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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Court Orders Airtel Nigeria To Pay A Man N5Million Over Unsolicited Messages

A Nigerian, Mr. Emmanuel Anene who dragged Airtel to court for sending him unsolicited messages is one lucky man that won 5million naira for damages. 

Just today, Justice Jude Okeke of an FCT High Court in Maitama, charged a fine of N5million on Airtel Nig. Ltd for violation of customer’s right to privacy. 

Mr Emmanuel Anene on December 21th, 2015 filed against Airtel for continued disturbance through unsolicited messages to his telephone line ------- So Airtel had been ordered to pay Mr Emmanuel Anene N5million naira over unsolicited messages on 2nd of November.

Mr Emmanuel Anene In Happy Mood

I know some of blazers will want to do the same like Emmanuel Anene but before having that thought, you must bear in mind that the court records showed that the plaintiff’s (Mr. Anene) evidence of claims was served on the defendant and led evidence in the support of same. According to the court:

“The defendant, having received complaints from the plaintiff, but continued to disturb the plaintiff from quiet enjoyment of the line."
“In every wrong there must be a remedy, to vindicate the plaintiff’s right which has been violated in the forth going circumstance by the defendant; the plaintiff shall be awarded damages based on the discretion of the court." 
“Against this background putting into consideration the obvious inconviencies, discomfort and the embarrassments the plaintiff had undeniably gone through."

Is it helpful? Do you think is the right thing for Airtel to be charged N5million over unsolicited messages? What do you have to say about this? If you have the chance to sue Airtel to court for Unsolicited messages, will you?


  1. E good 4dem...I happy4d man O..e finally mk it this year....

  2. Replies
    1. They will pay ooo...high Court Order


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