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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Things To Know Before Purchasing A Smartphone - Checkout!

Do you want to buy or purchase a new smartphone? There are many things you should know about the smartphone in order not to regret buying that particular smartphone because mobile phone markets are now becoming popular everyday with new advanced processing power, smart applications, net connection, more memory area and increased battery power, so you have to look and know the smartphone abilities you want to purchase carefully before leaping.

What to know before purchasing a smartphone are;

1. Size of the display screen: Screensize or visual experience plays a crucial role in identifying the quality of an item. When you have a bigger screen mobile phone, you will be able to enjoy many features better than a small screen phone like playing games, reading and many other things. Screen is also the single most costly and crucial hardware part in a mobile phone.

2. Operating system Of the smartphone: OS of a smartphone is another significant feature you have to know before you buy a smartphone because OS (operating system) of a smartphone plays a crucial role that can increase the performance, speed, functions of the smartphone to be more better when performing any task with even more features.

3. Storage Space: Memory storage of a device is another feature to check in a smartphone before you purchase it. If the memory storage is low, you might not enjoy the phone because it's speed will decrease, you might not be able to store your important huge apps and many other things so try to check the memory storage before you decide to purchase the mobile phone.

4. Density and weight: Density and weight are another essential factors to be considered when purchasing a mobile phone or tablet. Density is more of a visual concern than anything else. Thinner gadgets do not constantly result in a quality product. So it depends on you to choose if you wish to compromise quality over visual value. Some mobile phones and tablets come in a metal case, which provides a quality look to the gadget. So do check it out in a shop or online, instead of getting disappointed after buying the phone.

5. Connection specifications: All tablets and mobile phones are portable gadgets which require wireless for interaction. they use Wi-Fi connection to let you wirelessly connect to home and public networks. Some models provide 3G, 4G connection which assists in having an internet connection enabled SIM. These variations are usually costly than the regular models and in order to allow 3G OR 4G connection, you have to buy the sim from your network. But the costs are coming down and it is inexpensive these days to have a 3G or 4G on your mobile phone or tablet.

6. Apps Compatibility: One of the essential features of a mobile phone or tablet is the presence of Apps. It is similar to using software on your PC. Compatibility of apps is crucial to be considered when you buy a mobile phone or tablet. For instance, Apple App store have 300,000 totally free and premium apps readily available. Meanwhile Android also have 500,000 free and premium apps present. Other mobile OS likewise have apps available, but, not as much compared to iOS and Android. The more apps offered, more options for you to find and download the best apps for your needs.

7. Camera options: Almost all mobile phones and all tablets feature an inbuilt cam. Camera by default is a significant feature that many consumers check by default when purchasing mobile phones. It is a really useful feature, particularly when you want to record memories. It's nice to see the recent advancements in mobile cam innovation. Even cams with 8MP are readily available with some tablet models. If you are not much of a camera user, you can choose models without camera or cam with less MP to save some cash.

8. Television and Video options: It is an increasing trend recently to record top quality videos using mobile phones or tablets and share it across various platforms. To see the real quality of the recorded video, one will certainly want to try it on a larger screen linking to display screens or tv. So the next time, you choose to buy a mobile phone or tablets, you might want to see if it carries choices for linking to these gadgets.


When you check all these features in a smartphone, you will definitely find your quality smartphone. So without the increase of all these features, your smartphone or the smartphone you decides to purchase is nothing.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this? Do you want to buy a new smartphone, ask more questions about it and we will help you resolve it out in the comment box below.


  1. Admin how can someone post on pininterest

    1. Kindly create a board and pin posts to it.

  2. I ONLY LOOK AT 4 THINGS, BATTERY mAh, pixel size(camera), os, and storage. With this post, i think i have to improve more bcos i've found another tips....Nice post bro

  3. Nice one,Please is the ZOTO promo and referral program still going on?

    1. The promo has stopped but Zoto is still active

  4. Mainly I look at the processor the ram size and the battery am not the fan of snapping


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