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Thursday, 6 October 2016

New Glo 4G LTE, Data Plans Now Available, See How To Activate It!

Wow, as we where expecting the grand Master Data plan which is Glo to activate their 4G LTE service and data plans and finally, they have done it and now available in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Yola, Jos, Benin, Zaria, Warri, Eket and many other states.

Globacom head of cooperate sales, Kamaldeen Shonibare said in a press conference;

“We are pleased to once again play a leading role in empowering Nigerians with world class data services, helping to close the digital divide. In the last one and a half years, the people of this great country have spoken repeatedly by making Globacom the largest data network in new subscriptions. The best we can do for our people who believe in us and made us their number one data network is to give them the best technology. What we are offering is the new speed of life.”
And he also said;

“Our subscribers today already enjoy downloading music, video and movie contents. They are also streaming contents on their phones and other devices. But the new Glo 4G LTE network offers subscribers a significantly improved experience. The video and voice quality in video calls on different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc is a lot clearer while the picture quality is crisper, and the transmission is faster,”
Not only glo has 4G LTE, there are also other 4G LTE networks like Ntel, MTN, Smile and InterC while Etisalat is still secretly launching their own 4G LTE.

How to check if glo 4G LTE is in your area

To check if Glo. 4G LTE is available in your area kindly dial *777# and select 4G LTE coverage and immediately it will be displayed to you.

Glo 4G LTE Data Plans 

They also released their data plans and they are here below;

  • 1.6GB for N500 (7 Days Validity)
  • 3.2GB for N1000 (30 days validity)
  • 7.5GB for N2000 (30 days)
  • 10GB for N2500 (30 days validity)
  • 12GB for N3000 (30 days validity)
Other higher data plans follows...

How to activate Glo 4G LTE 

  • Make sure your phone has 4G LTE. 
  • Then go to any Glo office near to you and buy a new 4G LTE SIM, get it registered or simply swap your normal glo sim for a 4G LTE sim.
  • Then dial *777# and buy any data plan.
Note: It can also be used on PC/Desktop by connecting your 4G enabled phone to PC via WiFi tethering or you can insert the sim on Glo 4G router or any Universal MiFi.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about the glo 4G LTE network and do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Thanks there 3g data is also the same with there 4g nice one

  2. Mr blazer,i have a problem with my device my Google play store,gmail,email non of them are connecting,my browser is working fine,but I don't know what is wrong,can u help me?

    1. Check may be the gmail account registered with the phone is active

    2. Kindly reset your apn settings to default

  3. Replies
    1. Never work the way you think it depends on location

  4. Blazer what do you think of coinr that bitcoin stuff

  5. More eggs on your indomie bro. I love dis


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