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Saturday, 17 September 2016

New Way To Turn Off Heads-Up Notification In Android 6.0 Marshmallow Phones

It is sometimes so annoying seeing this heads up notification that seems meaningless and sometimes helpful which makes many Android users seeking the solution to disable this meaningless and intrusive head up that keep popping out on Android devices.

So Google has finally brought out a solution to get rid of this problem and the best solution to disable this head up from appearing anymore. So Google now brought out a disable feature which will enable you to turn off heads up on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device.

How to turn off heads up notification on Android device running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

It is very simple and easy, I will be going on with the tutorial using screenshots for more fast understanding. So let's go on;

  • Kindly go to your settings and click on SOUND AND NOTIFICATION.
  • Then click on NOTIFICATION.
  • So after that, click on APP NOTIFICATION.
  • Then you will see all your installed applications, so click on the name of the application you want to disable heads up notification for.
  • Then disable the Allowed peeking and immediately you have successfully switched off or disabled the head up notification from that specific application that disturbs you with irrelevant notification.
Note: You can use this method repeatedly to disable heads up notification from all the applications you wish to remove or disable the head up notification.

See screenshots tutorial below;

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to disable this head up notification? Kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!
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Best 5 Websites To Download Free Movies On Your Smartphone

Are you looking for the best and reliable websites to download movies on your phone? Why don't you see the best websites that I will be outlisting in this topic? Normally, you might just be searching google up and down looking for the best website to download movies on your mobile phone but after you have gotten the website, their videos might not be playing or might even be blank. So thats why i will be unveiling five good, reliable, trusted website for the blazers.

Movies is one of the best part of entertainment in our life. Everyone loves to watch movies either online or offline. These days most of us prefer to even watch movies online but to stream movies online you must need to have a good internet connection or strong Wi-Fi connection orelse you will be encountering the problem of slow buffering speed of videos while watching your favorite movies. So if you have a slow or poor internet connection, is better to download movies on free download Websites rather than watching it online because it saves data though.

Top 5 best websites to download Movies on your smartphone

1. For me, I will recommend this website as the first because is one of the website i do use everyday to download many movies so this website provides Hollywood season films, Tv series and many more. You can download the videos in two formats which are .3gp and .mp4 depending on your phone support. It is free, mobile friendly, trusted and reliable.

2. This website is very good and reliable, if you are a real fan of Hollywood movies, you will like this website and even make it one of your best websites for movies as it is provided with both old and new movies in all different genre like Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy and many more. The site is mobile friendly which will make your streaming faster without any issues and one can watch their favorite movies on any device like mobile, laptop pc and others.

3. TubePlus+: This website is one of the best movie website that have a huge collection of movies and tv shows. All the movies on this website are of high Video quality and you can easily download them with their provided links. It is mobile friendly and very good, reliable, fast and easy.

4. URgrove: Is a total free website where you don't have to register or take membership before you download and it's totally free which means all their files are totally free. It has a good high quality videos of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed movies for free. It has a multi download link which means if you find a broken link, you can go for another better link. So is trusted and reliable.

5. Mysupermovies: This website is mobile friendly and they update their website daily so you can always visit there for any latest videos or movies. They are fully equipped with Kannada, Hollywood, South Indian, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi Movies. Along with them you can also download TV shows and WWE shows for free. They are trusted and reliable.


There are many other free download websites but I can only come out with top 5 best and reliable websites presently. So you can now download any type of your movies with glo 0.0kb or any upcoming cheats or free browsing coming to 

So keep blazing.

Is it helpful? Do you have any more websites I didn't list here? Kindly drop them so that other blazers should also benefits from your comment.
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New Way To Design A Text For Your Whatsapp Chat

So don't you like to design your chat text beautifully? Yea you can do that with just some simple steps. Text art is an application that enables you to design and edit word or sentence for your whatsapp chat or even in a group chat hmmm not only Whatsapp but others social medias like Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Talk, WeChat, ChatON, Telegram, or any other chat application you know. At any time, you can also share with your contacts so let's go on.

So in this tutorial, I will be introducing you to an application called Text art that can carry out the process successfully. You can download it by clicking here. So lest go on!

