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Saturday, 17 December 2016

New Way To Resume Expired Download Link On UC Browser - Checkout!

Sometimes UC Browser do have issues when downloading. Have you tried downloading a large file from the internet using Uc browser only to discover you cannot resume the download after a network interruption. 

This can be very annoying because you will have to start the download again and more data will be burned on same file again and not everyone can wait to even Download file of 2GB instead of waiting to redownload same files multiple times.

How To Resume Expired Download Link On UC Browser 

  • Firstly, exit your UC Browser and go to your UC Browser Download folder which is known as UCDownloads.
  • You will see two files in the UC Browser Download folder which are the main downloading file and a temporary Download file with the extension .dltemp and copy both files to a different location.
  • After that, open your UC Browser and restart the Download then pause your download and minimize your UC Browser then go to your UC Browser Download folder and delete the two new files downloaded.
  • Now, kindly move the two files you moved to another location back to the UC Browser folder then go to your UC Browser app and un-pause your download and immediately, the download will start from where it stopped.

Is it helpful? Do you eencounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!
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New Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff - Enjoy 150MB On Every Recharge And Other Bonuses

Are you using Airtel network or searching for the Tariff plan that offers bonuses on every recharges? Airtel smartPREMIER new tariff plan allows subscribers to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11kobo/second for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks after a 1st minute charge of 40k/sec.

Benefits of Airtel smartPREMIER Tariff Plan 

  • All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month.
  • Generous data bonus on every recharge for up to 150mb.
So all existing and prepaid customers can opt in for free by dialling *318# and can start enjoying the tariff plan.

Source: AirtelNg

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

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Friday, 16 December 2016

Nigerian Government Now Launched "FGN IAPP" AKA Buhari App - Checkout!

Nigeria government has successfully launched their Android application called Federal Government of Nigeria Information App (FGN IAPP) also known as Buhari App which was said to give Nigerians authentic and real-time information anywhere around the world.

See what the minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed had to say about this; 

“The Federal government will not allow the media space to be dominated by those who are daily working to discredit the federal government and obfuscate its achievements.” 
So, FGN is supposed to “send undiluted and factual information directly to Nigerians and bring about a paradigm shift in the way the government communicates with the citizens by ensuring that authentic and real-time information is delivered directly to them, irrespective of their location.”

This application interface looks like a mobile WordPress website and its menu is full of many categories options and I also spotted Yudala dvertisement on the article lists (newsfeed), it seems FG is trying to monetize FGN.

Well, I wonder how much was spent to develop this application. If you are interested in downloading the app, kindly download it by clicking here.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new buhari App? Are you interested in downloading this application?

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Google Now Made Gboard Available For Android To Improve Typing Skills - Checkout!

Google keyboard now officially changed to Gboard with new updated amazing features that will improve your typing skills in every of your daily basis. However, this update was only available for iOS users which the date for Android update was not reveal but google has now officially released the Android version with new amazing features.

Features Of New Google Updated Gboard

  • Many emojis has been added and you can now search them.
  • You can now change keyboard themes even to your own photos
  • You can now search Gif (animated images) if is supported in the app.
  • New 36 languages has been added.
  • While typing, you can automatically switch between your enabled languages.
  • Predictive search has been added, which will give you search suggestions based on what you type.
  • You can now search Google and share right from your keyboard.

  • Streaming autocorrect has also been added, which will autocorrect every of your last two words based on context.
  • It has default number row.
  • And many others..

How to activate this feature on your iOS or Android keyboard 

  • Firstly, update your Google keyboard (Gboard) by clicking here 
  • Then launch it and go to Settings>>Language and inputs and under Keyboards and inputs method kindly choose Gboard.

  • Then go back and start using it whenever you are typing.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!
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Coolpad Cool S1 Specifications, Features And Price With 6GB RAM

This Smartphone is wonderful and it's specifications and features are just so amazing and portable. It's designs are beautiful and well cut with impressive display and improved performance. Not only that, it's memory and battery capacity can never lag or slow down. Let's see more of its specifications and features.

