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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Ten Types Of People That May Not Afford To Browse When Data Rate Increases

As NCC has decided to increase the data rate of all networks from 1st of December, many subscribers won't find it favourable as many may denied frequent internet accesss. So let not deceive ourselves, these are the categories of people that may not afford to browse when data rates increases.

1. Broke Guys: Recession has turned many financially buoyant guys to become broke that they can't even boast of two square meal let alone subscribe for a full month data plan. Many will agree with me that NCC will only be compounding these people's problems because they will have to borrow phones from their enemies just to check their Bet9ja tickets.

2. Whatsapp Subscribers: The whatsapp subscribers are so economical that they can manage 10MB for a whole year without getting exhausted. By the time 20MB monthly whatsapp plan is reduced to 2MB per month, these people will only switch on their data once in every 23 hours just reply the pending whatsapp messages.

3. Facebook Subscribers: Once data rates increases, monitoring spirits on facebook will drastically reduce as guy will not be able to ass-lick ladies on social media. In fact, they will only view ladies profile pictures on Facebook and will not be able to comment since they will be managing their weekly data plans which might be reduced to from 25MB to 10MB.

4. Stingy/Greedy People: These are the people that have money yet stingy to themselves. Even if they're being offered 50GB for N1, 000, they will still wail and complain that they deserve more. These people are likely to use their money to gulp beer and devour nkwobi when data rate is Increased as they see it as waste of money.

5. Night Crawlers: These are the people that can't browse during the daytime but will have to wait till 12am so that they can subscribe for N25 night browsing just to dowload from naijauncut and ×videos. I believe it's cruelty if service providers increase data rates and cease night browsing plans because these people will no longer have any hope of surfing the net even at midnight

6. Cheap phones users: Some people are using cheap phones that can't even subscribe Airtel 3GB monthly plan. When data rates is increased, they may choose not to subscribe again their monthly data plan can even buy their phones.

7. Those who rely on people for data sharing: Those who rely on people to share data with them will be put to shame because, increase in data rates will make those who share data with them to become stingy. These people will become wailers and will begin to rain curses on Buhari and NCC

8. Ladies who rely on men for subscription: I know that thing will soon go worse that most guys will not be able to subscribe for themselves let one subscribe for ladies. Therefore, ladies will be willing to trade their virginity for data subscription so that they can have access to Facebook and whatsapp. The ones who can't do this will be stranded as life will become boring to them.

9. Data resell $cammers: Those who spam social media with ridiculously cheap data plans may not be able to even subscribe let alone spam websites in a bid to $cam people.

10. Thugs/Derailers: I have already predicted that increase in data rates will bring about peace on social media as hooligans, bashers and derailers will not be able to subscribe let alone bash people on social media. This implies that only the rich will be found on social media.

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  1. and some will subscribe for tweakware monthly premium.... that will be better

    1. If you subscribe, you will need an unlimited free browsing to use it because tweakware works with preconfigured free browsing settings.

  2. Replies
    1. can't stop even if Nigerians protest so we have face it and find a way out from this.

    2. Na so o... who protesting epp? 9jerians knws is a waste of tym... nd abeg o shey na dat deaf presido go hear our plea... OYO

  3. Hello blazer , submitting petition on can help is stopped this. At least, they contacted NCC and all Nigeria telecos yesterday

  4. They don't even know any body is protesting but who can tell me why did they want to increase data price

    1. Nothing less than to extort money from Nigerians.

      #corrupt country

  5. d funniest part is d photo u added to ds post


    After this 100% increase in data tariff tomorrow and you send any picture, audio or video to this group chat;

    Other things you shouldnt try doing are:

    You dare not use capital letters when you are not suppose.

    You dare not type full words when you can shorten it.

    You dare not prolong words unnecessarily. Eg hahahahahahhahaha. (plz ha is just ok) lolz (lol is ok) mtcheeeeeew(if u must sigh, wen we see u do dat)

    I dont need ur goodmorning again, pass ur information as quickly as u can and save my data.

    Please stop changing dp regularly, it costs me megabytes.

    Dont tell me to send this message to 5 people, you didnt support me in buying data.

    Now, quarelin or beefing in the group will be penalized even more than physical fighting

    For those that want me to register under dem in internet biz, the prblm now is megabyte. If u can attach MB to ur referral code, I will appreciate.

    On anyone's birthday, one representative should jst wish him or her a happy birthday un behalf of the group

    And please, this is serious.

  7. To me NCC are not helping issues

  8. nawa oooo
    me wey dey do airtel 2gb #200


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