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Saturday, 30 July 2016

New Way To Use Zenith Free Unlimited Browsing Wi-Fi Without Using Account Number

Hello blazers, you can now surf and download unlimited using zenith Bank wifi hotspot without having an account with them and is very fast and blazing perfectly for the users who are connected to the hotspot. If you are a true follower of this blog, you will remember when i posted about the unlimited free browsing wifi of Zenith Bank that was recently launched by Zenith Bank.

I have received many messages from some blazer fans that the zenith Bank unlimited free browsing has to be for non-banking users also so i have currently find a solution to that, which is the one I am going to drop out for the blazing blazer fans here today.

How to browse and surf unlimitedly with zenith Bank free wifi connections
  • When you are around Zenith bank branch with free wifi.
  • Turn ON your mobile data and open your uc browser (or Google Chrome Browser).
  •  Locate the stuff you want to download.
  • After that, click on the download and allow the download to start and reads for a bit. 
  • Now pause it and turn on your wifi and get connected to the zenith bank free wifi hotspot.
  • Finally, resume your download and you will see how it will connect and start downloading. 
Just as shown below;

So start downloading and blaze unlimitedly with the zenith Bank free wifi unlimited free browsing without using account number or even being their customers.

So does it work for you? I will like to hear from you!
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See The Most Popular Phones In The World, Is Your Phone Among Them?

Wow! The latest list of smartphones has just been released by the mobile phone benchmarking site which is AnTuTu. This list that was brought out by them is for the 1st quarter of this year and as expected, Samsung devices dominated the top list, followed by the device from Chinese smartphone giants Xiaomi phone.

See the infographic of the smartphones results

See the ten popular smartphones 

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 7.82%
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, 5.47%
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 3.41%
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 3.20%
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 3.07%
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 2.69%
  • Meizu MX5 2.22%
  • LG G3 2.14%
  • LeEco 1S 1.93%
  • Meizu Metal 1.70%
As you can see iPhone was not listed among the list of most popular smartphone in year 2016, so is your phone among the list of popular smartphone?
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Samsung Tizen Smartphones Coming To Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa And Others

Firstly, you might ask what is Tizen phones? Tizen is an open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime. This simply means that users can obtain the source code that Tizen is based on, allowing smartphone owners to tinker with and alter a device's software.

So Tizen has set to being Samsung Devices to Africa with their huge specifications and features. So a new report says that the upcoming Samsung Z2 will be launched in African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, including some Asian markets in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. This launch is expected to take place sometime in October this year. So the report also says that Samsung plans to utilize these African markets as test-beds for its "Tizen-based IoT infrastructure.

The report highlighted that countries like Nigeria and Kenya are undergoing infrastructural development to welcome 4G LTE technology to the areas so it will be easy for the South Korean company to capture the market there.  It is worthy to know that Z2 will be the first ever Tizen phone have support for 4G LTE in addition to remote assistance feature.


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New Etisalat Free 1GB And 11Months Smartpack Offer

After mtn has released the wow weekend and airtel released the cheap data plans, Etisalat has also decided to blow up their customers or users with an amazing data in new smartphones that is being purchased. So Etisalat is currently offering free 1GB data and eleven months of free chatting and use of social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, 2go, BBM just as smartpack offers to new smartphone owners who activate their line on the Etisalat.

This works great without using Psiphon, netify, sypon shield or any vpn that do boost data but is a huge bonus from Etisalat members or Etisalat users who just purchased a new a smartphone. Another wonderful thing is that it works on all devices like Android, Windows, palmtops, symbian, Java and any devices you might think off. So see how to activate it below;

How to activate this free Etisalat bonus
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Friday, 29 July 2016

New Way To Uninstall System Apps That Pop-Out Unnecessary Adverts In Android Devices

System apps is a pre-installed application from the device manufacturer or developer and in some cases system application is always useful and helpful but sometimes it behaves in an annoying way which Pop-Out Unnecessary and annoying adverts that may stop what you are doing and immediately take over it or draw on the application and sometimes it might just playing video online with your data or even browsing automatically without you making the command.

The worst and annoying part of the whole thing is all the system applications in a phone cannot be uninstalled just like third party or applications you install by yourself. The only thing you can do to system applications is to disable it but I found out that even after disabling the application, it will come up again after few minutes.

Before you continue, please make sure your phone is rooted. And the most important thing is that you have to be sure of what you are doing. Don't uninstall any application that starts with com. Don't uninstall any application you are not sure of. Don't uninstall dialer, clock, phone book, gallery, messages etc because it might get your phone bricked or malfunction. Rather remove applications like useless games, news applications or transaction applications.

