adaptive and, most importantly, easily accessible. Remember all of the countless hours you have invested to catch them all? You are free to do that again today! On the downside – ROM files are to be downloaded on to your computer and only then imported into the device via iTunes. But the game is worth the candles. Right?

2. iNDS - With an out of this world jailbreak mechanics you can download and play games directly from the Smartphone. Such an approach is slightly more convenient in terms of usability and your time, but requires more technical skills and the device might be broken after several wrong turns. Will you take the gamble?

3. GBA4iOS - The best part about this emulator is that it ports titles from both Nintendo DS and GB Advanced! That’s double from the usual amount of fun one might get from emulated gaming. You will still have to find ROMs and you will probably only experience older games – but who cares? That’s the very point of the emulated adventure, right?


There isn’t really a conclusion. You just know how to enhance your mobile gaming experience with a radical blast from the past. Did you ever need anything else? So be sure to hop on your iPhone as Mario’s princess is still in another castle and Pokémon do not train themselves, you know!

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Drop Your Mobile Phone Problem And Get The Solution Now!

Blazerwap Engineer now available, do you encounter any problem with your mobile phone or just discovered that it became faulty? If so, your solution is now available here on that is to say, blazerwap administrator has explored a new mobile phone engineer to solve those issues with only few sentence so what are you still waiting for? Start dropping your phone problems now for instant solution!

Our next solution will be on laptop and I will create a new topic for that and explore a new desktop engineer for that so start dropping your MOBILE PHONE problems now for a solution!


Firstly, on account of Precious Agbontan for utilizing me here, My name is Christopher Eseosa, I concentrated on choose in the university of Benin (UNIBEN) and I am here to take care of the coats cell telephones issue since I found that numerous individuals have distinctive issues influencing their cell phones in every daily basis so I think this is the correct spot for me to do that and I will cheerful, if everybody will start dropping their cell phones issues now for an Instant solution!
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Free Data Giveaway For The Blazers - Get Yours Now!

When I sees how blazers loves technology updates, phone and PC reviews and other daily information with blazers on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, I was very happy and excited.

So that's why I have decided to hire a generous data sharer whose name is YINKU to supply the blazers their data and these data will last for a full complete month on etisalat network.

These data can be 5GB, 10GB or 15GB depending on how you are lucky. So before that, you have to;

Then after that, you can then drop your Etisalat phone number in the comment box below and you;

  1. Must not drop two numbers
  2. Your name on comment box must be the name you used to Like our Facebook page
  3. Must not drop friends number
  4. Your Etisalat number must not be on share/sell with other person else
I think this will help many people access the internet in this terrible recession. So kindly drop your Etisalat number in the comment box below as we start sharing!

Note: If we Skip your number, it means you didn't follow us on social media or read our rules above.


To those that have not received the data, I have successfully send him your numbers on WhatsApp and I think he will be sending it one by one.

See the numbers I sent above

He has 1013759MB available for share

So you guys should hold on and whenever he sends the data, make sure you download everything you need on your mobile immediately.

THIS DATA WAS SHARED TO 52people out of hundreds of numbers and the data has finished. So thank you blazers for your cooperation and more cheats will be coming more as you stay updated. So keep blazing!
Thread closed!

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Wow! Top Commentator Of Blazerwap Now Started This Month Of October

In this month of October, top commentators competition has now started and the best commentators of the month will receive our reward as usual and he or she has to follow the rules of conducts;

  • You must not use ANONYMOUS or UNKNOWN names to comment.
  • You must not flood the comment box when commenting.

So at the end of the month, the members that outrank all commentators will receive a reward from us as the best commentator of the month.

I think this is my new way to reward the blazers. So outrank them and get your reward free handed. No delay!

Is it helpful? If you have more questions, kindly ask now for solution.
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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy Independence Day - A Day Of Instant Solution For The Blazers!

Firstly, i have to say Happy Independence day for the blazers because Nigeria has now added a new year to its age which means Nigeria now completed 56years after the past tribulation in some time ago. Well, blazers cannot celebrate that because I wanted to share recharge card, when I looked at the hardship buhari has brought us in, I just decided to give up and I cannot do that.

So if you are a blazer and you have any problem concerning your subscription plans like mtn, Etisalat, airtel, glo, Ntel, mtn 4g LTE, smile, inter C kindly drop your questions now or if you have any cheats, suggestions and others to discuss with us, kindly start dropping them in order for us to help you out or reform your suggestion to a cheat if possible.

