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Thursday, 15 September 2016

New 5 Amazing Features Now Added To Whatsapp Messenger - Don't Miss Out!

See the five amazing features whatsapp messager have successfully added to its update, which you will like to use in every daily basis. WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging application and yet they are still updating their application with amazing features for their users. Whatsapp has over 1billion active member users every month with millions of downloads, so as a blazer, why do you want to miss this features?

Not long ago, whatsapp added text formating (italics, bold, strikethrough), "quote", sending documents, quoting chats and many more features. Well, many people was also demanding and asking whatsapp to increase the maximum limit of 256 people in a group just the way telegram has up to 5000 maximum limit. So whatsapp is really trying and they have added five amazing features which you will like recently and i will unveil them below.

Five amazing features of Whatsapp new update

1. One finger video zoom: It is now easy and faster when zooming a video now which when you slide your finger up and down to zoom. It is called one finger zooming and it has been added to its latest update.

2. Front facing flash: Whenever you try to take a Selfie from whatsapp in a dark area, it will light up white to brighten your environment and that's a wonderful update too.

3. Writing Text and Drawing on Images: You now have more photo power editing features like that of Instagram which means you can now crop image, edit image, type text on image, and even annotate and draw on top of it.

4. Sending multiple chats at once: You can now send multiple chats at once sharing and forwarding messages and while doing this, the contact will appear on top of your instant messenger (whatsapp) application.

5. Using Bigger Emoji: You can now use bigger emoji in chats or messages in this latest whatsapp update. You know single emoji usually appear the same way as all emoji. So in this latest update, the single emoji will now look larger. See the smaller emoji in the first image and the slightly bigger emoji in the middle image below.

Where can I download the latest whatsapp update

You can now update your whatsapp application by clicking here in order to add these features to your whatsspp application.

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  1. Thanks so much...I have now updated my whatsapp too tank u so much.

  2. oh! wow! whatsapp is advancing
    Nice improvement
    Add video call and it will b greater


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