See Reasons Why You Should Uninstall System Apps On Your Device

  • System apps are the major consumer or eater of Android memory and RAM. If you are experiencing very low memory or if your Android phone is always displaying memory full, delete some data or uninstall some apps, then the major cause of it is system apps.
  • System apps make your phone lag and slow
  • Some system apps are useless to a particular person. Imagine and old man that don't play games at all having fifa game on his phone. That is useless and upon that, the heavy fifa app will be draining both memory, RAM and battery.
  • Some system apps uses payment methods which means before you can use any of the features of that particular app, you must have to do transaction with the app. Many people don't like online transactions and some don't even know how to do such so what is the app doing there?
  • Some system apps run in background and eat up your MB (data). This type of system app cannot be hibernated or killed by task killer apps like clean master, greenify etc.
How To Uninstall System Apps On Your Device

So before you start, you have to root your device just as I have said above or if you don't know how to root and Android device kindly click here and learn more  then after rooting, you have to download this application called SYSTEM APP MANAGER from playstore here then follow this procedure below.

Importance of system applications manager

  • You can uninstall system or user apps using this application
  • You can disable any application using it
  • You can convert a system app to user app. Yes this is nice. If the system app is important to you but you find out it is draining your phones memory you can convert the app to user application instead of uninstalling it. I did this to most of my system apps and it was cool.
  • You can backup your apps using this great app manager and many more useful things you can do with it.

  • So let's continue with the tutorial below;
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Speed Test Result Of MTN 4G LTE And NTEL 4G LTE - See Who Wins!

As we all know that Ntel is bringing out a new world of ultra fast 4G network in Nigeria. Ntel stormed Nigeria few months ago with their 4G LTE services which is now available in Lagos, Abuja and Nasarawa State.

Meanwhile, MTN also announced its own 4G LTE network services but the question now is which of the two networks provides the fastest download and uploading speed with 4G connection which also means who is going to win the speed test hmmm you won't believe this after reading this to end. Just look at this screenshots below!

Ntel 4G LTE Speed Test Result

As you can see, ntel network recorded 55.13Mbps in download speed and 24.40Mbps in upload speed.

MTN 4G LTE Speed Test Result 

The download speed is 14.19Mbps while the upload speed is just 1.81Mbps (too poor i must say). The network speed is too low and the downtown load speed hmm sometimes I do think if is actually a 4G or 3G service network mode but I know that there are various categories of 4G network; even the lowest category, i think won't record this results.


Nigerians want and deserve the best from these network operators. So they need to do something fast before they run down their business.

What do you have to say about these speed tests?
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Checkout! Innjoo Max 3 Specifications, Features And Price

Innjoo Max 3 is the latest android smartphone coming out from the Chinese company and it joins other innjoo phones in the Max Series like the Innjoo Max 2 and Max 2 Plus which recorded a very massive sale and was in fact a success.

Innjoo Max 3 has a good and quality specifications which is a good security phone also. The images are also available as you can see and the official price will be made known after the launch proper.

Full Specifications Of Innjoo Max 3


Screen size : 6.0 inch
Screen resolution: 1920*1080 HD Amoled display
Screen Protection : —
Screen display Type: IPS LCD
capacitative touch screen


Body Material: Full Metallic body cover


GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
4G: FDD-LTE 3(1800) / 7(2600) / 20(800)
SIM Type: Dual SIM; Micro SIM


Operating System: Android v6.0 Marshmallow


Processor Make: Mediatek MT6753
Graphics Processor: Mali-T720


Internal Storage: 32 GB
External Storage: expandable through an external microSD card up to 128 GB


Rear: 13 megapixel, autofocus, dual LED flash
Video recording: 1080P HD
Front-facing: 8 megapixel with soft flash


Music Support: mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, amr, wb-amr, midi
Audio: HIFI 2.0, DOLBY Surround Digital; Metal HiFi earphone included
Loudspeaker: Yes
Video Support: mpeg4, h.263, h.264
FM Radio: Yes


Bluetooth: v4.0WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n,
Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: microUSB v2.0; USB On-The-Go


Security: Fingerprint Sensor at the back

Battery Capacity

Battery: 4000 mAh


June 2016

Launch Date

August 2016


Exp Price Range N40,000 to N48,000 (unofficial yet)


Name: InnJoo Max 3
Display: 6 inches
Camera: 13MP back camera 8MP Front camera
Processor: Quad-core CPU
2.5D diamond cut class
Finger Print ID
Rom: 1+16/2+16GB memory
Network: 3G/LTE
Sim: Dual SIM cards
OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop.

