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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

See How To Browse For Free - Checkout Now!

You can now surf and browse for free using either desktop or mobile phone. Don't you like browsing this website for free without using any data? It is free and fast using your Airtel sim and with that, you will be able to use this website without using any of your normal data you purchased.

How to browse for free

It is very simple and easy and this is how you can do it with its requirements.

  1. You have to use any opera mini and other browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many other browsers except uc browser.
  2. You must use airtel sim.
  3. You must have not have any data in order to use it free.

How to activate it

When you have those requirements above, you can now start surfing for free without using any data and you will be able to blaze with our updates.

Note: If you notice that your data has finished, kindly go to the menu bar of and click on FREE BASIC and immediately, you will start using for free. As shown below;

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  1. Wait pls mr blazerwap if u can do it dat way y ca u do it to power vpn

    1. You mean using the server to browse free on psiphon and other vpns?

  2. Replies
    1. The free server cannot be bypassed using vpns so is only configured for

  3. Can i change dat blazerwap in the link and put ?

    1. Lolzzz why una plan na to just wreck blazerwap free basics? So you wan put o2tvseries and use all the free data inside the link ha.....lolzzz naija

      So the answer is it won't work because the free browsing is not on that link/server.

  4. lolz precious u just dy protect blazer lolzzzzzzzz

    1. Lolzz na sooo dey wan kill that server

  5. huh huh @Stephen
    shey make he con spoil am ni
    my broda nice work jare, atleast if we no get data to browse we can reach blazerwap anytime to see any latest cheat for free browsing

  6. Nice one bro..... Let's keep Blazing!! Still Your Number 1 Fan On Facebook


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