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Friday, 18 November 2016

New Ways To Fix "Can't Connect To The Camera" Error On Android

Does your Android camera display "Can't Connect To The Camera" whenever you try accessing the camera? If so, your problem will be solved with this tutorial. Well, this problem can be solved in many ways depending on the solution that solved your problem.

How to fix "Can't Connect To The Camera" Error on Android

1. RESTART: Many users have reported that their camera works after a restart. So kindly press the POWER KEY and restart your phone and if it doesn't work kindly restart your Android device in safe mode by holding the POWER KEY then tap on RESTART TO SAFE MODE and immediately, open your camera and if it works, kindly go to settings and remove all the third-party apps in your phone then you can then power off your device and on it back to normal mode. So enjoy!

2. USE THIRD-PARTY CAMERA: If is your camera that gives you only the error then you have to install third party camera apps like Camera for Android, Camera MX, Camera 360, Candy camera, Open camera and many others.

3. WIPING APP CACHE AND DATA: This can also be the source of the problem so kindly go to settings>>Apps>>Camera and wipe cache and data or force close and if this doesn't work, kindly go to settings>>Apps>>Camera>>permissions and enable all the Camera permissions.

4. WIPE CACHE PARTITION: This recovery option is for clearing temporary system data that may clutter things and get outdated as well. It also clears all the leftover files from your system upgrade. So kindly hold your power key to off your phone and hold the volume down + power button to start the phone. Then you will entered into your Android recovery mode immediately and you will find the option that says wipe cache partition using volume buttons and press the power button to perform the action.

After that, you can then reboot and access the camera.

5. FACTORY RESET: This will definitely wipe off your phone data and everything on your Android device and your phone will become a new born-baby so kindly go to Settings>>Backup and Reset then tap on Factory reset and your phone will reboot immediately. So access your camera and enjoy!

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. na 1s i com acroz ds error pop up, i com reboot d phn and d error go.. good tips u shared

  2. If those tips could not work for u, then change d camera

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  5. Good one, you can also fix the error by replacing the camera lib file.

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