How to design text or a sentence for my chat applications

  • Enter the text to send. Use the [Edit Text] button or just double-click the preview area.
  • Select the preset/design that you like.
  • Customize the design by changing the font from those available.
  • Change the color of the new design (text and background).
  • Set a cool background (built-in textures, solid color, or a custom image)
  • Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment.

Some features and tips of text art

  • The preview image allows you to zoom / pan using pinch / drag.
  • Double-click on the preview image to edit the text.
  • From the settings you can change the configuration of the break-lines and the size of the resulting images.
  • From your favorite chat program, click on the "clip" to attach files, select TextArt and quickly send that creative text to impress your contacts.
  • Now you can create square images to fit in the profile photo of your favourite chat app: Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, ChatON,...
  • You can create transparent background images.
  • Tiled back textures available (+35).
  • In addition to the 37 fonts provided you can add custom fonts (.ttf and .otf files).

Note: TextArt is sent as an optimized image (.jpg compressed or .png). Size in pixels of the resulting images is shown.

So start creating your text as for happy birthday wishes, greetings, feeling in love and many others.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this?

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Friday, 16 September 2016

New Full Review Of The Latest Tweakware 3.6 With It's Free Browsing Update

Tweakware has now released a better version which is now faster and better than the older version and has now exceeded its daily data bonus to 300MB. So if you are still using the older version, I think is time for you to upgrade to the next version which many bugs has also been fixed that make it more faster and better.

Tweakware is a vpn that allows you to bypass free servers in order to use it for accessing the internet for free without paying a dime except when you have to buy premium so you can now see the value of having a Tweakware application on your phone or desktop. So what are you still waiting for, don't you like upgrading to the latest version? Well, I make a full review of all the free data bundles pre-installed or allocated to it but normally, Tweakware do make an upgrade whenever they have changed or added a new bundle to their vpn. So let's look into those Bundle settings and see what you have been missing from them.

Review of all Bundles pre-installed on Tweakware vpn

As I have said above, Tweakware came with pre-installed bundle settings on its own and can also be manually configured but it's better using the pre-installed bundle settings than setting it manually.

  • Etisalat BB10: This actually works but when used, it will definitely stopped at 10MB which was formally unlimited. It is very good when using it on the Blackberry device not on Android or bypassing, using any vpn on Android so it is left there in case if it still start working, the blazers will then go for it. 
  • Etisalat chat pack: This also was unlimited just as that of BB10 but later capped which make it 500naira for 700MB monthly and 300MB for 150naira weekly. So it's no longer unlimited but left there in case if it has turn unlimited, the blazers will be able to use it unlimitedly.
  • Etisalat 0.0KB: This is still working till date which when connected with Etisalat Sim, you will able to enjoy 60MB to 100MB in every daily basis and that's what's the blazers has been blazing with.
  • MTN 2GO MB: This bundle settings is meant and pre-installed for mtn 2go mb so you can now connect it and make use of your 2GO data subscription to power all your applications.
  • SA MTN CHAT: This is totally for the south African for boosting their network when experiencing bad or poor network coverage in their area or location.
  • ETISALAT SOCIAL ME: This is totally related to the chat pack bundle only that it access more social media than the chatpak so when connected, you blaze with the data.
  • Ntel 4G LTE: This is actually for the 4G LTE networks whereby you boost your network or data with the pre-installed bundle settings and it will make it faster like flash or zoom.
  • Glo 0.0KB: This is one of the current blazing cheat or bundle settings that is blazing now, it is unlimited and doesn't have limit so you can now connect with your glo and blaze till you are tired as Tweakware has raised their free server daily limit and you can also use premium account to blaze better if possible.
  • MTN 0.0KB: This actually works great before but no more in existence now as we all wait for the return of mtn.
  • Smile: This work for those using the smile network and now currently blazing on the smile network so boost your network better with the bundle settings.
Features of Tweakware 3.6 

  • More stable
  • More Faster 
  • Now 300MB extended daily Limit
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Bug fixed
  • More....

Where can I download the tweakware version 3.6

You can download it by clicking here as we all wait for it to automatically pop out on playstore but is still same thing. So kindly start Blazing.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this latest version of Tweakware 3.6 vpn? 
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

New MIUI V8 Custom Rom For Infinix Hot Note (MT6592) Now Available

If you are Infinix X551 Hot Note user, this is the time to give your phone or device a new beautiful look with the new custom ROM. This custom ROM based on Android Kitkat version for Infinix hot Note X551 which was ported by Dennis Murumi. So you need to be on stock KitKat before you can flash it on your phone or device.