What are you waiting for? So start dropping now for instant solution in order for us to blaze better and make this thread like a forum.
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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

eBay’s Strategic Plans Will Not Be Affected By The Split Of PayPal

PayPal Holdings Inc walked out from their parent company eBay a year before along with their IPO after surpassing the valuation in the ecommerce industry. The online marketplace had a casualty dominance of the Amazon, but of late the company has seen an improvement in their valuations after the separation of PayPal.

PayPal is the key component and is one of the strongest participants in the online marketplace and one of the key components is its Payment revenue that increases 14% each year. This is one of the three parts in the present business divisions. The online marketplace, announced that the two companies are going to operate as two distinct companies in accordance with the payment landscapes and the global commerce. Carl Icahn, the activist investor was the main reason for the split up of the both the companies because PayPal wanted to become the leader of the online payment industry and eBay wants to work on facilitating the online commerce in the ecommerce industry.

According to eBay’s numbers, the online payment industry is accountable for the $6 spent online and are now planning to raise the that figure, which is easy for the company to be seen as an unconditional intermediary instead of considering it as a established and large online brand.

The company has seen a thirty percent increase in its stock for the past 3 months, especially the exceptional performance by its ticket selling marketplace, StubHub. The online marketplace has the ecommerce prowess and the recognition in the market for the years to come and has the potential of closing its nine billion dollar debt as the balance sheet has eight billion dollars in cash. In August, the online marketplace hit the market by beating the Q2 earnings and they have seen a six percent increase, year after the year in the revenue. By hitting one billion live listing, the online marketplace has set up a new record for the first time and they are also buying back shares for higher rates with their buyback plan of $2.5 billion in place.

StubHub – The ticket selling market

This is an online marketplace that provides the services for the buyers and sellers of the tickets for concerts, live events, theaters, sports and other stage events. From being the second largest marketplace in the United States, the StubHub has become the largest ticket marketplace in the world. The current financial valuation of the company is not disclosed by them; however they had sixteen million visitors and about ten million live events each month in 2015. The company was founded in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr and then it was acquired by the online marketplace, eBay in January 2007. The company became the largest ticket selling marketplace in the digital age that interacts with the sellers and the buyers to get tickets for any sports event, concert or theater performance.
They are the major sponsors of the entertainment and sports event and they had more than one hundred and twenty partners in December 2015 who is mostly the sports team and from the entertainment venues. The sellers normally post the tickets that are available at their desired price. The site has a big list of tickets posted for the sports event, entertainment, concerts and theatres that are listed even on eBay.

Close5 – Classification marketplace

The online marketplace has built their personalized classified platform, Close5. It is a location based app that provides consumer to consumer ecommerce and it competes with many competitors like Classy and Threadflip. They allow the consumers to sell and also buy products within the domestic location instead of shipping the items. To interest the locals, the app is contesting a contest for the users to submit their messiest garage or closet that can get the chance to win the makeover certificate. And they are celebrating their launch in San Diego by offering to donate the funds to the charity in the city whenever the app is downloaded.

The mobile phone users can simply snap an image and upload it in the app and enter the description about the product and start selling the item. The app has a chat feature that allows the user to communicate with the buyers and sellers, so that they can discuss about the place and time when they can proceed with the transaction. The app is available for both the Apple and the Android users.

eBay’s recent acquisitions

To diversify the marketplace from the rest of the players and to get more valuations, the online marketplace made many acquisitions in the last few years.


This company offers intelligent solutions that are powered with the help of the Big Data analytics, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning for many businesses. There proprietary, massive scalable, end to end platform provides rapid deployment for the personalized solutions that include the unparalleled personalization, prediction and optimization. They have a potential team of members who is expertise in the data mining, data analysis, algorithmetic development, mathematics, video processing, software design, genetic programming, machine language, digital imaging and natural language processing. They have been partners with eBay and in May 2016 the online marketplace acquired Expertmaker.

The online marketplace has 3 parts of structured data initiatives and they are, providing the best product experience, collecting the data and enriching and processing the data. The processing and enriching of the data is handled by Expertmaker, especially with the normalization of the product.


Ander Michelena and Jon Uriarte founded the TicketBis in 2009 in Spain. As the name suggests, this is an online platform that offers the users to buy or sell tickets and it operates in thirty one countries. This online company acts as a middleman between the people who wish to buy tickets and those who wish to resell the tickets. The tickets are mainly for the live entertainment events, concerts, theatres and the sports events. Like all other ticket selling platforms, the sellers on this platform can fix the price of the ticket and the company charges a service charge for all the members involved in the transaction.

The moment when a buyer buys the ticket, the seller has to send the ticket to the buyer before the event .The seller has to send the ticket to TicketBis and they deliver it to the buyer, and if the ticket is delivered before the event, the company has to refund the ticket price to the buyers. eBay acquired the company for one hundred and sixty five million dollars in the mid of 2016.


