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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

New Way To Subscribe For Whatsapp Data Plan On Airtel, Mtn And Etisalat

Do you think Etisalat don't have a Whatsapp plan? I know many of you might know the mtn and airtel whatsapp plan but the Etisalat own might keep you confused so let's go on as we unveil these Whatsapp data plans on different networks in nigeria.

The service providers of these networks can never send you a message about these data plans through SMS but I will tell you all about even at the affordable rate. Some blazers cannot do without whatsapp can you just imagine that your whatsapp was deleted from your phone, ha! you might just lose control because whatsapp is where you meet with those people you desire and even chat with your friends and families. So this whatsapp was launched since 2009 and since then, it has recorded over 1billion users so that means over 1million users register on whatsapp in every daily basis with billions of messages that have been sent on the platform everyday.

So I noticed that many blazers cannot subscribe for the whatsapp plan so thats why i have decided to publish this post because I know it might help alot of blazers. So what are you still waiting for? Let's go on!

How to subscribe for Whatsapp data on Etisalat, mtn and airtel networks

Firstly, we have to outlist the networks with their different whatsapp data plans activation codes and I will tell you how to make use of the mtn and Etisalat whatsapp data plans on all applications using psiphon vpn.

Mtn Whatsapp Data Plan subscription

Mtn Whatsapp goodybags has only weekly and monthly data plans and they are;

  • 25naira for weekly, you can activate it by sending WAW to 131 and you use USSD code by dialling *662*3*1#.
  • 60naira for monthly, you can activate it by sending WAW to 131 or you can use USSD code by dialling *662*3*2#. As shown below;

Note: You cannot accumulate it so that means you cannot subscribe twice in order for the data to increase but you can exhaust the data and subscribe again. To check your WhatsApp subscription bundle kindly dial *559*2#.

Airtel whatsapp data plan subscription 

Airtel whatsapp data is very affordable in my own view and it can even work for operamini, 2GO and Facebook so they have one whatsapp data subscription code which last for a month (30days).

  • 100naira for 30days and to activate, kindly load hundred naira and dial *948# and immediately, you are successfully subscribed for airtel whatsapp data bundle. 

Note: You cannot accumulate the data. So you can also get free 5MB from Airtel whatsapp data bundle by dialling *948*1# before you go for the normal subscription of hundred naira and is always given once for life. To check your whatsapp data bundle kindly dial *885*0#.

Etisalat whatsapp data bundle subscription

Etisalat has a data plan that works on Instagram, whatsapp, Facebook, wechat and BBM so that is called CHAT PACK so before, it was unlimited but now is no more unlimited as it has a data limit. You can subscribe to it and blaze your internet. 

  • 50naira for daily - To activate, dial *343*5*5# and subscribed successful.
  • 150naira for weekly - To activate, dial *343*5*6# and subscribe successful.

Note: It cannot be accumulated and you cannot view the data as it will stop automatically when it is finished then you can opt out by dialling *343*5*0# then you will then re-subscribe by dialling any of the code above and immediately you have subscribed successfully again, just that way you can use it.

  • You can use mtn whatsapp data data bundle on psiphon vpn by clicking here.
  • You can use Etisalat Whatsapp data bundle on Psiphon vpn by clicking here.

When you use it on psiphon vpn, it will power all applications and you will be able to download with it and it will power all your applications on your phones.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions below and if it works for you kindly share your experience! 

Do you like to have glo whatsapp data bundle also?


  1. Plz update d data cap each of d subscriptions carry

    1. Mtn Whatsapp own is 25naira (weekly) for 25MB while the Whatsapp 60naira for monthly is 50MB

      Airtel whatsapp subscription is 30MB for N100 For a month

      Etisalat whatsapp subscription is 150naira for a week is 300mb and 50naira own is 150mb

  2. does it mean DAT etisalat don't have a whatsapp data plan DAT can last for a month? blazer pls tel me if there nd also tell me the data capped

    1. Ha you can't go for that because is 500naira for 700mb

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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