Features of Miui 8 Custom ROM For Infinix Hot Note X551

  1. Create scrolling screenshots - an amazing way to share information.
  2. Calculate and convert almost anything with the redesigned Calculator.
  3. Quick ball - the ultimate one-handed control tool
  4. Personalize your notes with beautiful templates.
  5. Get your photos sorted for you with all-new Gallery
  6. Dual Apps - create and sign into dual accounts for any app, including WhatsApp, Facebook and more.
  7. Second space - perfect for times when you need a clear separation in your life.
  8. Video Editing -spice up your videos with filters, text and background music.
  9. Caller ID - automatically identify incoming numbers or find popular numbers when dialing out (India only).
  10. Hindi T9 - find contacts easily with T9 dialer search (India only).
  11. Enhanced SMS - SMS accounts of popular businesses now display logos and company names (India only).
The new interface or the interface of this Infinix hot Note X551 will look like his below;

MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM Full Changelog

  • System: Optimization - Sunlight display improvements (08-05).
  • Messaging: New - Sound for delivering messages in the Settings (07-16).
  • Home screen: Optimization - Landscape mode for Task manager (07-08).
  • Optimization - Task Manager stability (07-13).
  • Optimization - UI details in Task Manager (07-22).
  • Camera: Optimization - Camera's image quality (08-08).
  • Gallery: New - Automatic adjustments for photos when sharing (07-21).
  • New - Delete photos from the device only when browsing offline albums (07-26).
  • Settings: New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05).
  • File Explorer: Fix - Couldn't see files saved from dual apps (06-28).
  • Clock / Calculator: Optimization - Improved order for frequently used settings (07-01).
  • Fix - Quick ball disappeared in some cases (08-05).
Note: Before you flash this device, your Infinix hot note X551 must be rooted and also make sure custom recovery is installed on your device like philz touch and try to backup your stock ROM before you proceed.

Where to download

You can download the Infinix hot note X551 new miui 8 custom ROM by Clicking here.

How to flash the ROM

  • Place the downloaded rom in the root of your external SD card.
  • Boot to CWM Recovery Mode (Power Off your Phone and then Press Power Button + Volume Up Button until the Recovery).
  • Go to WIPE menu and select CLEAN TO INSTALL A NEW ROM, confirm when prompted.
  • After the wiping is done, navigate to install menu and choose install zip from sdcard1
  • Navigate to the ROM zip and select it to flash... Wait for the flashing procedure to finish.
  • Once the flashing is done, REBOOT your device.
So after you have successfully flashed the new Miui 8 custom ROM in your Infinix hot note then after rebooting, you will see the new interface.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions now and you will be answered within 2 seconds.
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New 5 Amazing Features Now Added To Whatsapp Messenger - Don't Miss Out!

See the five amazing features whatsapp messager have successfully added to its update, which you will like to use in every daily basis. WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging application and yet they are still updating their application with amazing features for their users. Whatsapp has over 1billion active member users every month with millions of downloads, so as a blazer, why do you want to miss this features?

Not long ago, whatsapp added text formating (italics, bold, strikethrough), "quote", sending documents, quoting chats and many more features. Well, many people was also demanding and asking whatsapp to increase the maximum limit of 256 people in a group just the way telegram has up to 5000 maximum limit. So whatsapp is really trying and they have added five amazing features which you will like recently and i will unveil them below.

Five amazing features of Whatsapp new update

1. One finger video zoom: It is now easy and faster when zooming a video now which when you slide your finger up and down to zoom. It is called one finger zooming and it has been added to its latest update.

2. Front facing flash: Whenever you try to take a Selfie from whatsapp in a dark area, it will light up white to brighten your environment and that's a wonderful update too.

3. Writing Text and Drawing on Images: You now have more photo power editing features like that of Instagram which means you can now crop image, edit image, type text on image, and even annotate and draw on top of it.

4. Sending multiple chats at once: You can now send multiple chats at once sharing and forwarding messages and while doing this, the contact will appear on top of your instant messenger (whatsapp) application.

