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Saturday, 31 December 2016

One Love To All Blazers For Being Part Of Us In Year 2016

It is not easy starting a blog on 1st of June, 2016 and by the stop of the year, the blog get acknowledged which isn't by way of our making or power however, by the people at the back of it. These people are the Blazers and that i genuinely admire all your efforts to make this blog grown in just a couple of days and for without blazers, no blazerwap.

We the Blazerwap administrators Fayose Opeyemi and Precious Agbontan are here to sincerely thank you for all your efforts you blazers has made for us to reach this stage even till today. 

Well, we would have shared airtime to the blazers as we normally do even on a normal day but we have a serious issue to fix and that can not be possible this year (OOPS! Am sorry) and i promise next year or even before next year will be tough on blazerwap as we will supply the blazers with alot of airtime and even find some data resellers to share you guys data. So we are sorry for that and I believe you can understand and bear with us.

So to those who we have offended, we are sorry and others who we never replied their messages on social medias like Facebook and the rest in year 2016, am very sorry because it wasn't intentional but for this year 2017, we will always try to reply all your messages as fast as possible.

People I Have To Send My Greetings To Are;

1. BLOG READERS: The blog readers are the most important people and they are called Blazers. Without blazers, there is nothing like blazerwap and blogging without readers is like blogging without certificate. So that's why I have to thank the blog readers who have spent their time reading my posts and to those who comments like Kolawole Tobi, Lekan, Chibuzor Amaechi, Isah Adamu baush, Abdquadri ibrahim, Akinremi Seun and to those Annonymous commentators with other people.

Infact, i don't know how to thank you guys and girls, without you blazers, my blogging is a complete waste, energy and wasting of resources but you guys really amazed me and we will surely reward everyone. 

2. TO THE BLOGGERS: We are not the best bloggers but is all by the Grace of God. So our words for the new, old or existing bloggers is that they should focus and never give up on the rough time. What will definitely make you blow in blogging is just for you to stop copy and paste because you can't keep your readers using other blogs articles or images so make your blog unique and get your readers coming from the east, west, north and south. 

One of the best way is to always promote your articles on social medias in a more attractive way and not just that, always try to write all your articles in your own way without anyone initiative and if you are not yet making money with your blog, kindly relax and work on your blog SEO and Traffics and with time, money will come your way like water.

Our Appreciation

We know many Blazers might have been expecting something from us and we must confess that it wasn't our fault because the issue on ground is not little which occurs after Fayose Opeyemi C.E.O of Blazerwap has wedded so that's why we have successfully prosponed the gift to next year or before next year. However,  next year will be great and even if I have to share Airtime, it can't reach all the blazers so keep Blazing!

Well, as I have said earlier that without Blazers, no Blogging and I will also have to thank you guys that with your continual effort, we will make it and be successful.

I am not just stopping like that so I have to award the best commentators of the month (Abdquadri ibrahim) and if are the one, kindly drop your bank account number for the transfer.

So I really thank you blazers for all your efforts and we assure you that we will always drop informative, unique and useful information for you blazers also as you will continue to stay updated to us even in 2017.

Thank you very much!

Written and edited By Fayose Opeyemi and Precious Agbontan the C.E.O of


  1. Thanks bro we really appreciated your hard working and you av done ur best in other to save us with your Blazing Post, Keep it on trying.

  2. As a matter of fact....Blazerwap as really helped me with all wat he do post

  3. Thank you guys, you have done so much for me.I have gained so much from visiting your site everyday.You guys may not know it is only your site that I visits More than five times a day and I use to read all your publications, though I don't use to comment on all articles this is bcos of my inability to type fast and my busy schedules but despite these inadequacies I used to read all your publications and these has helped me a lot.Thank you, expecting more from you in the coming year.

  4. Thumbs up to the CEO of Blazerwap.. Am ur regular visitor even though I dnt comment always it was due to some reasons best known to me but now I will b commenting like Neva before.. CUdos to this blog ...BLAZERWAP!!!! WE WIL KEEP BLAZIMG TIL WE TURN TO AN INFERNO

  5. tanx blazerwap for ur great hard working and non relentless effort tru out d year in order for us to av access to d internet free or wit shikinni money...
    this is my acct No. 0231908496 Wema bank

  6. big thumps up! more power to your elbow

  7. Happy new year thanx blazerwap my best blog ever

  8. helped alot thanks for ur hard workin u really a great guru

  9. Thump up blazer good job congrat to Ibrahim one love to all

  10. Thumb up blazer, i always visit bcs blazer had help me in term of freebrowsing dt we enjoy dos days back dt y i really love blazer. Bt dnt forgt dt tym u shared dt i was left out bt try dis year if u ar sharin data let it be MTN.......thnks


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