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Saturday, 3 September 2016

New Airtel 200naira For 20,000MB (20GB) Now Active

Wow! Unbelievers among the blazers might have been doubting greatly and greedy fans among the blazers might have doubting greatly among the blazers hmmm if you stay there still doubting, hmmm others will overtake the data and use it all before you finished doubting. Well, I will be posting this tutorial with full screenshots needed to make you believe.

So Airtel 200naira for 20GB is not a joke and is working and perfectly blazing as a social bundle. So if you are using airtel sim now, is time to hug huge data and if you don't have airtel sim kindly go and borrow one from anywhere now and activate it before this opportunity pass you bye.

This Airtel 20GB is not yet working on all applications because is a social bundle yet but it works on opera mini, Facebook and whatsapp with its following colleagues. So in my next post that I will be dropping today, will entails the settings on Psiphon vpn because you will be able to use it perfectly on psiphon from laptop, pc, desktop, phone or any devices so activate it first before my next post. To all Java users and other phones users kindly activate this offer now before you loose it.

How to activate the 20,000mb (20GB) for 200naira only

It's very simple and easy to activate because is just a USSD code to dial for activation. So see the procedure below;

  • Go to any nearest shop and purchase a 200naira recharge card on any Airtel sim whether (old or new sim are fully eligible) because is a perfect cheat from Airtel which they haven't noticed.
  • So after buying the recharge card kindly load it by dialling *126*pin# just the normal method to load any airtel recharge card.

  • Then after loading the recharge card kindly dial *688# and options will be displayed for you kindly type 2 which is the Facebook bundle for 200naira and then click on Send and immediately you will receive a message telling you about your successful subscription to Facebook bundle.

  • So after that, kindly check your data balance by dialling *140# and you wow! You will see your 20GB smiling at you and you too will have to smile and drop a comment for blazerwap. As shown below;

Then after successful activation, kindly go to opera mini, Facebook and others start blazing it. So wait for my next post on how to use it on psiphon, Tweakware and other vpns so activation is the best solution.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while activating this offer of 20GB from Airtel Kindly tell us about it in the comment box and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

Remember to use the this Sharing buttons below to share this tutorial to your friends and do not enjoy it alone because I didn't enjoy it alone too thats why i shared it.


  1. boss, i av suggestion sir, i mean to using it on Psiphone

  2. mr blazer did U have setting for psiphon?? itz not download to me

  3. Ok pls tanx blazerwap i pray u find a solution to make it work on phsiphon

  4. i suggest should make it work on Psiphone for d proxy server

  5. be fore the setting of the psiphon is work alley in Facebook or is work all the social media

  6. I was given 200mb???? I use a note5 any suggestions on why its not given to me or how it can work for me?

    1. It has been reduced by the network not not long ago. So you can make use of the 200MB via

  7. I have DAT 20gb but its not working at all

    1. You can use it on opera mini and download with it using


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