5. Using Bigger Emoji: You can now use bigger emoji in chats or messages in this latest whatsapp update. You know single emoji usually appear the same way as all emoji. So in this latest update, the single emoji will now look larger. See the smaller emoji in the first image and the slightly bigger emoji in the middle image below.

Where can I download the latest whatsapp update

You can now update your whatsapp application by clicking here in order to add these features to your whatsspp application.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about these whatsapp latest features?
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New Android 7.0 Nougat Launcher With New Features - Checkout Now!

Don't you like using Android 7.0 Nougat Launcher on your phone to beautiful your phone with its new features? So Android 7.0 has come out with a new branded feature which you can download on your Android phone or device. This launcher is based on the Nougat and Kitkat interface. Which means it can be called a two-in-one android launcher. Well, I will write about its features and screenshots of how it look like so follow me below.

Features of Android 7.0 Nougat Launcher

  • It features KitKat interface [Android 4.4] which is the best.
  • New customized menu.
  • It comes with new translucent App Drawer Style like that of 7.0 nougat with the kitkat transparency which is a cool combination.
  • It has a nougat folder with folder preview option with 3 different preview style, launcher grid style like that of the stock nougat operating system.
  • It features some options which are; widget resize option, quick action popup menu, custom usable search bar and full concept nougat style on menu.
  • It features Google now swiping features which is now allowed by the Google now launcher with hide app in drawer options (a cool android 7.0 feature).
  • It also supports Google voice command with many languages supported.
As shown below;

Where can i download the Android 7.0 laucher?

You can download the Android 7.0 launcher by clicking here . Well, some bugs available on it will be fixed on the next update so install it and start blazing with its new features.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Android 7.0 nougat launcher?

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New Free Browsing On All Networks Using PC And Mobile Phone On Freedom Vpn

Free browsing now unleashed for all networks using old freedom vpn which means you can use it on either PC/desktop and mobile phone with any networks like glo, airtel, mtn, Etisalat and other africa countries networks of your choice. This free browsing has reigned and pass but now available again for those who does not have any data to browse hmmm is very slow and if you still wish to activate it kindly follow me as I will make it up to you.

How to browse free on all networks using freedom Vpn on mobile device

It is very simple and easy because it doesn't need too much tech so you need to have this requirements below;

  • Any network sim with 0.0kb
  • Your freedom vpn - download freedom for mobile here.
  • Leave your apn default.

How to set the freedom vpn 

So after download, kindly launch your vpn and follow-up below;

  • Click on CONFIGURE at the bottom.
  • Then click on CONNECTION.
  • So after that, in the Freedom server use or if you need more stable servers kindly see more below;
  • Then in Tweaks kindly choose Nigeria MTN .
  • Then in Connection Mode choose DNS.
  • Then in PORT insert 53.
As shown below;

So go back and click on START CONNECTION then immediately, it will start reading you can now go and browse but is slow.

How to use freedom vpn for PC/desktop

It is also easy so you need these prerequisites or requirements below;


  • Any network with 0.0kb
  • Your USB Modem
  • Your deskto/PC
  • Your-freedom software 
  • Leave your apn default
How to set the freedom on any network on Pc

It's simple and easy, kindly download freedom vpn from here and install on your PC or desktop. Then launch your vpn and configure it like this below;

  • Register and account with them and. Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION and input your username and password you used to register and save.
  • Click on CONFIGURE at the bottom.
  • Then click on CONNECTION.
  • So after that, in the Freedom server use or if you need more stable servers.
  • Then in Tweaks kindly choose Nigeria MTN .
  • Then in Connection Mode choose DNS.
  • Then in PORT insert 53.
  • So configure your browser using with 8080 port and start browsing slowly.

So you can now go back and connect then start blazing slowly with it.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems while trying to set up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

This cheat is Not yet fully approved but try it. Is a guest post from of blazerwap fans.
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

See How To Browse For Free - Checkout Now!

You can now surf and browse for free using either desktop or mobile phone. Don't you like browsing this website for free without using any data? It is free and fast using your Airtel sim and with that, you will be able to use this website without using any of your normal data you purchased.

How to browse for free

It is very simple and easy and this is how you can do it with its requirements.

  1. You have to use any opera mini and other browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many other browsers except uc browser.
  2. You must use airtel sim.
  3. You must have not have any data in order to use it free.

