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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Seems Airtel Is About To Launch Their 4G LTE Network - Checkout!

Airtel are now working on their 4G LTE network as all the other networks in Nigeria has released their 4G LTE and even the data plans. So Airtel tweeted back to one of their fans who was requesting for the 4G LTE data plans of Airtel and Airtel said;

"Hello @Don_TEE, kindly be patient as a communication will be made once the 4G LTE is available. We've got you covered.Thank you ^HAB"

As shown below;

So this simply means Airtel is currently working on their 4G LTE and soon enough, it will be launched out.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about Airtel launching their 4G LTE? Do you like Airtel network in browsing?  


  1. Waiting nobody knows the band they will work on

  2. Wow ! This will be great menhnnn. Commenting from

  3. i just pray make dem circulate am on time make atleast 80% get access, nt like odas wey dey select states...mtchew


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