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Friday, 9 September 2016

See The New Changes In Airtel Night Plan Before You Fall A Victim!

Hello blazers, are you an airtel night plan fans? So is time to see the new changes airtel has made to it recently. Airtel has increased the night plan from 50naira for 1.5GB to 200naira for 1.5gb which means the price of the night plan has successfully been increased.



Airtel has so much members who uses the night plan every night from 12AM to 5AM so they have achieved their goals and now they have increased it. So if you still prefer the amount in that way, you can go for it by dialling *312# then type 3 and immediately, you are successfully subscribed for the 200naira for 1.5GB of new airtel night plan.

So is it helpful? What do you have to say about the new changes airtel has recently made to the night plan? 


  1. Thunder go fire them.. dem just spoil there netwrk krazy ass pple.. if u want to knw how to get 100% BONUS DATA of mtn without buying new phone HI me in d comment box. because na mtn sub i wan do knw wey go pay me dan d sleepless night

  2. Stupid dat was my favourite nite plan... Switching to mtn pulse...

  3. @JASON It's simple,all you need to do is
    to tweak and change your
    Android phone imei to THIS IMEI: 3545540711***** Add any 5 digits to make it 15
    digits. After successful tweaking, you
    will receive an sms from MTN

  4. Your android app needs update cos it doesn't have comments box like d1 here only discussion.

    1. Yea that's true.....but you can pass through the window from the application to blazerwap then comment.

      Well, I will find a fix to that.

  5. na so den dey start,,,, al d networks don dey read d same class

  6. this Airtel network is so tricky they gathered traffic on the airtel nd later inflated the price of the sub.. they just pranked us


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