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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

NCC Suspended The Increase Of Data Rate - Checkout!

NCC announced the immediate suspension of the increase of data price that would have taken effect on the 1st of December after a few hours the Nigeria senators ordered a stop to the data plan increase issue.

 The NCC said the decision is to allow for further consultation.

Here is the official statement from NCC below;

Following the concerns that visited the directive to introduce price floor for data segment of the telecommunications sector beginning from December 1, 2016, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has suspended any further action in that direction. 
The decision to suspend this directive was taken after due consultation with industry stakeholders and the general complaints by Consumers across the country. 
The Commission has weighed all of this and consequently asked all operators to maintain the status quo until the conclusion of study to determine retail prices for broadband and data services in Nigeria. 
Recall that the Commission wrote to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) on November 1, 2016 on the determination of an interim price floor for data services after the stakeholder’s consultative meeting of October 19, 2016. 
The decision to have a price floor was primarily to promote a level playing field for all operators in the industry, encourage small operators and new entrants. 
The price floor in 2014 was N3.11k/MB but was removed in 2015. The price floor that was supposed to flag off on December 1, 2016 was N0.90k/MB. 
In taking that decision, the smaller operators were exempted from the new price regime, by virtue of their small market share. The decision on the price floor was taken in order to protect the consumers who are at the receiving end and save the smaller operators from predatory services that are likely to suffocate them and push them into extinction. 
The price floor is not an increase in price but a regulatory safeguard put in place by the telecommunications regulator to check anti-competitive practices by dominant operators. 
This statement clarifies the insinuation in some quarters that the regulator has fixed prices for data services. This is not true because the NCC does not fix prices but provides regulatory guidelines to protect the consumers, deepen investments and safeguard the industry from imminent collapse. 
Before the new suspended price floor of N0.90k/MB, the industry average for dominant operators including MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, EMTS Limited (Etisalat) and Airtel Nigeria Limited was N0.53k/MB. 
Etisalat offered (N0.94k/MB), Airtel (N0.52k/MB), MTN (N0.45k/MB) and Globacom (N0.21k/MB). 
The smaller operators/ new entrants charge the following:
Smile Communications N0.84k/MB,
Spectranet N0.58k/MB and
The NCC as a responsive agency of government takes into consideration the feelings of the consumers and so decided to suspend the new price floor.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this? Do you think the data price will still be increased because all network night plans have been suspended also?


  1. bt y did airtel night plan #25 for 500mb no con dey again xtadae nyt
    na #200 for 500mb i saw and i stil do it 2 dys ago

    1. Yea they will bring it back after they have resolved this issue Permanently.

    2. Lols I hope so ooo.

      this might be a good opportunity for them to end nights plans subscription if they were planning to remove it before.

  2. DS GUY DEY SEY THANK GOD. Na beta thn dem dey do? God bless Nigeria

  3. Glo is the best network they don't Even change anything Mtn night browsing gone they did not allow us to rest with there message yeye network

  4. Nice post and helpful,I don't think this time it will fit wella because even the whole Nigerian are facing economic recession.

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