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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SanDisk Now Unveiled 1Terabyte SD Card - Checkout!

Popular memory manufacturer SanDisk Now Uncover or Unveiled huge 1Terabyte SD Card after the release of 256GB SD Card. You might like to know that the capacity of memory devices are always doubled every two years. So lexar launched the first 128GB SD Card in early 2011 then launched 256GB early 2012. Meanwhile, SanDisk took the lead in launching 512GB SD Card and now doubling the memory storage capacity.

I can say technology is really growing fast because I can remember when SanDisk produced just 16MB memory capacity 16years ago and now we have 1Terabytes from the same company. So at this moment, this SanDisk is just a prototype as the official price is not yet available.

Who or which devices are likely to use the SD Card?

This SD Card is of course not for every device because a phone or gadgets needs to be compatible with it in the first place before it can be used on that particular device. So the main set of people that this SD card will be of great importance to are big time, classic, veteran photographers, studios as will fantastically suit growing number of 4K cameras, 360° cameras for VR and the newer 4K @ 60fps. These devices can take a lot of huge memory when performing duties or storing so that's why the memory card has to be compatible with a device before it can be used on that device in order not to destroy the phone.

So another set of people that it can be useful to are those who uses electronic devices or sophisticated smartphones that supports external SD card up to 1 Terabytes.

Is it helpful? But what can do you with a 1 Terabyte Memory card?


  1. Replies
    1. Any phone or device that supports up to 1 terabyte

  2. Why's this glo 0.00k with tweakware and psiphon not stable?
    And the freedom vpn also is once the free speed is working after that, that's all.

    1. Yea is true the glo disconnects but you can always set your phone to 3G and reconnect back.

      For the freedom vpn, we are working on how to use it more than once.

      So always stay updated.


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