Specifications and price of Coolpad Cool S1

  • NETWORKS - 2G, 3G and 4G LTE Enabled
  • 4G LTE BANDS - 1(2100) / 2(1900) / 3(1800) / 5(850) / 7(2600) / 8(900) / 20(800)
  • SIM - Dual Sim (Nano-sim)
  • OS - Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow + + EUI 5.8
  • DIMENSION/WEIGHT - 151.4 x 74.7 x 7.5 mm with 168g weight 

  • DISPLAY - 5.5 inches Full HD Display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels

  • PROCESSOR - Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 chipset, Quad-core (2x2.35 GHz Kryo & 2x1.6 GHz Kryo) CPU, Adreno 530 GPU
  • COLORS - Black, white and Gold 
  • SENSORS - Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, Proximity and light 
  • CAMERA - 16MP megapixel rear camera with Flash and 8MP front facing camera 
  • MEMORY - It has 4GB RAM with 64GB Internal memory storage while the second Variant has 6GB RAM with 128GB Internal memory storage and it cannot be expanded with microSD which means it doesn't support Memory card.
  • USB - Type-C 1.0 reversible connector
  • BATTERY - 4070 mAh Removable Li-Ion battery
  • PRICE - It costs 113,300naira

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Coolpad Cool S1 specifications, Features And Price? 

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WhatsApp Set To Add "EDIT" And "UNSEND" Features - Checkout!

With these new WhatsApp coming features called Edit and Unsend will always save you from embarrassment because, you might have send messages to one of your WhatsApp friend or your Boss at work, who is not supposed to receive the message. So what can you do in this situation? 

However, reports suggested that Mark Zuckerberg-acquired company was working on developing a new feature which would allow the user to ‘Unsend’ or ‘Edit’ sent messages, photos and videos. Well, it was also said to have appeared on WhatsApp beta version on iOS.

When you send a message, you can Recall back the message which means you can Unsend the message and it will be deleted from your conversation and the other friend conversation too. 

So this feature will make alot of sense to those who owns groups because you will be able to Revoke and edit your sent messages which will be deleted without showing again forever.

Reported by: WABetaInfo

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new coming WhatsApp feature of Edit and Unsend sent messages, videos and photos? Do you think this feature will be helpful?

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Have You Forgotten Airtel 3GB Monthly Subscription Plan? - Checkout!

Some people might have forgotten the Airtel 3GB which I tried today and wow! Is still working perfectly. This subscription is a blackberry plan called BIS and many people have left the subscription because they taught that is no more working but to my surprise, is working and blazing like hell.

Well, Glo 0.0kb using UC mini handler might have been booming but not everyone are able to enjoy it because of their different location services. So Airtel 3GB monthly Subscription can also be your best plan.

How to activate Airtel 3GB monthly blackberry subscription plan

  • Firstly, kindly tweak this imei 352922051819802 or analyze it before you tweak. I don't know how to tweak an imei kindly learn by clicking here.
  • Then after tweaking, kindly load N1,000naira recharge card. 
  • Then you can now subscribe by dialling *440*1# and immediately, you have successfully subscribed to Airtel Bis plan of 3GB for N1,000naira.

So start blazing and remember to check your data by dialling *140#.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Umi Z Now Launched - Checkout Specifications, Features And Price

Umi Z has been launched successfully with many features and classic specifications you will like to have in a quality smartphone. It's the first smartphone to be launched with helio X27 which is the most powerful performance and it has an impressive designs which make it more lighter, stronger and thinner. So let's see more its specifications and features.

Specifications And Price of Umi Z

  • NETWORKS - 2G, 3G and 4G LTE enabled
  • 4G LTE BANDS - 20(800) / 3(1800) / 1(2100) / 7(2600) 
  • 4G LTE SPEED - Up to 150mbps
  • SIM - Dual MicroSim
  • BUILD - Full Metal Unibody
  • DIMENSION - 8.2 mm thin

