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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Take A Look At New Mtn 4G LTE Data Plans And Price - Yes Or No?

Just take another look on mtn 4G LTE data plans and prices, these data plans are somehow costly when compared to what Ntel 4G LTE offers for the same unlimited data plan. Let me just say mtn unlimited data plan subscription is absolutely cost than that of Ntel and when it even comes to speed ha! You might wonder.

Can you remember that Ntel 4G LTE offers one month unlimited 4G data plan for N10,000 while mtn offers their 4G unlimited plan at a deadly price of N36,999 for just only one complete month. I hope you have seen the wide space price or margin between the two data subscription plans and I hope you can still remember the speed test of the two network of how Ntel 4G LTE network gap MTN 4G LTE in speed? Even in browsing, streaming videos, downloading, installing and speed Ntel 4g LTE outranked mtn 4g LTE with those features.

So apart from that subscription plan, there are other subscriptions plans from mtn 4G LTE that are more cheaper and also affordable because that subscription is for business men or even for bill gate.


1. 100MB for N500
2. 150MB for N449
3. 200MB for N1000
4. 42GB for 12 months @ N66,499.
5. Unlimited for one month N36,999
6. More...

Tap more.... And see them below;

You can view how to subscribe to their plans and how to activate them kindly click here to proceed. You can also dial *444# to view all the data plans. Well, let's go into conclusion for these two 4G LTE network providers data subscriptions.


Normally, MTN 4G LTE Subscription is costly but if you take a look at it from other view, you will notice they are more preferable. As you can see, mtn 4G LTE has more better signal and good network unlike Ntel 4G LTE that is trying to cover up few states. Well, mtn 4G LTE has not start yet, is only available on Visafone lines that have migrated to MTN network. So I can say there is still full chance that it can be modified once the full service commence or starts.

Is it helpful? What so you have to say about these data plans subscription and can you pay 36,000naira for only a month subscription? 


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmm Ntel hasn't cover all states but mtn has

    2. Yes, is still same as normal mtn

  2. Make mtn go sit down.. This one na for people wer wan throw money. ..JESU

  3. Replies
    1. How is the interC network sef

    2. How is the interC network sef

    3. InterC is a new 4G LTE network in nigeria, I made a post about kindly read it by

  4. Mtn na thief 36k for wetin...dat money fit pay house rent for one year for kuto..chail say I 1 browse


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