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Friday, 16 September 2016

New Full Review Of The Latest Tweakware 3.6 With It's Free Browsing Update

Tweakware has now released a better version which is now faster and better than the older version and has now exceeded its daily data bonus to 300MB. So if you are still using the older version, I think is time for you to upgrade to the next version which many bugs has also been fixed that make it more faster and better.

Tweakware is a vpn that allows you to bypass free servers in order to use it for accessing the internet for free without paying a dime except when you have to buy premium so you can now see the value of having a Tweakware application on your phone or desktop. So what are you still waiting for, don't you like upgrading to the latest version? Well, I make a full review of all the free data bundles pre-installed or allocated to it but normally, Tweakware do make an upgrade whenever they have changed or added a new bundle to their vpn. So let's look into those Bundle settings and see what you have been missing from them.

Review of all Bundles pre-installed on Tweakware vpn

As I have said above, Tweakware came with pre-installed bundle settings on its own and can also be manually configured but it's better using the pre-installed bundle settings than setting it manually.

  • Etisalat BB10: This actually works but when used, it will definitely stopped at 10MB which was formally unlimited. It is very good when using it on the Blackberry device not on Android or bypassing, using any vpn on Android so it is left there in case if it still start working, the blazers will then go for it. 
  • Etisalat chat pack: This also was unlimited just as that of BB10 but later capped which make it 500naira for 700MB monthly and 300MB for 150naira weekly. So it's no longer unlimited but left there in case if it has turn unlimited, the blazers will be able to use it unlimitedly.
  • Etisalat 0.0KB: This is still working till date which when connected with Etisalat Sim, you will able to enjoy 60MB to 100MB in every daily basis and that's what's the blazers has been blazing with.
  • MTN 2GO MB: This bundle settings is meant and pre-installed for mtn 2go mb so you can now connect it and make use of your 2GO data subscription to power all your applications.
  • SA MTN CHAT: This is totally for the south African for boosting their network when experiencing bad or poor network coverage in their area or location.
  • ETISALAT SOCIAL ME: This is totally related to the chat pack bundle only that it access more social media than the chatpak so when connected, you blaze with the data.
  • Ntel 4G LTE: This is actually for the 4G LTE networks whereby you boost your network or data with the pre-installed bundle settings and it will make it faster like flash or zoom.
  • Glo 0.0KB: This is one of the current blazing cheat or bundle settings that is blazing now, it is unlimited and doesn't have limit so you can now connect with your glo and blaze till you are tired as Tweakware has raised their free server daily limit and you can also use premium account to blaze better if possible.
  • MTN 0.0KB: This actually works great before but no more in existence now as we all wait for the return of mtn.
  • Smile: This work for those using the smile network and now currently blazing on the smile network so boost your network better with the bundle settings.
Features of Tweakware 3.6 

  • More stable
  • More Faster 
  • Now 300MB extended daily Limit
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Bug fixed
  • More....

Where can I download the tweakware version 3.6

You can download it by clicking here as we all wait for it to automatically pop out on playstore but is still same thing. So kindly start Blazing.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this latest version of Tweakware 3.6 vpn? 


  1. Replies
    1. 60naira...why don't try out freedom if it might be fast for you.

  2. Pls is not browsing with mtn but i conect once pls help

  3. Please my glo connect and disconnects every 10 secs when using it. I have 3G network . I use tweakware

  4. The glo worked at Ghana but stopped, please any cheat that can help in Ghana.

    1. Ghana.....that's nice...have you try using the freedom vpn in Ghana?

  5. Please share the link for downloading the UC mini

  6. Can I download with the UC mini or power other apps?

    1. It won't power all apps but you will be able to download and browse with the uc mini only by using much proxy

  7. I hope this thing dosent capped at 60mb on etisalat

    1. Surely, it capped 60 - 100mb which is within 30minutes so you can not in anyway use any vpn to bypass that 30minutes browsing in Etisalat.

  8. Boss this Airtel bb subscription complete is my problem,tho I did the cheap 2GB for 200 and am now facing problems,pls my 3072mb is still active and which means my 1k is in the hands of Airtel...pls how do I use it.....bcus I never knew the 2Gplan would be the problem...pls help a brother....tanx

    1. Wait you mean the 3GB for 1K is giving you problems or the 2GB for 200naira?

  9. Admin, I'm new at tweaking stuffs. Do I need to ON my mobile data before I can use Etisalat 0.0kb tweak??
    More so, for how long will it connects?

    1. Make sure you don't have data then connect to Etisalat 0.0kb on Tweakware vpn and it will connect. It is 60MB to 100MB everyday so that means when you Connect, you will be able to use 60mb everyday and when it get to 60mb for dat day, it will cut then you can now use another 60mb again next day. Just like that and like that.


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