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Saturday, 15 October 2016

HTC To Remove Its Browser From The Playstore On November 30

Are you using HTC smartphone? HTC has decided to remove it's HTC INTERNET browser from playstore on November 30. This is because, HTC has been trying to get rid of redundant applications which means apps that are no longer needed or useful with some of Google’s existing offerings. This is clear with the HTC 10 which didn't come with HTC app offerings like HTC Internet, Fun Fit, Scribble, and Polaris Office. Even the Gallery was replaced with the Google Photos app.

So to those who downloaded the HTC internet browser or have the older HTC models, the browser will no longer be supported and officially removed from playstore and discontinued from November 30, 2016. So from this date, the browser will be removed successfully from playstore.

HTC has made it easier to transfer all your important bookmarks from the browser (HTC internet) to another mobile browser. So do that before HTC deletes the browser from playstore.

Is it helpful? Where you using HTC Internet browser till date? If not, which browser do you use regularly?


  1. What's so special about their browser

  2. What's so special about their browser

    1. Is just a normal phone browser so I don't think is that special but their are some webpages it can load and access than some browsers.

  3. Nawao... Blik sey somthn dey happen BTW dem

  4. May be there working on new browser which is more powerful to there formal browser


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