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Saturday, 24 September 2016

New Way To Unlock Spectranet And InterC Huawei MiFi Modem

Have you been looking for a way to unlock that particular spectranet or InterC Huawei Mifi Modem? Yea! the prefect solution is here today, I will be writing of how to unlock a spectranet and InterC Huawei Mifi Modem that has the model number of E5573s-320 and E5573s-606 which has been an issue with continuous disagreement because most networks do lock it with their network and you won't be able or being allowed to use other network chip (NoC).

So in this topic, I will show you how to unlock your InterC Huawei Mifi Router and Spectranet and make sure you check your Mifi model if it corresponds with E5573s-320 and E5573s-606 so after unlocking this HUAWEI 4G Mifi Router, you will be able to make use of any 4G LTE networks like Smile, Ntel, Swift InterC E.t.c without any form of restriction.

Requirements to unlock spectranet and Huawei Mifi Modem

Note: Just make sure your Spectranet which is Huawei Wifi modem is fully charged in order to carry this processes out easily.

How to Unlock Your Spectranet And Huawei Mifi Modem

  • Kindly Unzip the Huawei hiLink drivers and install them on your PC/Desktop and once it has finished installing, kindly reboot your PC in order for the drivers to be fully updated with your PC.
  • Then unzip and launch the universal master code generator and put in your IMEI then click on GENERATE.
  • Then copy the flash code to Notepad from the imei you generated because that will serve as your password.
  • Then kindly insert an unsupported sim into your Huawei router and connect it with your PC/desktop via USB cable.
  • So after that, kindly unzip the Huawei E5573s-606 firmware you downloaded and go to the folder where "prod&serv&cust", run the file "P711S-E5-update_21.". As shown below;

  • It will request for password kindly paste the flash code you copied to your notepad earlier and click on OK then wait for the installation to complete.
Input your flash code

Installation processing...till completed.

  • Then after that, kindly launch the Huawei code calculator and click on Read Tab to generate your unlock code and it will be displayed immediately on the result field. As shown below;

  • Then unzip your second Huawei E5573s-320 and run E5573_Update_21. It will update your router firmware and drivers will be installed accordingly.
  • Once it has update completely kindly go to your Huawei mobile partner interface,settings >>select network settings and a pop-up will appear for you to insert your unlock code.
  • Then finally, kindly Enter the Unlock Code you generated with Huawei code calculator and immediately, your Huawei mifi router will be unlocked.

Then you can start blazing with any 4G networks chip in your Mifi Router. 

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem or issue while trying to activate this, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Plz how can I used my android fone with laptop using psiphon

    1. You can connect it using USB cable to your phone with an app called pdanet see tutorial


      You can download Psiphon 3 for pc

    2. Were can I download d psiphon 3 do d pc

    3. Boss I have download d psiphon. How will I do the setting

    4. Just set it normally according to the way it is being set.

      Mark Remove port
      Real proxy type: Real host
      Proxy server:
      Real proxy type: HTTP
      Real proxy port: 8080

  2. Replies
    1. Yes or you can still use USB cable from phone to pc method

    2. Yea thats why you are a blazer.....just keep blazing with question bothering you and it will be resolved

  3. Pls i have a problem of my modem, trying to unlock it but couldn't and i exorted all the 10 attempts. Pls how do i go about it on trying to upgrade it and get another attempt or any other way to unlock it. The modem is e303 thanks

    1. Hello, the method to unlock that modem type is not yet available except E5573s-320 and E5573s-606 . When is available, I will update.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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