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Sunday, 11 September 2016

New Google Nexus Launcher Apk For Download With Recovery Mode Installation

Don't you like seeing or feeling what Google Nexus phones are? So the launcher is now available .apk even via recovery mode which is the best method. It comes with the new slide-up app drawer and Google button. Quick search and access to google are available on this launcher also.

When you hold or long press the Home screen there is settings menu that includes "Show Google app when swiping left" option as well as options for screen rotation and subtracting and adding of app suggestions at the top of the app drawer. So when you tap on the G button opens a quick search tray and swiping from the left edge opens Google now. So that's what i mean and that's how it works.

Some Features of Google Launcher

  • There is now a G tab located in the upper-left corner of the screen. So when you tap this icon, the regular Google search bar will pop up. 
  • App drawer icon is now replaced with a slide up style app drawer. It means you can now go to your apps menu by just sliding up an arrow located just before the static icons along the home screen button.
  • Calendar now hovers in the upper-left and it cannot be changed or remove as reported and this might not be good for some people.
How To install Google Nexus Launcher

Google Nexus Launcher has two installation method which are apk method installation and recovery method installation. So firstly, you have to download the Nexus Launcher before going for the installation methods and they are here below;

How to install via normal apk method

This is very simple and easy because you doesn't have to do much but normally, it doesn't give a perfect result so I have now resolved it. So go to your phone settings>>security>> then enable installation from unknown source. As shown below;

Then after that, go the apk link above and download it then install it and blaze.

NOTE: The bug with the apk method is that Nexus launcher will crash anytime you try to pick or change your wallpaper.

So you can fix the bug crash by downloading the Wallpaper Picker above and you will never see it no more.

How to install via Recovery or zip method

In order to install your Google launcher using this method, you have to download the .zip link above and place it at the root of your sdcard (memory card) and not inside any folder so after that, kindly boot your phone into TWRP or CWM then click on install and locate the downloaded .zip file then you can now flash and reboot. As shown below;

After downloaded the .zip

Set as always

Is it helpful? So how do you feel the new Google Nexus Launcher?


  1. I wish i had a custom recovery on my phone,it would have been like a super computer.

    1. Even if you don't have a custom recovery, you can use the .apk method and immediately you have successfully downloaded it.


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