How to activate it

When you have those requirements above, you can now start surfing for free without using any data and you will be able to blaze with our updates.

Note: If you notice that your data has finished, kindly go to the menu bar of and click on FREE BASIC and immediately, you will start using for free. As shown below;

Is it helpful? Do this new feature really help you? What do you have to say about this new feature?
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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

New 3GB For 1,000Naira When Purchased Samsung Tizen Z2 From Mtn

Mtn has released new offer again which when purchased a smartphone (Samsung Tizen Z2) from them, you will be able to get 3GB for 1,000naira which is a very cheap data to purchase for my own review and they also said, you will get other gifts from their stores.

Samsung Tizen Z2 is powered smartphone of its kind in Africa. The phone doesn't have good specifications at all as it features low-end specifications which will not be good for some people. It come with 4.0 inch HD screen with a resolution of 480×800  and 8GB internal memory storage with 1.5GHZ Quadcore processor, 1GB RAM which can be expanded using SD Card. So in the camera section, it features 5.0 megapixels behind and 0.2 megapixels front camera with a powerful Tizen OS (operating system).

Have you seen the battery? OMG! The smartphone features 1500mAh battery capacity and a dual SIM functionality though plus a wireless technology with full support for 4G LTE.

How to get this mtn Samsung Tizen Z2 smartphone

You have to get it in all the mtn stores listed here below;

  • Ikoyi Service Centre
  • Ibadan Service Centre
  • New Portharcourt Service Centre
  • Abuja Service Centre.

Will you buy this smartphone because of the 3GB for 1,000naira offer? 
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Wow! Android One Smartphones Now Receives Android 7.0 Nougat - Upgrade Now!

What are you still waiting for? When Android Nougat 7.0 now hits Android One Smartphones with their latest version. So Android 7.0 Nougat now roll out the upgrade over-the-air update method.

You might still be confused that what is OVER THE AIR and what is ANDROID ONE SMARTPHONE? So let me break it down for you, OVER THE AIR is when you are sent a notification of latest System upgrade in order to upgrade your phone with your data easily while ANDROID ONE SMARTPHONE is a line of consumer electronics devices that run the Android operating system. It is a standard created by Google for Android systems and customers in the developing world. So Android one means smartphones that  runs the OS system by Google E.g Infinix, Micromax Canvas A1, Lava Pixel V1, Cherry Mobile, and others.

So the way to upgrade to Android 7.0 nougat is exactly the way you upgrade to 6.0 Marshmallow which is called OTA ( OVER THE AIR), the latest software update the day after Google releases the Nexus factory image.

How to upgrade my Android one to Android 7.0 Nougat

It is very easy and simple because is just the way you upgrade to 6.0 Marshmallow.

  • Go to settings
  • Then scroll down and click on ABOUT PHONE
  • Then after that, click on System updates

  • And you can the click on DOWNLOAD which will use 747.8MB to download.

  • Then your phone will reboot and immediately your phone will turn to Android 7.0 Nougat version.
You don't still believe? See below;

Note: To check kindly click on settings>>about phone then scroll and see it. So enjoy your new  Android version.

So if you are using Android one smartphone, we will look to hear from you, if you have received the software update notification.

Is it helpful?

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See The Changes Airtel Made To Their Whatsapp Plans - Checkout Now!

Airtel has successfully added some bonuses to their whatsapp plan and I think it is good. Airtel increased their night plan and even stop their night plan renewal then they decided to rearrange their whatsapp plans with some bonus.

New Whatsapp plan arrangements and bonuses

Airtel has added some bonuses to their whatsapp plan which I am going to discuss and unveil here below.

  • 30MB + Free Surf (160mb extra) cost 100naira for a month.
  • 30MB + No bundle no browsing cost 100naira for a month.
  • 30MB + PAYG cost 100naira for a month.

Note: These data plans works on opera mini and whatsapp. You can dial *948# to buy one of these whatsapp plans. If you don't have credit, you can  borrow whatapp with amount of money from extra credit. As shown below;

Try these if they might work for you because is not a cheat but an old offer from Airtel

You can also dial *948*1# before you buy the data plan and you will given free 5mb for once and ever. Kindly find a new airtel sim or you sim then dial *141*13*50# for 50MB or *141*13*100# for 100MB or *141*13*200# for 200MB so this selects sim alot. This offer is old and if you have done it before, kindly stay away.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about the new airtel Whatsapp data plans?

