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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bye! Bye Google Duo And Allo! WhatsApp Begin Rollout Of Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp which is one of the most popular messaging application has now given google duo and allo a hot "SMACKDOWN" as whatsApp has now started rolling out a new wonderful video calling feature. Google launched Allo (WhatsApp rival) and Duo (video calling app) in order to overtake WhatsApp but WhatsApp has finally trash them down with this new rolling video calling feature.

However, not long ago, WhatsApp began rolling out video calling features to some beta testers and maybe before the end of today, alot of beta testers will be enjoying the WhatsApp new video calling feature on their device.

So if you are a beta testers, you only need to update your WhatsApp application and you should be sure to receive the video calling features but if you are not a beta testers kindly seat and wait for the update from Google playstore.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this new WhatsApp messenger calling feature? Do you prefer the Google Allo and Duo to WhatsApp?


  1. Replies
    1. They are the people who receives an update of a testing version of an application. You can become a WhatsApp messenger tester by clicking here

  2. oga how can i unlock my new mtn mifi?

  3. I tried the new Whatsapp video call yesterday and it worked just fine

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  4. Nice update from whatsapp developer. Thanks admin

  5. You abandoned your telegram group precious

    1. Yes, I forgot my pin and am very sorry kindly dem to always visit that I have forgot my pin


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