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Saturday, 10 December 2016

New Way To Remove Stubborn "Powered By Blogger" Widget On Blogger

Nowadays, the Powered by Blogger attribution widget which is always added to all templates in blogger now seems very stubborn to remove, you might remove it and later comes back. There are  many bloggers who are not still able to remove the widget and it is always annoying seeing that widget at the bottom of your blog and can sometimes discourage your audience.

Powered by blogger attribution widget

Well, that attribution widget is always added to blogger to tell your visitors that the blog was created from blogger but not everyone like it, so that's why I have decided to publish out this article for instant solution.

How to remove the blogger Powered By Blogger attribution widget

  • Just login to your blogger dashboard and go to Template
  • Then  click on EDIT HTML and find this code <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution' visible='true'> and delete it all in the template and tap on SAVE.

  • After that, go to Layout and scroll down to the Powered by blogger widget then remove the widget and that's all.

Benefits of removing the Powered by blogger widget

  1. It makes your blog look professional
  2. It increases more visitors 
  3. Members trust you the more
  4. Free up space

It is helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Me sef don look am dat sey person no fit commot dat tin ni. Tanx for d info

  2. First it wasn't hard to remove but when I opened a new blog @ techviola I kinda found it difficult to erase...thanks man I will keep this In mind.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Guys you don't need to to remove the codes that may cause problem to your blog template, what you just need to do is to change the attribution code answer posted Earlier by Blazer Was at the main page to False After changing it place your arrow anywhere in the edit html box and press CTRL F together and a box will pops up at the right top edge of the html box, then type SHOWADDELEMENT in the box , the first showaddelement text in a color that post up the answer should be changed to NO For Example 'showaddelement'=no.
    Then Save the edited setting you have just make, Now go back to the Layout page and Remove the attribution Widget. Then you are done Power by Blogger text removed .

    1. Yea that can also worked by changing the FALSE to TRUE in order to unlock the attribution widget but not all templates support that, some will still come back later in the future so to delete the stubborn widget, you just have to delete all and free from the stuff.

  5. Why do you remove me from whatsapp group?

    1. In Blazer's WhatsApp group, we chat according to the rules and anyone who breaks the rule, will definitely be removed with an immediate effect.

    2. But I didn't break any rules

  6. so all bloggers com and learn here..we ar d real blazers


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