The company analyses the loss and win of a data and correlates it with the firmographic, demographic and behavior of the data from the company’s external data source, CRM, the open web and the marketing automation system to identify the hidden buying signals and patterns. It combines the natural language processing with the machine learning and process a predictive analytics. The online marketplace, eBay acquired the SalesPredict by July 2016 and the company helps in identifying the significant product attributes that affect the product’s price in the ecommerce platform. The sellers will get help from the SalesPredict with the information about the item or product’s value that in turn helps in the in increasing the customer sales conversion.

The new strategic plan and transaction management plan help the online marketplace to flourish in the ecommerce industry in the years to come.
Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Zobay an Ebay Clone script developed by Zoplay. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

A Guest Post From Jay Baruchel 
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

See How To Browse For Free - Checkout Now!

You can now surf and browse for free using either desktop or mobile phone. Don't you like browsing this website for free without using any data? It is free and fast using your Airtel sim and with that, you will be able to use this website without using any of your normal data you purchased.

How to browse for free

It is very simple and easy and this is how you can do it with its requirements.

  1. You have to use any opera mini and other browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many other browsers except uc browser.
  2. You must use airtel sim.
  3. You must have not have any data in order to use it free.

How to activate it

When you have those requirements above, you can now start surfing for free without using any data and you will be able to blaze with our updates.

Note: If you notice that your data has finished, kindly go to the menu bar of and click on FREE BASIC and immediately, you will start using for free. As shown below;

Is it helpful? Do this new feature really help you? What do you have to say about this new feature?
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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Meeky Bash And Abdquadri ibrahim Now The Top Commentators Of This Month - See Rewards!

Meeky Bash and Abdquadri ibrahim has been the most active members of and they have received this reward twice now which this one is making twice, Meekybash and Abdquadri ibrahim won it at same time. So they will be rewarded at the same time too.

So see their rewards below.

Meeky Bash reward

Abdquadri ibrahim reward

Yea so they have been the most active blazer fans. Top commentators have been stopped now but only free giveaway credits will be given to the blazers from today only if you are active that you can receive the reward.

So what do you have to say about their rewards?
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Free 1000naira Giveaway For The Blazers! Click Here Now!

I don't really release promos but I just want to release it today so if you are a blazer fan, kindly follow the instructions below.

To get this offer, Kindly comment with your word and your whatsapp number because you will receive it as a text to your whatsapp number.

  • Do not comment twice
  • Do not drop two numbers
  • Do not help your friend to drop his or her number.
  • Comment with your real name not in Annoymous status.
  • When you receive the promo kindly come back and comment with THANKS.
  • So start commenting now as I will start to share.
See the card have been shared successfully, see screenshot below;

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All What You Have To Know About - Read Now!

Hello blazers, I am so happy to bring this to you because it will really impact some things to you even in your technology life. Some people come to this website called but they don't really know why or what has been cooking or preparing for them or what do it basically entails so that's why I will be revealing some of this to you blazers, in order to increase the growth and development of this blog and enhance your technology life to make you current in any area of your life but you might think "it is not necessary" hmmm that's not the answer because in this our current century, technology has taken over the world and information is power so you need to increase your knowledge in every daily basis because we learn everyday to know more.

Let me go straight to the point. You might not know the reason why blazerwap came to existence but I will enlighten you more on that so blazerwap has come to existence in order to make the blazers know more about what is technology and it's related followers or attachments. Technology doesn't progress when there is no cooperation and it doesn't progress when there is lack of unity and contribution or idea from each other, technology only progress when two or more people comes together to bring an absolute solution to a particular problem affecting the society. So I can testify many things that technology has impacted in my life even till now so in this line, I will say "ONLY A MAN CANNOT MAKE A WORK EASIER BUT WITH TWO MEN CAN MAKE IT MORE EASIER AND FASTER.".

What is All About, What Does It Share And What Does It Have For Its Followers? has come into existence since June 1ST, 2016 and since it's inception, it has bring many solutions to the world and it's entire followers. Blazerwap is willing to share out anything that will add or give benefits to his followers and fans.

Blazerwap have alot and many things to share like how to make your browsing life more easy, receiving technology updates about phone and desktop reviews, specifications, features, making money online, and website tutorials like wapka, blogger and many more and our followers like us for this.

How did blazerwap come into existence? came into existence by two up growing webmasters and they are PRECIOUS AGBONTAN and FAYOSE OPEYEMI and our aim is to reach the world and solve their problems by using as a source for the human solution.