  • COLOR - Gray and Gold
  • DISPLAY - 5.5inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and shock resistant glass
  • OS - Android 6.0 Marshmallow but has android 7.0 nougat update through OTA (over the air) method)
  • SENSORS - Fingerprint, Accelerometer, G-Sensor, Glonass, P-Sensor, L-Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope and Hall switch
  • PROCESSOR - Mediatek Helio X27 chipset, 64-bit Deca-Core 2.6 GHz Cortex A72 CPU, MALI T880 MP4 GPU
  • CAMERA - 13Megapixel rear camera with Samsung S5K3L8 sensor quad LED flash and front facing camera with flash

  • MEMORY - It has 4GB RAM with 32GB internal memory storage and can be expanded up to 256GB using microSD

  • USB - microUSB v2.0; USB Type-C
  • BATTERY - It supports quick charge and has Li-Polymer 3780 mAh battery capacity.
  • PRICE - It costs 88,200naira for Presale and note: the price might fluctuate depending on your location.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about the specifications, features and price of Umi Z? 

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Spectranet 4G LTE Now Offer Unlimited 30Days Gold Plan - Checkout!

Are you a heavy data user or do you browse 24hours which means throughout the day? This offer is for you because spectranet has just released a new plan called Unlimited Gold data plan and is designed for business men, cyber cafe operators and normal users who are always connected to the internet 24hours daily with those who download heavily but the price is not as rosy as you think but the feature is more to be considered.

Features of Spectranet 4G LTE unlimited gold data plan

  • It is very fast which means you will get full speed 24hours in every daily access on the spectranet 4G LTE network.
  • It's validity period is one full month (30days unlimited)
  • Once you get to 100GB, there will be solved throttling which means the speed will reduce.
  • This new spectranet unlimited gold data plan costs 18,000naira monthly.
  • It is only available in Lagos and Ibadan for now but will soon circulate all area with time.
Note: If you are an existing customer migrating to this plan, your unused rollover data stored in your accounts will be credited to you any time you return to your existing capped plan in the future. 

It is good to hear that is unlimited data plan but the price is high and a deal breaker when Ntel offers 10,000naira for unlimited data plan for a month with even 4g LTE network for faster internet access and even MTN and Ntel networks are available everywhere. Well, let's see how it will go.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new spectranet unlimited gold data plan? 
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

You Can Now Broadcast Live Video Using Twitter Mobile App - Checkout!

Live broadcasting is one of the important and latest feature users need in social medias for better communication and expression. After Facebook has successfully add it, Instagram also added it then is now Twitter turn and meanwhile, they have successfully added the feature for all Android and iOS Users.

Well, you can now broadcast live video on Twitter using Periscope App which is also owned by Twitter. If you are on Android or iOS;

  • Firstly, kindly update and launch your Twitter application then tap on the COMPOSE button.
  • You can then tap on the LIVE option and you can then Install Periscope App and give it permissions and also authorise it to have access your Twitter account.

  • You can then go back to your Twitter account and tap on GO LIVE and immediately, you are now broadcasting live video to your followers from within the Twitter app and while you are watching the video, you can comment and send hearts by tapping the screen, which you can do to show your support for the broadcaster.

So you can now see how easy, you can now broadcast live videos on Twitter. 

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this latest Twitter live video broadcasting feature? 
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Will 4G Sim Work On 3G Smartphone Or Can 3G Smartphone Be Compatible With 4G LTE? See Answers!

Millions of people might have asked this question and it's sometimes confusing if you don't really know much about phone and some also ask that "Can I Turn My 3G Smartphone To Be Compatible With 4G LTE?" hmm I have been seeing this questions on many websites and that's why I decided to publish this article for quick answer to this confusing question.

So firstly, Can I Turn My 3G Smartphone To Be Compatible With 4G LTE? The answer is NO! You can't turn your 3G phone to be compatible with a 4G LTE smartphone because is a pre-installed feature that comes with smartphone so all you have to do is to get a new smartphone that supports 4G LTE.

Then secondly, Will 4G Sim Card Work On 3G Smartphone? The answer is YES! It will surely work but won't have the 4G LTE feature which means you can't turn on the 4G LTE network to browse because the smartphone only has 2G or 3G service/network.

So for you to enjoy a 4G LTE network, you only have to buy a new smartphone that supports 4G LTE.