As you can see above, this phone is really well packaged with alot of specifications and many other features so what do you have to say about it?
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New MTN Wow Weekend Of 600MB For 200Naira, 3.825GB For 500Naira And 9GB For 1,000Naira

I think MTN is now trying to bring back their users or customers with wonderful data plans that they are now unleashing every time because airtel has just released the New Airtel N3,500 For 7GB, N5,000 For 12GB, 8,000Naira For 24GB For 30Days not long ago and mtn is now here with this wonderful wow weekend.

Before, wow weekend system was that, if you load 500naira you will be given free 1GB for free for your recharge without deducting the the 500naira which can still be used for another subscription plan.

So this new method is to Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB FREE data and many more which I am going to reveal here on so see it below.

How to activate these plans
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New Glo 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing Now Downloading Using Tweakware Version 3.2

After all my research, I have finally find a solution to the glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing that we have looking for the solution since this days. This glo 0.0kb can now be used on Tweakware and we all know that Tweakware has a daily limit of 200mb but you can use ID changer to use it unlimitedly or if you have cash, you can also upgrade to premium but is not compulsory to upgrade to premium because the free servers are working perfectly and smoothly, it all depends on your wish.

With this glo 0.0kb, you will be able to download, watch videos online, use all applications smoothly because is Tweakware is also good in doing that, so download musics and everything you need just note that the data is unlimited, it can't finish is for browsing till the day it will get blocked or get congested because of too much people on a server.

How to activate the Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing on Tweakware vpn for free without no charges

You can download it here or just go to and download the latest Tweakware version of 3.2 but when you get there, you will see download version 3.0 don't mind them is just a mistake from them so Tweakware has released the 3.2 on their website but has not been updated on playstore that means you have to go in the websiteand download the Tweakware.

So after downloading, just open or launch your vpn and click on SETTINGS>>BUNDLE SETTINGS>>ENABLE BUNDLE SETTINGS>>SELECT BUNDLE SETTINGS and choose (NG GLO) 0.0# then go back and connect with your free server or if is premium kindly choose your country and Connect immediately then start blazing unlimitedly!

As shown below;

So is it helpful? If you encounter any problem while setting this up kindly tell us about it and we will help you out immediately and if it works for you kindly tell the blazers also!
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New Airtel N3,500 For 7GB, N5,000 For 12GB, 8,000Naira For 24GB For 30Days

After the release of mtn 7GB for 2,000naira, airtel decided to hit their users with huge data plans that cost not much but huge data. I think airtel is using this medium to bring back their customers or users so if you are an Airtel fan, you will notice that airtel is no more slow like before but now is glo that has carried the slow internet access.

How to activate this cheap plans

  • N3500 - 7GB by dialling *438# for 30DAYS
  • N5000 - 12GB by dialling *452# for 30DAYS
  • N8000 - 24GB by dialling *460# for 30DAYS
As shown below;

As you can see, is working perfectly and steadily without using any vpn like psiphon or Tweakware for it and is more cheaper than the former subscription plans that is 4.5gb for 3,500naira. So is very cheap and affordable.

So is it helpful?
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Wow! Lenovo Release Its Own Air 13 Pro laptop

We have seen a lot of new device injected in the market just this week alone. After some hours after Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Notebook Air, their fellow Chinese counterparts Lenovo announced a laptop which the called Lenovo Air 13 Pro; Having almost the same specifications and lightweight as the Mi Notebook.


Air 13 Pro is powered by Intel I5-6200U processor and features a 13.3-inch IPS display and has 4GB RAM and 256GB internal storage capacity. It uses a 2GB NVIDIA GT940MX graphics card an also a new fingerprint recognition functionality.

Weighing at just 1.29kg, (slightly heavier than Mi Notebook) and having a thickness of just 1.48cm.


Air 13 Pro is priced at RMB 4,999 which is roughly $750 In China.
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Blazerwap Now Releases New Warning Alert For Blocked Free Browsing Cheats Feature, See Now!

I noticed that free browsing cheats may have been blocked and some visitors in this website ( will always like to try it out and some blazer fans too. So I have decided to bring up solution to that, whenever a cheat is blocked, I will always alert you guys on the topic with my warning alert so that you won't try the blocked cheat.

As shown below;

So blazers, do you like this feature?
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Blazers! I Am Sorry For Posting All These Kindly Click Here And See Reasons!

Hello blazers, I have mislead you guys in two topics here on and I am very sorry for that, it was due to frustration. So I believe you guys will forgive me and accept my apology so that we can keep on with this website just like before.

Meanwhile, I didn't post it intentionally but it was some guys that frustrated me to publish the post so I decided to try the Cheats And then I noticed that is totally rubbish and trash so after I noticed it, I inserted my alert warning notice on it so I am going to bring out the topics now and do not fall for it.