See our pictures below;


Precious Agbontan

What are the main basic things provides?

Blazerwap based on its niche and even till now and they are;

  • Technology updates 
  • Website tutorials
  • Phone and desktop reviews, specifications, features
  • Browsing solutions
  • Desktop solutions
  • Phone solutions
  • Any others related to technology.
How do blazerwap reach its fans with all these?

We reach our fans from Facebook, Twitter, Linkindin, Instagram, Bbm, Whatsapp group (limited), Telegram and many others. So if you like to receive more our updates kindly do the following below;

And many more. We have also provide a new way for our followers and readers to get connected with us via SMS which is totally free kindly send FOllOW BLAZERWAP to 40404

So when stay connected to our blog, you will have more to testify.

Is blazerwap fast in responding to his followers?

Blazerwap is very fast in responding to its users just as you can see in the comment box in every topics. We don't play with our users.

From Ghana, From Kenya, From United States, From Philippines, From Nigeria And From The Blazers with other countries in the world.

There was a guy who messaged me from Ghana, he said " Why are Nigerians free browsing cheats always for free while Ghana do sell theirs?" I replied and said, blazerwap doesn't sell any of its contents or sell it's services because we serve free products and that's how we have been able to overcome some/many problems around the world. So users around the world can come and gain free knowledge from us because that's how we blaze.

What exactly do you call your fans?

We call our fans " BLAZER " and when important Technology stuffs is shared, we call that Blazing which means SPEED.

How can the blazers bring improvement and growth to this

Normally we share out free stuffs so as a blazer fan, they need to share out our site too on their social media wall and profiles in other for their friends and families to benefit too. Am 100% sure with this way, blazerwap will improve.

Do you offer any promo, bonuses to your fans?

Yes sure, those who are connected will have that to testify and we provides Top commentators so if any our users outrank theirself in the comment section, they will receive our huge reward immediately.

So we also share out free giveaways also to our fans but only to the connected ones will enjoy it more better.

What's blazerwap official email address?

Our email address which is the blazerwap official email address is We reply as fast as possible.

More words from precious agbontan

I will be happy if the blazers could Share their ideas together, share knowledge, avoid selfishness, avoid being rude, avoid racism and share all what they have to the world because this is the ultimate way to grow up and improve because the more you share, the more you receive.

As a blazer fan, you need to share out to your friends, families, neighbors and others for them to also benefits from here because this is number one way of sharing and being kind to others. So let's come together and form or create wonderful things.

More words from Fayose Opeyemi

Well, precious agbontan has killed it all but I will be adding so always contribute on all topics you don't understand and always show appreciation to the topics you wish you have gained something from because thats the best way to be a blazer fans and you can also learn from there too. Always share and don't be stingy with your comments that's all I have as we will continue to update you fans.

Now more words from the blazers

Does this actually describe us? Does this give you the exact stuff on what we are made of? Does this really gives you the power and encouragement to connect with us here on So what do you have to say about this? 

By passing this topic without contributing or commenting, that's where you lack all this.

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wow! Abdquadri ibrahim Has Won The Best Commentator For This Month

Wow! Abdquadri ibrahim has been rewarded as the best commentator and he is the best commentator for this month after MICHAEL ANTHONY and MEEKYBASH has won it, so we blazers, celebrate that every month for the best commentator.

Well, everyone can be the best commentator only if he or she follows this steps or guidelines below;

  • He/she must outrank the top first in the top commentators ranging which means he must always comment to be the first.
  • He/she must use his or her gmail account and other accounts not an ANNOYMOUS or UNKNOWN username for  commenting.
  • He/she must not flood the topics with comments in order to rank fast, just do it slowly and you will still get there that the administrator will sight you then call you out for your reward.
  • Always comment genuinely. That's all!
So he has successfully received his award for being the best commentator for the month on

About Abdquadri ibrahim And His Basic Profile

Name: Ogunmefun quadri olatunde
State: Ogun state
Facebook: Abdquadri ibrahim horlartundey
Twitter: Olatunde29ice
Best club: Chelsea
About him: An easy going guy, A comedian that loves putting smile on people's face and loves surfing the internet alot.
Word for Blazerwap has really been trying when it comes to phone and gadgets updates, solution to phone problems and Free browsing tricks. 

See his reward below;

What do you have to say about Abdquadri ibrahim as the best commentator of the Month?

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Friday, 29 July 2016

Blazers! I Am Sorry For Posting All These Kindly Click Here And See Reasons!

Hello blazers, I have mislead you guys in two topics here on and I am very sorry for that, it was due to frustration. So I believe you guys will forgive me and accept my apology so that we can keep on with this website just like before.

