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Monday, 24 October 2016

New Two Launchers That Can Make Your Mobile Phone Operate Like A PC/Desktop

Do you know that you can turn your mobile phone into a desktop device? Do you know that you can use a widescreen like desktop computer on your mobile Android phone? Yes! You can make that possible using these two Android launchers with the feature to make your Android device works like desktop.

So these applications are called Leena Desktop UI Multi window launcher and Windroid Launcher. So you can download and integrate them on your smartphone.

Leena Desktop UI Multi window:  The multi-window Leena Launcher (beta) brings the desktop operating system experience to your android device by extending Android with a native desktop user interface.

Leena Launcher is "just" an android app that seamlessly integrates into Android ecosystem and allows to use Android as a full blown desktop operating system. It allows you to use your mobile device where you previously defaulted back to a laptop or desktop PC. Comfortably write long emails, browse on a larger screen, or do some heavy work, or do whatever you like to do.

Apps included on Leena Desktop UI Multi window

- a native file manager app
- a native webbrowser app
- a native launcher app
- a native video player app (via file manager)
- a native image viewer app (via file manager)

- several web apps

Where can I download Leena Desktop UI Multi window

You can download the Leena UI Multi window launcher by clicking here. Feel the blazing launcher.

Windroid Launcher - Free Android Launcher

This Launcher brings the desktop operating system experience to your android device by extending Android with a native desktop user interface. It is fast and with a simple interface.

Features of windroid Launcher

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Multitasking
  • Follow come apps included
  • Many others

Where can I download windroid Launcher 

You can download windroid Launcher by clicking here. So keep Blazing with it.

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