What are the topics?

1. New Way To Get Etisalat 400MB With 50naira And 100Naira Using Psiphon Vpn

2. New Free Glo German Proxy Free Unlimited Browsing Using Psiphon, Netify, Sypon Shield

The Etisalat own was not that fake but is 300mb when I verified the cheat while the  glo Germany was working for only Ghana users who uses Aircel Sims.

So if you ever see these topics please do not try it out because is totally rubbish and even trash.

So blazers, I promised to be posting real and true cheats and tutorials with technology updates for you guys so you guys should not count that for me to be fake or not real and let's be friends again and cooperate together in other to be cheat and technology updates gurus. Let's start posting what is real and if you have a real and working cheats it any technology updates, you can send it to me via and I will gladly accept it. Thanks!

So if you accept my apology please tell me below and i will be grateful and please always invite your friends and families let's unite together and develop new things. Thanks!
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Thursday, 28 July 2016

New Way To Connect Your Ntel 4G LTE Free Connections Using Tweakware Vpn

Have you ever think of a way to connect Ntel 4G LTE to your Tweakware vpn? Yea is possible because Tweakware has the BUNDLE SETTINGS and is working perfectly on the areas Ntel are located and share their free wifi especially lagos, Abuja, Nasarawa and many states but I heard the rumor that they will soon be on port-harcourt which means port-harcourt users won't be able to use it for now till they set their network in the area or location.

So I will be writing about New Way To Connect Your Ntel 4G LTE To Tweakware Vpn For Unlimited Browsing Using free 4G LTE Free Wifi connections on Tweakware vpn. Sometimes, you might have the NTEL sim and do their subscription plan then you will be able to use it better too on Tweakware vpn.

Where to get my Ntel sim in Lagos state

  • 25 Obanikoro Way, Ilupeju, Off Western Avenue
  • 1568 Damilare Street, Off Berger, Ojodu-Berger
  • 24 Rumens Road, South West, Ikoyi
  • 76 Teslim Elias, Off Ahmadu Bello Way
  • 512 Road, D Close, House 1, Off Redeemed Church, 2nd Gate.
  • YABA
  • 662 Alake Way, Off Tejuoso, Off Railway Tracks, Yaba.

More so, NTEL initially stated that the first 100,000 subscribers will get free calls for life. That has been changed. If you are among the first 100,000 people to subscribe, you will automatically become a pioneer member and you will only be able to make free calls for life to a fellow pioneer member.

How to connect Ntel 4G LTE for unlimited browsing

  • Kindly get your Ntel sim
  • Download Tweakware vpn
  • Click on SETTINGS 
  • Then click on BUNDLE SETTINGS
  • So click click on ENABLE BUNDLE SETTINGS
  • Then choose (NG SWIFT 4GLTE).

As shown below, then connect and start browsing like jet in the air which means BLAZING like Windair lolzzzz.. hmmm this Ntel is really fast, very fast like plane I don't how to describe it.

If you can use the premium servers, you will be able to use it unlimitedly

Is it Helpful? If you encounter any issue while trying to set this up, kindly tell me below and I will help you out as soon as possible and if it works for you kindly share your experience to the blazers!
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New Way To Transfer Credit On Mtn Apart From Using The Old Method

Mtn has released the share and sell service for a long time now but many people know much about the old popular share and sell sharing pin and code but mtn has finally blocked the old way code to share your credits and brought out another method for it.

The OLD Method;

The old or former code to activate MTN transfer PIN was *601*DEFAULT PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN# while to transfer credit was *600*RECIPIENT NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN#.

The NEW method;

To change your pin use *600*DEFAULT PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN# While to transfer remains the same. As you have seen, MTN changed from former USSD code which was 601 to the new one now which is 600. So to transfer with it then after changing your default pin you will dial *600*Recipient's Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. For example dial *600*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/ok. Them to transfer using sms method, for example you can send an SMS with 'Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234' to 777."

So enjoy your share and sell and remember to drop your comments below to encourage the administrators or for more solution.

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New Way To Send Free Unlimited Sms, Make Free Calls And Cool Sharing On All Networks

Hello blazer fans, I know you will like the feature to send unlimited messages and call unlimited with free file sharing for free without paying any dime. Unlimited free text messages with typing indicator, read recipient, read notification. Transform your phone into a real Walkie Talkie - simply push a button and speak. Calls to anyone are completely free anywhere in the world. Share your videos, pictures, doodles, music and locations with friends and family.

