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Monday, 3 October 2016

I Really Want To Download Today, Why Don't You Try These Out On Airtel Network?

This is an old stuffs though but can help you download what you need urgently from Airtel network. Well, we Nigerians have successfully celebrated the Independence day which was a wonderful day hmmm blazers didn't use any cheat that day because there wasn't a new cheat. I have been receiving messages from my mail, private messages, internal and external messages about any cheat at least that can download "something", I told them about the Glo 0.0kb (free unlimited) but they keep complaining about the quick disconnection and reconnection that it is very frustrating and annoying so I decided to bring in an old stuff and i solely think, it might be helpful to those blazers who really want to download urgently.

Well, these might really be very helpful after I have successfully introduced you to the Airtel 200naira for 1,000mb (1GB) but the main problem with this, is that it cannot browse nor download freely without adding somethings with it, not only that, I will also introduce you to the Airtel 2GB for 200naira and 6GB for 500naira hmm many people all knows that the validity period has shorten or reduced.

Now, the main point here is that, these two data plans from Airtel are still working till date and can download so the only problem wrong with them is that the Airtel 1GB for 200naira cannot download but can only browse on opera mini because is an opera mini plan while the Airtel 2GB for 200naira and 6GB for 500naira can download and do anything but very slow.

So let's straighten the point now, an adage says "Half bread is better than none" so let's use these cheap data plans and download all those huge Files like ppsspp games, ps4 games, musics/videos, blazerwap app, surf those heavy data killer social networks like Instagram and others. There are many things everyone like to download or do with the internet so to all those who are willing to download huge data files urgently, kindly use this data plans and you will get all fully downloaded.

How to activate these data plans

  • Firstly, you can activate the Airtel 2GB for 200naira and 6GB for 500naira by dialling *482# and choosing the plan you wish to go for and then, go ahead and download the files you have been willing to download.

  • Secondly, you can as well go for Airtel 200naira for 1,000mb (1GB) which you can download only using opera mini and roogen help. This tutorial will help you make use of roogen by clicking here.
Well, more cheats are yet to come on, I just decided to share this out to the blazers who really need cheat urgently to download large files. So the more you stay updated, the more your chance increases to get more from us, not only that, technology updates and more.

I am through with my suggestion. So what do you have to say or do you find it helpful or not?


  1. Bt pls is it fast wen we connect it to pc via hotspot?

    1. If is the airtel 2G plan own, kindly insert your sin in a modem and connect on 2G and it will be more faster because laptop 2G is stronger.

  2. d one of #200 for 1gb ,can it b use wit any social network or only opera?

    1. Only opera and can download using roogen

  3. chai...omo na fuck up b dat ooo
    abeg can u help power it w ith psiphone

    1. It was boosted on psiphon using server but it doesn't work on all times. Well, we are looking into that possibility.

  4. Thanks airtel network is not available in my area

  5. i heard airtel has free whatsapp data
    is it real?

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  7. they are really good... I think the 200 for 1gb is the one wit did ussd code (*688#)

  8. does the *885# Airtel opera plan also work with rogen???


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