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Monday, 2 January 2017

If You Have Not Done These, It Means You Are Not Connected To Blazerwap!

As a Blazer, you are to always stay connected to on all platforms and this will definitely give you the fastest ways to receive our updates about phone, desktop reviews, web tutorials, browsing solutions and technology updates.

Some blazers can't receive our updates because they are not connected so that's why I will show you how to stay connected with us on all our platforms.

How to stay connected to for more faster updates

1. YouTube Channel: We are always active on YouTube, updating classic and quality videos in a more understandable way. If you are not part of our YouTube channel, it means you are not connected so kindly SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for free to receive our hottest tutorials by clicking here.

2. Facebook Group and Page: Have you liked our Facebook page or join our group? If NO, it means you are not connected to us because we update our Facebook and group page daily. You can like our Facebook page by clicking here and join our Facebook group by clicking here for more faster updates.

3. LinkedIn: We have many followers on this platform and is where we update our article posted on this blog daily, so you need to connect to us on LinkedIn by clicking here.

4. BBM Channel: We don't miss any of our update on this platform and those who are connected can testify how they receives our update immediately when published on this blog (Blazerwap). So you can join us now by clicking here.

5. Twitter: We update our articles via this platform without no delay. So as a blazer, you need to be connected to us here by following us on Twitter - Follow us now by clicking here.

6. Instagram: Many blazers are on Instagram and we often update our videos which means we update it once in 4Days. So you can also follow us by clicking here.

7. SMS: - This is a very fast method to receive our daily updates as a text message. You will always get notifications on any articles being published here on blazerwap so kindly send FOLLOW BLAZERWAP to 40404.

8. Android App: Our Android application is available on playstore so you can download the application and recieve our updates through the application and not only that, you can browse through the application. So Download our Android app on playstore by clicking here.

9. E-mail: You can always receive our updates via your E-mail whenever any article is being published on this blog which is also one of the fastest way to receive our updates. So submit your email now by clicking here.

10. Google+: Our google+ is another faster method to receive our latest update without no delay. So kindly follow us now by clicking here.

What are you still waiting for? Stay connected now!


When you stay connected to blazerwap on this platforms, you will always receive our daily updates without no delay and all your problems will be resolved successfully.


  1. We are always there for you blazer keep the light burning let's keep blazing

  2. Lols chai see bad luck for me I just deleted ma Twitter account��

  3. i dont hav BW on bbm and instagram but othersssssssssss, i dey kampe

  4. but how do u manage all dis media

    1. Lolzzz we are two administrators.... this is even small list of the medias, I didn't add Pininterest, Quora, WhatsApp, telegram, stumbleupon, google+ collections, Snapchat and reddit


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