How to activate this now using dingtone

Is very simple to activate kindly visit here now and then download the application on your smartphone then activate it and start calling unlimitedly and sending unlimited messages for free or you can also share free files to your friends and families.

As shown below;

Is it helpful or not?
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New Way To Get Etisalat 400MB With 50naira And 100Naira Using Psiphon Vpn

Have you ever think that you can get 400mb for 100naira or 50naira hmmm this way has been verified and tested by me. So if you have that type of amount, you will be able to subscribe for these plans and get your browsing data for Internet access through Psiphon vpn.

This data plan is called smartpack generally but before it was blocked totally and was data capped which means it was unlimited but later, Etisalat reduced the data to the normal megabyte. So now chatpak which is the daily plan is now capped at 400mb and the weekly own and the monthly subscription is now capped 700mb just as before.

So if you subscribe for the weekly plan you will use Psiphon, netify, sypon shield or other vpns like Psiphon to boost it because it capped 400mb now, it is no more 300mb as they said.

How to subscribe for the chatpak weekly or daily plan of 400mb both using Psiphon vpn

Chat Pak: The Chat pak gives you unlimited access (fair usage policy) to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, 2Go, and All Instant messaging Applications and costs N50 daily or N150 weekly.

To opt for chat pak, dial *343*5*5# for daily or
*343*5*6# for weekly. You can as well send chat2
to 343 for daily and chat3 to 343 for weekly to opt

in by SMS.

After dialling or sending the code 100naira or 50naira will be deducted successfully. So why I am putting this two amounts together (N100 and 50naira) is because the 100naira own is more faster than the 50naira in a high speed while using Psiphon vpn to boost it on all applications and all websites.

How to connect your etisalat chat Pak Subscription plan to psiphon vpn for the data browsing

Firstly, install and download Psiphon vpn here on your phone or device then launch it and configure it like this below;
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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

New Way To Use Your Mtn Whatsapp Data To Browse Using Psiphon Vpn

Have you subscribed for WhatsApp and you always use the data on only whatsapp but now trying to use it for all applications and websites on your device or smartphone? Yea is possible to use your whatsapp megabyte on all applications and websites from your whatsapp data.

So with this tutorial on, your whatapp data will now be used to watch or stream videos effectively, download and do many things. 

How to subscribe whatsapp data

Go to your dialpad/phone and dial *662*3# and immediately a screen will display then choose the amount of data you need and the time. As shown below;

How to use your whatsapp data to browse using Psiphon vpn

Firstly, install Psiphon vpn here and configure like this below;
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Checkout! Xiaomi Redmi Pro Specifications, Price And Features

Xiaomi Redmi pro has been finally released to the world, just after the realease of Gionee M6 and Gionee M6 plus. Honestly the Gionee phones and this Xiaomi boast almost the same specifications and features. Their products has redeveloped and gone beyond what you think as you can see from recent AnTuTu report about the fastest and most powerful phones in 2016 globally. Chinese phones still hold the crown. See more specifications below;

Xiaomi Redmi Pro Specifications, Features And Price

Technology and Network

GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
4G: LTE bands 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 38(2600), 39(1900), 40(2300), 41(2500)
SIM Type: Dual SIM (Micro SIM, Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)


OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Dimensions: 151.5 mm x 76.2mm x 8.15 mm
Weight: 174 g
Display: 5.5-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixels (401 PPI), OLED display with Scratch Resistant Glass


Fingerprint, Accelerometer, Proximity and Compass

Storage and Processor

Processor Type: Deca-core 2.1 GHz/2.3 GHz/2.5 GHz Cortex-A53
Processor Name: Mediatek Helio X20/ Mediatek Helio X25
Graphics Processor: Mali T880 MP4
Internal Storage: 32 GB/64 GB, 3GB RAM or 128 GB/ 4 GB RAM
External Storage: microSD, up to 128 GB (SIM 2 slot)


Rear: 13 MP, autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash
Video recording: 1080p@30fps
Front-facing: 5 MP


Music Support: AAC, MP2, MP3, M4A, MKA,
Loudspeaker: Yes
Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
FM Radio: Yes


Bluetooth: v4.2
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
GPS: Yes
USB: Type-C 1.0 reversible connector
VoLTE support.
IR support.


Battery: 4050 mAh

Launch and Price

Launch Date: July 2016
Availability: August 2016
Launch Price: $225/$255/$300.

Gionee and Xiaomi Redmi pro has a similarities in their Specifications, so what do you have to say about this smartphone?
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New Way To Cast Your YouTube Videos From Desktop To TV Using Google Chrome

Do you know that you can cast YouTube videos from your desktop/pc to your television in your house using latest Google chrome browser? So I will enlighten you more about this new interesting method which may make you feel good at the ending. So the answer is YES because is very possible!

