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Thursday, 15 September 2016

New Free Browsing On All Networks Using PC And Mobile Phone On Freedom Vpn

Free browsing now unleashed for all networks using old freedom vpn which means you can use it on either PC/desktop and mobile phone with any networks like glo, airtel, mtn, Etisalat and other africa countries networks of your choice. This free browsing has reigned and pass but now available again for those who does not have any data to browse hmmm is very slow and if you still wish to activate it kindly follow me as I will make it up to you.

How to browse free on all networks using freedom Vpn on mobile device

It is very simple and easy because it doesn't need too much tech so you need to have this requirements below;

  • Any network sim with 0.0kb
  • Your freedom vpn - download freedom for mobile here.
  • Leave your apn default.

How to set the freedom vpn 

So after download, kindly launch your vpn and follow-up below;

  • Click on CONFIGURE at the bottom.
  • Then click on CONNECTION.
  • So after that, in the Freedom server use or if you need more stable servers kindly see more below;
  • Then in Tweaks kindly choose Nigeria MTN .
  • Then in Connection Mode choose DNS.
  • Then in PORT insert 53.
As shown below;

So go back and click on START CONNECTION then immediately, it will start reading you can now go and browse but is slow.

How to use freedom vpn for PC/desktop

It is also easy so you need these prerequisites or requirements below;


  • Any network with 0.0kb
  • Your USB Modem
  • Your deskto/PC
  • Your-freedom software 
  • Leave your apn default
How to set the freedom on any network on Pc

It's simple and easy, kindly download freedom vpn from here and install on your PC or desktop. Then launch your vpn and configure it like this below;

  • Register and account with them and. Click on ACCOUNT INFORMATION and input your username and password you used to register and save.
  • Click on CONFIGURE at the bottom.
  • Then click on CONNECTION.
  • So after that, in the Freedom server use or if you need more stable servers.
  • Then in Tweaks kindly choose Nigeria MTN .
  • Then in Connection Mode choose DNS.
  • Then in PORT insert 53.
  • So configure your browser using with 8080 port and start browsing slowly.

So you can now go back and connect then start blazing slowly with it.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems while trying to set up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

This cheat is Not yet fully approved but try it. Is a guest post from of blazerwap fans.


  1. Tutorial too long cant try it jst yet

    1. Is not long, is for pc and mobile so try the mobile own or pc own.

  2. Thanks. But you said very slow. How slow. What is the download speed

  3. Replies
    1. Try it using mobile first before trying it on pc

  4. Ur grammar na die.

  5. it's not working.. it connects well but it's not working. it's not opening any page.. it's just NOT WORKING!! by the way, it's not working on ETISALAT sim card... only MTN. #Sad

  6. It's not working with etisalat

  7. Its work with Glo network 13.2k/s its makes me remember slow DNS thanks

  8. Its work with Glo network 13.2k/s its makes me remember slow DNS thanks

  9. Works fine but I have to kill my patience to open a page too damn slow

  10. I can't use Glo0kb cos network is bad here all thanks to you blazerwap ucmini help but can't stream with it pls help

    1. Psiphon own stream, I think you should go for Psiphon own.

  11. Replies
    1. Nice idea, I will look into that bro

  12. Hello admin.I can't receive ur mssg on whatsapp again cus I lost my phone.pls add me again to the group.07065253966

    1. Am sorry blazer, we are not on Whatsapp group but we are still available on other social medias.

  13. This cheat is faster using glo so kindly connect and start blazing and on your 3G

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Am managine it with glo but not streaming or downloading

  16. that slowness of a thing is d main prob ,help fixed it boss. trust u

  17. It is working here in kenya... ��

    1. Keep blazing there in Kenya and remember ro invite your friends here to blazerwap.

  18. Why isn't it working with etisalat man?

    1. Kindly use another sim as it doesn't work on your Etisalat


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