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Twitter Will Stop Counting 140 Character Limit For Links And Usernames From Next Week

If you do use Twitter, you will notice when you are writing a long tweet, you will see that the words are always counting and when it get to 140 characters, it will stop or it will show red so that means you won't be able to write more than that and is very bad in some situations where you want to write a long story for your followers.

So for username section, it was said that it will no longer count only when it is in the beginning of a tweet and it was also said that, tweets starting from @usersname will be visible to all your followers and instead of the current model which only shows interactions to users who follow all participants.

So no more counting for username, links, videos, Gif and others.

So according to verge, it said this feature will start rolling from next week Monday which is September 19, 2016 but nobody knows if it will roll ones for everyone or stage by stage because there are many features also coming with this as well. 

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Twitter upcoming feature?

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See Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Google Voice Command

If you don't know how to use Google voice command then what is the usefulness of your phone? You might be surprised that I said what is the "Usefulness of your phone?". Google brought the voice command feature to your smartphone in order to make your phone usage easier and faster. Do you know that you don't have to type a message that you can your voice to chat instead of typing? So let's go on and i will tell you many things you can use the voice command for as a blazer fan.

Google voice service has been in existence or lauched since 2009 and it is a service that allows you carry out actions on your smartphone with just your voice. See how it works; when you say OK Google, it will start listening to your next word and automatically type it by itself. This is exactly like Cortana in iPhone and windows 10.

Google voice command also allows you to send free text messages, customize your voicemail, read voicemail text transcript and many more. Now I will be revealing the amazing things you can do with application on your smartphone.

Amazing things you can do with your google voice command

1. Call a phone number: You can call a number automatically with your voice without going to phonebook. Just say " Ok Google" then after it pop out, you will say " Call my girlfriend " and immediately, your friend phone number will appear and then you can start talking with her.

2. Take a picture: You can take a picture and even search through your pictures automatically by calling "Ok Google" then it will pop out then say " Take my picture ", your camera will pop out then you can take anyhow pictures you like.

3. Record a video:  You can record videos with it by calling on its name "Ok Google" and immediately, your camera recording video will come out and you can start recording as many videos you like.

4. Open webpages: It can open webpages by calling "Ok Google" then say, it will open this website and you can start blazing.

5. Post to Twitter: You can post on Twitter with it by calling "Ok Google" and say " Hello I am so happy with you guys " Then tell it to send the displayed text.

6. Compose and send messages: You can compose and post messages with it for example via Whatsapp, you can call on "Ok Google" and immediately, it will appear then say " I love you " and immediately it will display it for you to see, you can then say Send and it will be sent as ordered.

7. Create Calendar appointments and reminders: Just call on "Ok Google" and it will pop out then say " create appointment " and if you need to modify a message or entry that you have dictated, just say, “Change".

8. Language: Interesting, you can now change your preferred language on the application and there are many local languages you can select from. Available Nigerian languages include: Yoruba (listed as Ede Yoruba), Hausa, Igbo, and Nigerian Pidgin. Just select the one you can use on the application.

9. Recognising Complex Names: Google Voice is not cool at recognising many non-American/European names, at least when using it in English mode as I do. An Igbo name like Chinedu is probably going to be mistaken for another word. What can you do? You can modify such a contact by including an easy nickname in the name field. Then use that nickname when using Google Voice and you are good to go with your google voice command.

10. When Your Phone Is Locked: Also, Google Voice can be used from a locked screen. Just say “OK Google” and give your command. It will unlock the phone. However, if your phone has a password, PIN or pattern lock, Google Voice will tell you that you need to unlock your device for it to be able to carry out your commands immediately.

How to activate the feature on your Android device

It is very easy to activate on your Android device kindly go to settings>>Language and input>>Google voice typing>>Ok Google detection>> then enable FROM ANY SCREEN.

As shown below;

So you have now successfully activated the Google voice typing features, you can now call it from anywhere and enjoy alot of its features to make your work easier and faster.

If your phone does not possess the feature kindly click here and download it now.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Google feature?
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