Latest version of Google Chrome Version 5.1 has a built-in ability to cast Media directly from once desktop to a TV set with so much ease. It works better, see how to cast it now with full screenshots below;

How to cast videos from your desktop/pc to your TV set

  • Switch on your television then pull down the option menu with the use of hamburger icon.
  • So click on the next available cast option as you can see below just below PRINT option.

  • Then click on CAST option after that select the video you want to cast on to.
  • Then after selecting the video or device this will appear, as you can see in the screenshot below;

Then, you will be able to shoot or cast your Desktop/PC current tab to your TV screen. Meanwhile, if the tab has a video source like as, then you’ll be able to specifically cast the video as well.

If you want to get this done, your TV set must be a smart TV (with WiFi). This works perfectly on android TV. You can even do it perfectly on Android TV easily and conveniently than some TV set.

What do you have to say about this feature?

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Infinix Hot S X521 Now Available In Store, Checkout Price!

Infinix Hot S X512 is now out or available in store for pre-order which we have been waiting for to be released. So Infinix mobility always has a good specifications and pack with good features for their customers, once you buys the phone, you will like it alot because is a nice phone meanwhile i am an Infinix fan.

The Infinix Hot S comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box, it also features a 5.2" FHD screen. The phone also supports fingerprint scanner and lots of other interesting features you might want your device to posses. The Hot S is the first “Camera Centric” smartphone from Infinix Mobility and their second smartphone in the year 2016 after Infinix hot 3. This phone has been nicknamed as ALL EYES ON ME in social medias because of its quality and features. See more specifications of Infinix Hot S X512.

Where to buy it and how much is it?

You can purchase at pre-order by Clicking here in stores. The price of Infinix Hot S X512 in jumia is N45,500. So you should buy it and feel the blazing qualities of Infinix mobility!

What do you have to say about this smartphone?
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New 2016 Projectfamewestafrica Subscription Now Working On Psiphon

Project fame will soon begin to start this year and they have released their subscription plan code for their watchers to be able to access project fame website to watch their films and more from their website.

So I have finally find a way not to use that project fame 150mb on only their website but on all websites and applications using psiphon or other vpns working exactly like psiphon.

How to activate the project fame 150mb

Kindly go to your message and send PF to 303 and immediately, you are successfully subscribed to the projectfamewestafrica and you will receive 150mb of data and N100 will be successfully deducted. As shown below;

What's the validity period?

It last for a week (7days) but after exhaustion, you can also activate it more than unlimited for a week but you cannot accumulate it.

How to check the data balance?

It's easy to check the data balance, kindly send BAL to 303 then your balance will be shown to you in an sms. As shown below;

How to stop autorenewal?

It's easy, just send Stop to 303 and you are successfully out.

So how to connect it on psiphon vpn

Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP
Real proxy port: 8080

As shown below;

Then go to OPTIONS and choose UNITED STATE after that click on MORE OPTIONS and configure it this way below;

Host address:
Port: 8080

As shown below;

So you are successfully done! Them your connection will be in this form below;

Well, I don't call this a cheat but a subscription from the project fame West Africa for the project fame fans.

Is it helpful? If you encounter any issue while trying to set this up, kindly tell me below and I will help you out as soon as possible and if it works for you kindly share your experience to the blazers!
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New Way To Convert White And Black Picture To Coloured

Bring new life to old photos by automatically colorizing them using the Algorithmia API. It's as easy as pasting in a URL, so if you thinkis not possible, i will show you vividly that is possible to do convert a black and white photo to colored photo. Most of us are familiar with some of the mobile and PC apps used in converting our colored pictures to black and white because it's fun and somehow creative but have you ever imagined doing it the other way round?

How to colorize white and black photos

  • Kindly go to this link here
  • Then upload or paste your image/picture/photo url who  also called link and immediately it will be colorized for you and make sure it is black and white photo.
  • So you have successfully colorized your black and white photo easily.

Note: It uses a little data to process it which means data charges may apply for browsing it just as you are browsing here and the output color might not be so natural or lively as a real natural color most times but it's still a very good way to add live colors to black and white images/pictures/photos.
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Twitter Has Released Night Mode Feature, See How To Activate It!

I know many blazers use Twitter alot, is a social media for boosting business careers, promoting business and for many things but it has just released new feature called NIGHT MODE just like Uc browser. This feature was released because of the massive requests from its users to add it or include it.

You know the default twitter background is white and it do affect many people at night. Now Twitter has released the feature so users can easily activate night mode while using their twitter application at night or in dark areas to protect the eyes from rays of light from the background light.

