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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

See Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Google Voice Command

If you don't know how to use Google voice command then what is the usefulness of your phone? You might be surprised that I said what is the "Usefulness of your phone?". Google brought the voice command feature to your smartphone in order to make your phone usage easier and faster. Do you know that you don't have to type a message that you can your voice to chat instead of typing? So let's go on and i will tell you many things you can use the voice command for as a blazer fan.

Google voice service has been in existence or lauched since 2009 and it is a service that allows you carry out actions on your smartphone with just your voice. See how it works; when you say OK Google, it will start listening to your next word and automatically type it by itself. This is exactly like Cortana in iPhone and windows 10.

Google voice command also allows you to send free text messages, customize your voicemail, read voicemail text transcript and many more. Now I will be revealing the amazing things you can do with application on your smartphone.

Amazing things you can do with your google voice command

1. Call a phone number: You can call a number automatically with your voice without going to phonebook. Just say " Ok Google" then after it pop out, you will say " Call my girlfriend " and immediately, your friend phone number will appear and then you can start talking with her.

2. Take a picture: You can take a picture and even search through your pictures automatically by calling "Ok Google" then it will pop out then say " Take my picture ", your camera will pop out then you can take anyhow pictures you like.

3. Record a video:  You can record videos with it by calling on its name "Ok Google" and immediately, your camera recording video will come out and you can start recording as many videos you like.

4. Open webpages: It can open webpages by calling "Ok Google" then say, it will open this website and you can start blazing.

5. Post to Twitter: You can post on Twitter with it by calling "Ok Google" and say " Hello I am so happy with you guys " Then tell it to send the displayed text.

6. Compose and send messages: You can compose and post messages with it for example via Whatsapp, you can call on "Ok Google" and immediately, it will appear then say " I love you " and immediately it will display it for you to see, you can then say Send and it will be sent as ordered.

7. Create Calendar appointments and reminders: Just call on "Ok Google" and it will pop out then say " create appointment " and if you need to modify a message or entry that you have dictated, just say, “Change".

8. Language: Interesting, you can now change your preferred language on the application and there are many local languages you can select from. Available Nigerian languages include: Yoruba (listed as Ede Yoruba), Hausa, Igbo, and Nigerian Pidgin. Just select the one you can use on the application.

9. Recognising Complex Names: Google Voice is not cool at recognising many non-American/European names, at least when using it in English mode as I do. An Igbo name like Chinedu is probably going to be mistaken for another word. What can you do? You can modify such a contact by including an easy nickname in the name field. Then use that nickname when using Google Voice and you are good to go with your google voice command.

10. When Your Phone Is Locked: Also, Google Voice can be used from a locked screen. Just say “OK Google” and give your command. It will unlock the phone. However, if your phone has a password, PIN or pattern lock, Google Voice will tell you that you need to unlock your device for it to be able to carry out your commands immediately.

How to activate the feature on your Android device

It is very easy to activate on your Android device kindly go to settings>>Language and input>>Google voice typing>>Ok Google detection>> then enable FROM ANY SCREEN.

As shown below;

So you have now successfully activated the Google voice typing features, you can now call it from anywhere and enjoy alot of its features to make your work easier and faster.

If your phone does not possess the feature kindly click here and download it now.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this Google feature?


  1. Wow, this is interesting getting amaamazing response from the app even the question I'm asking , it's giving answer


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