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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Way To Add On-screen Navigation Buttons To Your Android Device

These on-screen buttons are placed on your screen to help you access your phone faster but not all phones possess this feature that's why I have decided to publish this article in order to help you out in adding on-screen navigation buttons to your Android phone or device.

Advantages Of On-screen Navigation Buttons 

  • It makes you access your phone without the physical buttons. It means that when your phone buttons get faulty, you can use the on-screen navigation buttons to access to your files easily.
  • You phone will look more advanced and unique. Infinix hot note Android doesn't have this feature but when you add this on-screen feature to it, it will be totally different from other Infinix device.
  • Your phone screen will impressed those who sees it.

How to activate this on-screen navigation buttons 

It is very easy as Google now has the application on playstore not like before that you have to install Xposed installer. So you just have to Download Virtual Softkeys by clicking here and after download, you can then allow permissions and enable the On-screen Navigation Buttons.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. This MTN Free browsing is not making any sense at all blazer are u using it??

  2. thank God my phone has it so am less worrries

  3. Not useful in phones already with virtual key e.g
    Zero 2,3 and others

  4. precious I did everything . nothing worked. I havens downloaded the app. please give accurate procedures

    1. Downloas the app and give iy oermission then enable the virtual softkey and it eill come immediately. No delay.

  5. I have given it accessibility. how do I give it permission

    1. Then it will appear as you have given it the accessibility

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  7. Blazer.. Do u know whether infinix hot 4lite has this feature.. Let me see If I can download it ?

  8. how come hot note 2 doesn't have it

  9. finally! the add-0n screen navigation is finally working

  10. @mr blazer I downloaded a softkey button from Playstore and it said my phone should be rooted before i can start using or I rooted my phone just to make it apply... after that i discovered that the softkey button almost covered my screen so I decide to disable... after that it still appear on my phone then I decide to force stop and uninstall it but there was no difference I still went ahead to unroot my phone but there was still no difference.... i decided to flash my phone by doing wiping my phone using factory resetting method i switch on my phone and still the softkey button is still not disable what can i do to get that trash away from my phone am just stocked up oh I wish I know I would have leave my phone the way it is.... @mr blazerwap pls if there is any suggestion pls let me know....

    1. I don't think you used this virtual softkey because it doesn't require root access but only permissions and that's all. You can disable it by tapping DISABLE in the app.

      Well, disable it using the Tutorial below;

      1. Download ES Explorer

      2. In ES Explorer settings -> Root settings, tick ‘Root Explorer’, ‘Up to Root’ and ‘Mount File System’

      3. Exit settings and tap ‘Up’ in the top row of icons. This will bring you to the root of your file system.

      3. Navigate to ‘System’

      4. Scroll down until you see ‘build.prop’. Tap it and then tap ‘Open with ES Note Editor’

      5. Scroll down until you see ‘qemu.hw.mainkeys=’ or ‘”
      If you see ‘qemu.hw.mainkeys=’, set to 0 (zero) to enable the onscreen / virtual softkeys. Set it to 1 (one) to disable them
      If you see ‘’, set to yes to enable or no to disable (thanks to user iakinthos for this)

      6. Tap settings and save

      7. You are done then Reset.

  11. Mr blazerwap am still waiting for your answer...


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