How to activate the Twitter night mode

  • Go to Google and update your Twitter application by clicking here or if you have updated it recently kindly skip this step.
  • After installing and launching the Twitter application, you should see the new toggle located at the navigation menu.
  • Now kindly toggle it by sliding it out from the left or tapping on your profile photo.
Then activate it, as shown below;

So you can now blaze with your Twitter application!

Note: The update is available for all Android users at the moment so if you have not seen your night mode feature kindly wait till the next day then it will automatically come out by itself.

So what do you have to say about this new feature?
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Wow! Ntel Network Now Available In Nasarawa State

Wow! Ntel Network is now made available in Nasarawa state so everyone who was expecting if first in port-harcourt has gotten it wrong but it will soon reach that area. According to the source which I founded online while scrolling through some pages, they stated that;

"Yesterday morning, while I was at Central area of Abuja, I had some heavy files to download, so I subscribed to Ntel 2 days plan for just N1000 since it's unlimited access. On my way back home (KuchiKau) I said to myself, let me enjoy my subscription before reaching Mararaba because that was the last place the network coverage reached when it was launched (#TeamPioneer), but to my surprise the reception was strong when I got to Orange Market, Ado, New Nyanya, Gwandara, Area 1, Upto Masaka, where I later accepted finally was when I got to KuchiKau. Signal Strength still Okay"

 So this still remain confusing as Ntel has now brought out their unlimited wonderful data Internet access to the state of Nasarawa. So you can now blaze unlimitedly at the speed of 200mb/s on the Ntel Network which was thrown out from the advanced and more stable network in Nigeria. So those with 4G LTE will enjoy this perfectly and also those with spectranet should unlock and blaze unlimitedly with this full loaded Ntel Network.
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Gionee Now Launch Gionee M6 Plus And Gionee M6 With Features

It's nice to see the latest two Gionee smartphones released so Gionee M6 and Gionee M6 Plus has just been unveiled with metal-clad, tight security and amazing memory and battery capacity.

Their battery is very strong and always high, Gionee gave their customers more battery backup with reverse charging features. They even gave more battery specs than what is obtained in Gionee S6 Pro.

Features of gionee m6

Gionee M6 is the "smaller" version of the M6 Pro and it features a 5.5" AMOLED screen and a long lasting 5,000mAh battery capacity. Gionee M6 will be available in up to three variants differentiated with varying internal memory sizes but all will have the same 4GB of RAM. The variants are the 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB storage versions.

Talking about the processor and speed, Gionee M6 is powered by an octa-core processor clocking at 1.8GHz. As per the camera, the device packs a 13MP camera lens at the back with a dual-LED flash and a fingerprint reader/scanner.

Features of Gionee M6 Plus

The M6 Plus packs an amazing 6,020mAh battery capacity with reverse charging technology. Which simply means the two devices can serve as a powerbank to charge other phones and electronic devices via OTG. It's specifications is increased 6 inch AMOLED display screen size with 1080p resolution.

The speed and processor on the M6 Plus, it uses a faster Helio P10 chipset, the octa-core processor clocking at a higher 2GHz. The device comes with 4GB of RAM, but unlike the former, it will be available in one variant which is the 64GB storage. It also packs a 13MP rear camera with dual flash and 8MP front camera.

Gionee m6 and Gionee M6 plus price

The prices are expected to range from 50,000 to 75,000 Naira respectively.

What do you have to say about this smartphones?
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Glo 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing Settings On SimpleServer Version 2.6

I know thousands of blazer fans would have been killing the glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing using Psiphon, netify, sypon shield and many other vpns but here I come with the SimpleServer settings not NetLoop so with this settings, you will be able to blaze the glo 0.0kb unlimited internet access also.

Though, you can use any VPN you like depending on the speed or vpn you like most hmmm many people also prefer the SimpleServer than Psiphon and Tweakware vpns so for the SimpleServer fans, I will enlighten you with screenshots and full understanding tutorial on how to activate it and I will be expecting your comments after the ending of this tutorial. That's my blazer fans!

How to connect glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing using SimpleServer Version 2.6

  • Firstly, download and install SimpleServer Version 2.6 on your Android, Java, symbian and Windows by clicking here.
  • Then launch it and insert the below settings in it.
APN settings

Apn: glosecure
Proxy: 127.0.01 or
Port: 8080 or 80

As shown below;

Then in your SimpleServer, settings like this below;

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Meet Blackberry DTEK50 Touchscreen Specifications, Features And Price

Blackberry DTEK50 has just launched it full touchscreen ever after the blackberry priv. Well, we where alerted here that Blackberry has stopped manufacturing devices running on the blackberry OS because Whatsapp and Facebook has left the OS but still on Android OS, so that's why they are now more focused in manufacturing blackberry devices running on Android OS. It is said that blackberry will be releasing two blackberry Android phones before this year 2016 runs out.

