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Friday, 21 October 2016

Do You Notice This From Airtel 5GB To 120GB? Checkout!

As I was downloading huge file of 18.9GB today and I discovered that Airtel data connection has automatically been turned off from Airtel network providers, so I decided to turn it on but it seems not to turn on and when I checked my data balance, I also discovered that it will expire on the 21th of October which is today.

Well, I think this cheat has been blocked by Airtel because of this message below that a guy sent to an Airtel agent on WhatsApp telling him/her to block it. See it below;

This is actually a wicked act!

So if you are still able to access your data kindly start using it now before it get wiped out totally.

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  1. The guy is a selfish bastard!!

  2. pls write on how to download and install GTA 5 on android phone, pls

    1. It is not yet available for Android device only PC version, I mean GTA 5

    2. Before gta v can be available for Mobile it will be like 5years when mobile phone internal memory will be coming with 500gb 8gb of ram then you will enjoy good real HD games
      Like gta v
      Real pes 2022 like 10gb
      Brother in arm 34gb and so on

  3. Guy no GTA 4 for android self ur talking abt GTA 5...........and this guy dat texted Airtel about this cheat is a bloody bastard ,he won't get more than dat 4mb in his life

  4. Stupid fool this was the same thing that happened for mtn bblite.
    I don't know why someone can be this stupid.I haven't gotten any gig but I've been trying hopefully only to see that someone has reported it. Smh.

  5. If I don't want to eat beans or I did not see beans to eat that doesn't mean I should ban every body from eating beans somepeople just want every body too be equal monster people 😈

  6. thanks all but am playing GTA San Andrea's now on my andriod phone

  7. Bros no vex oo a beg is PayPal the only method to receive UK AdSense payment in Nigeria?
    Can't I use my first bank visa card?

    1. You are free to ask any questions but PayPal is no more supportive. You can use pioneer MasterCard

    2. Google wallet or square cash

  8. The guy no like gud thing naa or they are follow d guy from there family..But make I no lie me to I no get that gb of a thing...


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