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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Twitter Will Stop Counting 140 Character Limit For Links And Usernames From Next Week

If you do use Twitter, you will notice when you are writing a long tweet, you will see that the words are always counting and when it get to 140 characters, it will stop or it will show red so that means you won't be able to write more than that and is very bad in some situations where you want to write a long story for your followers.

So for username section, it was said that it will no longer count only when it is in the beginning of a tweet and it was also said that, tweets starting from @usersname will be visible to all your followers and instead of the current model which only shows interactions to users who follow all participants.

So no more counting for username, links, videos, Gif and others.

So according to verge, it said this feature will start rolling from next week Monday which is September 19, 2016 but nobody knows if it will roll ones for everyone or stage by stage because there are many features also coming with this as well. 

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Twitter upcoming feature?


  1. Good one....this is better

  2. the text limit sef too frustrating... wont giv room for expression of mind
    seems dis will b beta


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