Meanwhile, I didn't post it intentionally but it was some guys that frustrated me to publish the post so I decided to try the Cheats And then I noticed that is totally rubbish and trash so after I noticed it, I inserted my alert warning notice on it so I am going to bring out the topics now and do not fall for it.

What are the topics?

1. New Way To Get Etisalat 400MB With 50naira And 100Naira Using Psiphon Vpn

2. New Free Glo German Proxy Free Unlimited Browsing Using Psiphon, Netify, Sypon Shield

The Etisalat own was not that fake but is 300mb when I verified the cheat while the  glo Germany was working for only Ghana users who uses Aircel Sims.

So if you ever see these topics please do not try it out because is totally rubbish and even trash.

So blazers, I promised to be posting real and true cheats and tutorials with technology updates for you guys so you guys should not count that for me to be fake or not real and let's be friends again and cooperate together in other to be cheat and technology updates gurus. Let's start posting what is real and if you have a real and working cheats it any technology updates, you can send it to me via and I will gladly accept it. Thanks!

So if you accept my apology please tell me below and i will be grateful and please always invite your friends and families let's unite together and develop new things. Thanks!
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How To Comment On A Topic In

I have been receiving complaint about the comment system in that is not functioning properly and some people don't know how to drop a comment on this website. So I will be dropping the full tutorial and full explanation with screenshots in order to understand how to comment here on this website.

Sometimes, you might be reading an interesting topics or you might have been reading but don't understand and wanted to drop a comment but fails hmm that's sad. In this tutorial, you will be enlightened and the solution will come for the problem. So follow up!

How to drop a comment on

STEP 1: You have to change your browser because old opera mini doesn't comment on, so you have to change your browser to Mozilla Firefox, Uc browser, Uc mini, Cm Firefox, web explorer or follow come browser from your phone and many other browsers you know but do not use old opera mini because if you comment with old opera mini, it will keep refreshing.

STEP 2: So after following step 1 and if you want to comment, kindly click on a topic in and scroll down, you will see a comment box in which you will be able to make your comment on the topic you clicked. As shown below;

STEP 3: So write your comment inside the comment box and then you will see COMMENT AS. It means you have to choose an account to publish your comment so there are Eight (8) ways to make a comment on and I will express them below.

  • GOOGLE ACCOUNT: It means you have to login your Gmail account to publish your comment and you won't be asked any verification so after you have login, it will automatically drop your comment hmmm that's the best way to drop a comment on to win our top commentators award.
  • LIVE JOURNAL: By using this to comment, you have to visit and signup or if you have an account before, you will just insert your username and then click on CONTINUE and your comment will be published immediately.
  • WORDPRESS: This method is just like using live journal, just go to and create an account or if you have an account before, just drop your comment by using your WordPress username E.g and click on continue your comment will be published immediately.
  • TYPE PAD: This method is also by going to to create your account or if you have an account before, just use this to comment by inserting your username in this method and immediately your comment will be published.
  • AIM: This method, you have to go to and signup or if you have an account before, just comment  using this method by inserting your username in this form and click on continue to make a comment immediately.
  • OpenID: Go to and learn more about it or you can get your url from there and insert it in the comment box to publish your comment as you click on continue.
  • NAME/URL: By using this method, you just insert your name and insert the url of the name you write E.g name: AGBONTAN and url: so if anybody click on my name, it will go to or you can also insert name only and leave url then click on CONTINUE to publish immediately after inserted.
  • ANNOYMOUS: By using this method, it means you don't want show your identity and your username won't be clickable. So to use this method, just write your comment and choose ANONYMOUS to comment then click on PUBLISH so they will ask you questions like ARE YOU A ROBOT? So mark it and it will mark √ then you will be asked a picture questions. As shown below;

  • Then mark the correct answers and click on VERIFY then you are successfully done with the verification test them click on SUBMIT so your comment will be dropped successfully using ANNOYMOUS.

STEP 4: Then click on PUBLISH or PREVIEW if you want to still edit our comment write up. So after publishing your comment will be shown immediately or if you also want the administrator to attend to your comments immediately, you  will click on NOTIFY ME then you are done with commenting.

Note: Make sure you don't use old opera mini to comment because they cannot bypass JavaScript that's why they keep refreshing instead of it to comment but when you use new Opera mini or other confirm browsers, you will be able to comment smoothly.

As you can see, is so easy to comment on BLAZERWAP.COM is because I explained all the steps to comment that's why is long this way. So write your comment and choose your account type to comment then click on publish then your comment will be published that's all!

Is it helpful? So drop your comment here let me really know, if you really understand it.
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