Is it helpful? Do you have any more questions, kindly ask as we will be answering all your questions instantly in the comment box.
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

New Nokia 150 Now Launched - Checkout Specifications, Features And Price

Nokia has surprised us again with a wonderful smartphone called the Nokia 150 which is the first smartphone that was launched by HMD Global. It comes in two variants which is the single Sim and double Sim version. It is beautifully designed with a polycarbonate shell that keeps its colour even when scratched, the Nokia 150 stays looking great whatever life throws at you. Let's see more of its specifications.

Specifications And Price Of Nokia 150

  • NETWORKS - It supports 2G network only
  • 2G BANDS - 900 / 1800 (Dual Sim model only)
  • SIM - It has Single SIM (Mini-SIM) and the other variant has Dual SIM (Mini-SIM, dual stand-by)
  • BUILD - Polycarbonate
  • DIMENSION/WEIGHT - 118.0 x 50.2 x 13.5 mm with 81g weight (including battery)

  • OS - Nokia Series 30+
  • DISPLAY - 2.4-inch and resolution of 240 × 320 QVGA

  • CONNECTIVITY - Micro USB, 3.5mm AV connector, Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
  • COLORS - Black And White
  • CAMERA - It has rear camera of VGA with LED flash but doesn't have selfie camera.
  • MEMORY - It has an inbuilt memory that support up to 32Gb using an SD card
  • BATTERY - Removable Li-Ion 1020 mAh battery (BL-5C) 
  • BATTERY STAND-BY - Up to 31days
  • BATTERY TALK TIME - 22hours
  • OTHER FEATURES - Led flash light, FM radio, mp3 player, organizer and audio player
  • PRICE - It costs 8,190naira

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new nokia 150 specification, features and price?

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New Etisalat Easybusiness 2.0 To Enjoy Affordable Voice And Data Bundles

This new Etisalatbusiness 2.0 will make you enjoy flexible and affordable voice + data bundles with your employees which is all-in-one solution made to cater for all your business needs and is available in 5variants you can choose from.

Benefits of Etisalat Easybusiness 2.0 

  • Extra cost saving tariff within bundle
  • Free add-ons: 5 business tips, 20 SMS, zero-rated access to SME arena website.
  • Bundle customisation with add-on solutions e.g. insurance plan, CUG, chat pack, international call bundle and more.
Etisalat Easybusiness 3.0 Bundles And Price

  • Business 2000 @ N2,000 (150Mins, 1.5GB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 5000 @ N5,000 (300Mins, 5GB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Business 10000 @ N10,000 (650Mins, 10GB data, valid for 30 days)
  • Staff 1000 (data) @ N1,000 [750MB, 70Mins]
  • Staff 1000 (voice) @ N1,000 [150Mins]
See screenshot below of the subscription details;

Note: If you activate any staff Bundle, it will be tied to any of the  previous subscription to any of the business bundles.

How To Activate Etisalat Easybusiness 2.0 Plan

You can activate this Etisalat Easybusiness 2.0 by dialling *200*5# and boom! You will join the new Etisalat plan.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new etisalat plan? 

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Checkout Gionee P7 Specifications, Features And Price With Sparkling Design

Gionee has successfully launched another smartphone called Gionee P7 after the launch of Gionee P7 Max. This new Gionee P7 comes with wonderful specifications, features and price, it comes with amazing features like Super B speed, Powerful processor, Easy and quick connectivity, Best in class camera, Sparkling designs, Vivid display and many others.

Specifications And Price Of Gionee P7 

  • NETWORKS - 2G, 3G and 4G enabled
  • 4G BANDS - LTE (FDD): B3/B5, LTE (TDD):B40
  • SIM - It supports Micro SIM With Dual Standby and 
  • VoLTE enabled
  • DISPLAY - 5.0 inches with resolution of 720x1280 pixels 

  • OS - Android 6.0 Marshmallow - Amigo 3.2 skin
  • SENSORS - G Sensor (Auto Rotation), Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor

  • PROCESSOR - 1.3GHz quad-core
  • CAMERA - 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and 5mp front facing camera with screen flash

  • MEMORY - It has 2GB RAM with 16GB inbuilt memory storage and can be expanded up to 256GB using microSD

  • COLORS - White, Latte Gold and Grey
  • USB - microUSB v2.0, USB On-The-Go
  • BATTERY - Li-Ion 2300mAh
  • PRICE - 46,900naira

  • WHERE TO BUY - Will soon be available in Nigeria as it has just been launched in India so you can buy it by clicking here.

