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Monday, 31 October 2016

Send Unlimited Messages On All Social Media Using ChatSim

ChatSim is a global sim card working in over 150countries including Nigeria and it's service is to enable users surf their messaging applications which is social media applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, BBM, Facebook Messenger, imo, QQI, Hike, Talk, LINE and many other social medias applications you know. You can also send emojis, text messages and you can send photos and videos and make voice calls.

It works on all mobile phones and it only costs 4,800naira in Nigeria for 1year. So after you have purchased the sim, you will have to activate it by going to their Website and enter the 19 - 20digits identifier number on the SIM card with the number assigned to your ChatSim then click CONTINUE and you have successfully activated it.

Chat sim data plans for multimedia 

To chat on all messaging applications are free but to send videos, photos and make voice call you will have to buy their data plan which are 12,000naira for 40mb and you will be able to send 200 photos, 40 videos, or 80 minutes of calling and 24,000naira for 100MB that can send alot of videos and photos.

Where can I buy the ChatSim

You can buy the ChatSim by clicking here. Then activate the sim and enjoy!


  1. Blazer clap for urself ooO I will buy when you buy👏

  2. What I wan use am do this people should go to Zambia not Nigeria

  3. Technology shaaaaaa e Mksenz ooo

  4. this post is useless bro and its a waist of time and space

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  6. @kolawole no mind them na only them waka com..��

  7. cant imagine...
    12,000 for just 40mb
    you do good ooo

  8. abi na. it pays me if i use am do normal sub sef


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