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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sad! Airtel Increased Credit Loan Service Charge Rate To 15%

Finally, Airtel has joined bad gang by increasing their credit loan service charge to 15%. It was not long ago that MTN Increased their credit loan to 15% when Airtel has seen the big profit MTN is making for that new changes, Airtel now decided to increase their credit loan service charge too in order to make profit too in this Nigeria economic recession hmmmmm I think that will be impossible.

So yesterday, Airtel sent me a message saying "Dear Customer, with effect from the 24th of October, our credit loan service charge will be 15%. Kindly take note of the change. Thank you for choosing AIRTEL." As shown below;

So this means, when you borrow any amount of credit from Airtel network, 15naira will be deducted from it immediately. Assuming you borrowed 100naira from Airtel, 15naira will be deducted immediately and it will remain 85naira which is very bad and if you decide to payback, you will charged the full 100naira.

Yea, Airtel has joined bad gang. Well, Airtel don't suppose to do this at this time in the middle of this economic recession.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this sudden Increased of Airtel credit loan service?


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