Is it helpful? what do you have to say about Gionee P7 specifications, features and price? What do you like in the smartphone?

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Buhari Set To Launch New App For Nigerians - Checkout!

Will you download buhari App that will always keep you updated on any information gap between the government and the people (This is funny as if we don't have this type of applications already) and the name of the application is called Federal Government Information App (FGIAPP) a.k.a Buhari App which is to keep Nigerians updated on activities of the Buhari-led administration.

Wait, the launch of this buhari Apps keep bringing many questions on my mind like, is this what Nigerians need at the moment or in this hard time recession? Is this the schools, jobs, infrastructure and health cares? An app is not the solution to this famine.

So earlier this week, minister of information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed announced that the government will be releasing an App which was revealed with Resident Information Officers (RIOs) in the ministry. So this App will be launched in Abuja on the 15th of december, 2016 and is developed by Olawole Falope.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this? Will you download the buhari App? Do you think this is the right thing for buhari to release for Nigerians? Do you think this project will succeed?

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Need A Marathon Battery Tablet? Checkout Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus With 9,300mAh Battery Capacity

Lenovo has successfully launched in another wonderful tablet called Yoga Tab 3 Plus with amazing features and specifications. This tablet can also be called called Personal Tv because it offers a clean bright display with long lasting battery life. Well, let me tell you more about its features and specifications.

  1. Four Modes For Comfortable Watching: Scroll through recipes while you cook, check your social feeds while you eat, and watch movies while you work out. So this tablet will definitely fit your lifestyle and the four mode are; Stand it up, hold it, tilt it, or hang it.
  2. Your Personal TV: This Yoga Tab 3 Plus also serves as personal TV which you can carry everywhere because of it ultra-portability and it offers long lasting battery life, bright and clear screen display and theater-caliber JBL speakers, perfect for watching video.
  3. Marathon Battery life: With up to 18 hours on one charge, it’s enough to watch two seasons of your favorite TV show back to back. The battery is so powerful, it can be used as a USB ‘On the Go’ powerbank, allowing you to charge all of your other devices. In addition, its in-box 24W fast charger ensures you’ll never run out of juice.
Specifications And price Of Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

  • NETWORKS - 2G, 3G and 4G enabled
  • 4G BANDS - 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500) - EMEA and LTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 12(700), 17(700), 19(800), 21(1500), 25(1900), 26(850), 28(700), 30(2300), 41(2500) - ROW
  • SIM - MicroSim
  • DIMENSION/WEIGHT -247 x 179mm and 637g weight

  • MULTITOUCH - It supports multitouch, up to 10fingers
  • DISPLAY - 10.1 inches and has resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels
  • OS - Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • PROCESSOR - Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 chipset, Octa-core (4x1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 & 4x1.4 GHz Cortex-A53) CPU, Adreno 506 GPU
  • MEMORY - It has 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory storage that can be expanded up to 128GB using microSD
  • CAMERA - It has 13MP rear camera with 5MP front facing camera
  • LOUDSPEAKER - Yes, with stereo speakers (4 speakers)
  • USB/BLUETOOTH - It comes with v2.0, Type-C reversible connector and has Version 4.0 Bluetooth
  • SENSORS - Accelerometer, compass and also splash and dust resistant
  • COLOR - Black
  • BATTERY - Its talktime is Up to 18 hours and it supports fast charging feature with Non-removable Li-Ion 9300 mAh battery
  • PRICE - It cost 157,500naira
  • WHERE TO BUY - Just go to Lenovo website and tap on NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE by clicking here and after it is available, you can buy it in any phone selling shops around you or via jumia and Konga.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Specifications, features and price? What do you love in the tablet? What will make you go for it?

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