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Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Way To Move Your Apps To SD Card On Your Android Without Root Access

Do you feel like moving your Apps from your phone memory to your external memory card (SD Card)? Yea! The solution is here today, you will be able to move your apps from your phone memory easily to your external SD card without any root access. 

Many smartphones users do experience low phone memory issues which will make their device not to store any apps, videos and files anymore till the space is free so the user will have to move his or her apps to the SD card in order to access other files.

How to move apps to SD card without any root access

It is very easy and simple so kindly follow the process below;

  • Install or download APK extractor by clicking here.
  • Then launch or open the apk extractor.
  • You will see lists of all your installed Apps and your pre-installed applications.
  • Just Tap on any application you want to move to your SD card and immediately, it will show you that it has been extracted successfully.

  • Then go to your file manager>>SD card>>Extractapks and you will see all apps extracted in your SD card.

So with this, you can move all your apps to SD card easily without any root access or even stressing yourself at all and with any type of Android smartphone. 

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Thanks before am facing this type of problem but now no more whaala
    Under app settings I choose move to SD and it works for me

  2. So this app have different functions. Wow I thought it's meant to edit just apk app only... Eyaaa that's really cool o.. My android phone shows optimizing app wen Eva I turn it on. And it optimizes from 1 to 133 which takes nothing less than 1h+ so fed up of this. I don't know if admin posts anything about this or he's yet to post. Please help

  3. it's not working on my Tecno w3

    1. It will surely work, just download the app and extract all the applications to memory card. That's all, it works for all phones.

  4. Tis not working on my hot2.Shows the extraction process but when I checked,the apps were still in the internal memory.what should I do?

    1. Move that folder Extractapks to your SD card

  5. Replies
    1. Chai you have missed is very simple and easy just be tapping on your APPS on all extractor app and it will be extracting in a folder called EXTRACTAPK then check it out by going to file manager>>SD card>>extractapks.

      If you found the extractapks folder in your phone memory kindly move it to SD card.

      That's all! Is 100% working.


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