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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

New Way To Fix Infinix Charging Problems - Checkout Solutions!

Infinix are one of the smartphone that do have problems with their charging like Infinix hot 2, Infinix hot note 2 and many other Infinix phones with fast charging technology so today, I will post the ways to solve any Infinix charging problems issues because I have used Infinix phones very well that's why I have decided to bring out the solution to the blazers.

Infinix charging problems and solutions

1. Phone can't charge up to 100%: Many Infinix smartphones do encounter this issue so to fix this, just power of your phone then plug your charger and charge it in offline mode. You can also download Battery calibrator from playstore and run a check on your phone battery then fix some bugs and many other issues.

2. Charging indicator not displaying: If your phone charging battery indicator ⛑ not displaying, it means your charger has fault and might have been burnt or affected by the high electric voltage and also, your phone charging port might also developed problem so kindly change your charger or change your battery charging port.

3. Charging but no percent added: This problem is common to Infinix smartphones so if you experience this, it means you need to check if your charger is good and you can change the charger or the adapter and USB cable. If it still persists, kindly change your battery.

4. Charger charges other Smartphones except my Infinix phone: This problem do happen and is very annoying kindly change your Infinix charging port to a new functioning one because the problem is exactly from your charging port.

5. Phone charging too slow: This problem persists only when your phone developed fault in the charging port, battery and charger so if you want to fix this, kindly replace the battery, charger and charging port to a new functioning one.

Note: For your Infinix phone to be charged via the Infinix Flash Charging technology, the special Infinix charger has dual power output system; a basic 5V===2A/7V===2A output option and higher power 9V===1.5A/12V===1.5A output option.

So with these, your Infinix charging problems will be solved immediately and if it still persists kindly visit the Calcare office close to your location and get it fixed free of charge as long as your phone is still under warranty and your phone will be repaired successfully.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. hmmmm... infinix don start b dat...
    best solution is to get original charger of #2500 and battery apps
    like flash battery app, DU battery

  2. Please come back to telegram and create a new group or channel

  3. This is good info not for only infinix useful to other mtk phones thanks

  4. My hot2 started charging up to 89% and refused to move up to 100%. I solved the problem by removing the charge cable and plug it back after which the phone flash charge to 100% within few seconds.

    1. Yea nice experience you shared! Keep blazing bro

  5. I love infinix cos of d ba3... Generator sef dey weak d ba3...@those using infinix phone or any other phones, mind what you are using to charge younger ba3


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