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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Working Browsing Cheats, You Can Still Go For Till Date!

Out of all the cheats and many others, there are still many active cheats but I will list out some that are still working till date, in case if you might have forgotten them so these list entails the current cheats and how it works because all these blazing free data works on both desktop and mobile phone.

List of working working cheats that are still working till date 

1. Etisalat 0.0kb Nxtfwd: These cheat is still available and working perfectly because even me do make use of it every daily basis on Psiphon, precisely. So you have to always enjoy 30mins free browsing everyday which is free browsing cheats without using any money for it.

You can also use it on Tweakware and other Psiphon categories vpns that works like psiphon E.g netify, Psiphon A+ and others. So if you want to activate this free browsing cheats kindly launch your Psiphon and configure it this way;

Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy port: 80

Then click on connect and leave untick Connect through HTTP and start blazing or you can use pdanet to make use of it on your desktop.

2. Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing: This works great on both mobile and mobile phone because is unlimited which means it doesn't have a data limit but unlimited browsing access till you are tired. It can be used on Psiphon with its categories and Tweakware vpn. If you like to activate this cheat, is very easy and simple kindly open your Tweakware vpn;

Go to tweakware click on Settings>>Bundle settings>>Select bundle settings>> choose Glo 0.0kb and blaze it better after going back to connect with any servers you like.

3. Imei tweaking to get doubled data from Mtn: This works great on both mobile and desktop devices so when you tweak your phone Imei to mtn family imei, you will receive a message telling you that you are welcome to mtn family then kindly migrate to mtn ipulse and buy a data from Mtn, it will doubled immediately.

That's what I can list out for now but more are loading and all blazers will enjoy them depending on how you stay tuned to this blog so activate any one from here now and start blazing.


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