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Monday, 3 October 2016

New Way To Take Screenshots From iPhone, Ipad, Android And Windows 10

Some people are there who doesn't know how to take screenshots from there devices and that's bad because with screenshots, you can save an important pictures that cannot be downloaded manually into your phone, you can take screenshots from websites, social medias and anywhere in the internet you just like to screenshot.

Screenshot means taking a particular image to record the visible items displayed on your monitor (screen). So I will be writing about, how to take screenshot from your Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 10.

How to take screenshot from Android device

There are two ways to take screenshots from Android device which are;

  • You can take screenshots by Holding Power Button and Volume down key then immediately your screenshot will be taken and stored in your phone gallery automatically. As shown below;

  • Secondly, you can take screenshots from your Android device by pressing the navigation button at the bottom of your phone on your Android device (especially lollipop and above) then click on the Share sign and immediately it will screenshot and save in your phone gallery automatically. As shown below;

How to take screenshots from iPhone and iPad

  • Just go to where you want to screenshot.
  • Then Hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button.

  • Immediately it will saved to your phone gallery.
How to take screenshots from Windows 10

  • Just go to your home by pressing START and search for Snipping Tool.
  • Then after that, click on it and select NEW then select the part to screenshot as if you want to crop it then SAVE.

  • That's all!.
Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to take a screenshot from your device or devices apart from the ones treated here above, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Thanks for sharing I have a perfect way of taking screenshot on my Android

  2. it follows some fones
    i mean some android fone has the featues already

    1. Yes all Androids has the feature but the step 2 is for lollipop above.

  3. But why symbia and java is not included why 😂

    1. Haha, for symbian you will download Screenshot taker and use it for taking screenshots but for Java - unsupported.

  4. nice one ..I just learnt a new thing now@ the second method for android lollipop

  5. the phone is awesome i must confess


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