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Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Way To Stop Caller Tunes On Etisalat, Mtn, Glo And Airtel Networks

Have you been trying to option out from that caller tunez you where automatically opted in by the network providers or the one you opted in by yourself? Have you been looking for a way to deactivate, stop, cancel the caller tunez with just a code? Yea you are on the right place and the right topic to bring the end to that issue or troubleshooting.

Well, caller tunez is good sometimes when you listen to different musics when calling a particular number but sometimes its a thorn to the flesh, whereby you decided to option out and you don't have the code hmmm that's what they call "GOBE SHELE", that's when the network will start sending alerts telling you blah blah blah has been deducted from your account and they will start penetrating your account for no reason especially Etisalat. Well, am not writing against the network but they have showed me alot.

So let's go on and deactivate this stuff now and many people do make mistakes when to unsubscribe from caller tunez by sending STOP to 4100 and that's wrong so the new way will be lectured in this tutorial.

How to deactivate, stop, cancel Etisalat, glo, mtn, airtel called tunez 

So is very easy and simple, it doesn't need technology stuffs to option out. So let's go on to the various networks in nigeria.

1. AIRTEL NETWORK: This is very easy by sending STOP to 791 and immediately you will receive a message that will notify you that you have unsubscribed successfully.

2. MTN NETWORK: Very simple kindly send CANCEL to 4100 and immediately you will receive a message that will tell you that you have unsubscribed successfully.

3. ETISALAT NETWORK: Very simple also kindly send RBTOFF to 251 then immediately, you will receive a message telling you that you have successfully unsubscribed from the caller tunez.

4. GLO NETWORK: Very simple kindly send the DEREG to 7728 and immediately you will receive a message telling you that you have successfully unsubscribed or you can also alternatively unsubscribed by dialling 7728 and you will follow the voice prompt carefully.

So you have successfully unsubscribed, deactivate, cancel, stop caller tunez on all networks which means you are totally free from Nigeria Networks caller tunez.

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