This blackberry DTEK50 touchscreen also has a scratch resistant screen display of 5.2inches running on Android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box. Blackberry has also added more secured boot process to make sure the phone is more secured. It will be coming with an OS ( operating system ) on DTEK50 with easy navigated key which you can use to add your most used applications and more other. The phone weighs just 135g and packs a 13MP rear camera with an 8MP front-facing camera with flash. While other specs about the smartphone is cool, the downside is the poor 2,610mAh battery capacity. It spots a 5.2-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 617 processor, the RAM size of the phone is 3GB and 16GB of storage(expandable up to 2TB via microSD).

Blackberry DTEK50, also known as Hamburg and Neon is built by Alcatel and even shares striking resemblance to the Alcatel idol 4s. See more specifications of this wonderful blackberry smartphone below;

Blackberry DTEK50 Specifications And Features  With Price

Network (NA)

LTE Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/12/17/20/29
HSPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Network (ROW)
FD-LTE Band 1/2/3/7/8/20/28A
TD-LTE Band 38/40/41
HSPA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Android 6.0. Marshmallow


5.2-inch, 1920x1080 with Scratch-resistant


Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
Quad-core 1.5GHz
Adreno 405 GPU


microSD up to 2TB


Rear Camera
13MP f/2.0, PDAF
dual-tone LED flash
HDR, 1080p/30 video
Front Camera
8MP f/2.2
1.12-micron pixels
Selfie flash
1080p/30 video


2610 mAh
Quick Charge 2.0
Micro-USB 2.0
Water resistance


DTEK security suite
FIPS 140-2 Full Disk Encryption
Android For Work, Google Play for Work


Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC


147 x 72.5 x 7.4 mm
135 g.


Blackberry DTEK50 is already up for pre-order from BlackBerry's own official website in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. The device is priced at $299, €339, CAD 429, and £275, respectively.

Features of Blackberry DTEK 50

  • Rapid Security Patching: BlackBerry has a record of being the quickest to deliver security patches, setting the bar in incident response and patch management to protect your device from malicious threats.
  • DTEK™ by BlackBerry App: Enables users to automatically monitor their OS and apps to know when their privacy could be at risk and to take action to improve it. 
  • The DTEK app also tracks applications and notifies you when someone is: taking pictures or videos without your knowledge, turning your microphone on, sending a text message, or accessing your contacts or location.
  • Hardware Root of Trust: BlackBerry’s manufacturing process uses a proprietary technique that adds security from the start, allowing for the tracking, verification, and provisioning of DTEK50.
  • Secure Boot Process: Starting with the root of trust, each stage of DTEK50’s secure boot chain must first verify that the next component is fully intact before proceeding, ensuring your device has not been tampered with since the last restart.
  • Android OS Hardening: BlackBerry provides additional security patches, improved random number, address space generation and certificate pinning to make it more difficult for attackers to target a device by scrambling application/system memory.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant Full Disk Encryption: Protects your private information, like pictures or bank information, from being stolen if you were to lose your phone.

What do you have to say about this smartphone?
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Chuwi Vi10 Plus Tablet Specifications, Features, Price With Remix OS

Chuwi vi10 plus might sound odd to you or might not be popular or familiar to you, to some people but it's actually one of the devices from China. This device features Android Remix OS (operating system) which Tecno DroidPad 10 also possess and it also features a complete dual boot technology allowing you to run both Windows 10 applications and Android applications on it.

It also features a detachable keyboard cover and the Chuwi HiPen H2 Stylus that serves as an input device. Chuwi Vi10 Plus packs an amazing 8,400 mAh battery, a 2GB RAM coupled with a 32GB internal storage. Both rear and front camera is 2MP. The Tablet uses a USB 3.0 type-C connector that supports fast charging (flash charging).


  • Display - 10.8 inch IPS Touch Screen 
  • Resolution - 1920 x 1280
  • OS – Remix OS 2.0
  • Processor – Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz, up to 1.84GHz
  • Network –
  • Support Network: WiFi 
  • WIFI: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet 
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Camera: 2MP Dual Cameras for Photos and Face-to-face chat
  • Memory - 32GB EMMC + 2GB DDR3
  • Battery Capacity – 8400mAh
  • Pre-order Price: $153.74.
What I think is that this new OS called the Remix OS is coming to nigeria stylishly. 

What do you have to say about this device?
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