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Saturday, 29 October 2016

New Way To Fix "No Command " Error In Android Device

Does your Android device keep showing No Command message and keep rebooting or shows black screen when power on or keep showing dead android robot or Exclamation Point in triangle? Does your Android phone refuse to restart or shows Green Android Robot (called "Andi")? Yea! You are on the right topic to solve this problem.

All these problems arises from one cause like when you where trying to update your phone to the latest OS version or when you where trying to download Google playstore (google app installer widget). So those are the things that causes this problem on any Android device for example you where trying to update your Android version from 5.1 lollipop to 6.1 Marshmallow and the download failed when rebooting, your phone will just show NO COMMAND so you can't go anywhere or do anything except your recovery mode and manually finish the installation.

How to fix No COMMAND error on Android device

  • Just enter your recovery mode by pressing POWER + VOLUME DOWN.

  • Then a menu will appear which is called the RECOVERY MODE, then scroll down to using VOLUME DOWN button and click on "apply update from sdcard" using POWER KEY.

  • Then use volume down button to scroll down to "updater" and click on it.
  • Then you will find "fp_update_OTA[version number" then click on it.
  • So immediately, installation process will complete and then go back and click on Reboot system now.
  • After rebooting, you have successfully now solve the no command problem so kindly reinstall the app store and keep Blazing!
Note:  Before starting this step, disconnect all cables you may have connected to your Fairphone. Also, make sure your Fairphone is charged at least 80%.

So is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. admin thanks for this. am avin a big prob wt my JKK TAB ANDROID PHONE the phone was shared in unilorin (not too common) it hangs weneva i tried to access any app. i tried to restore it not knowing itll b very worst dan b4... i cant chk normal phone settings... i cnt do anythn on d phn pls do u av any tips

    1. I think you should take it to the engineer because I wanted to tell you to flash in a new ROM but the ROM is not available because the phone isn't popular so just take it to engineer and they will fix it for you.

  2. Never experience this type of error

  3. My phone is having this problem but I can find the updater folder


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