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Monday, 26 September 2016

My Glo 0.0KB Not Connecting On Tweakware, See Alternative Solution!

Latest Tweakware version now have problem with Glo 0.0kb and not everybody loves to use Psiphon and it's related families. Some people loves Tweakware because it doesn't kill alot of battery, it is easy to set, it is fast and stable than that of Psiphon.

So after the messages that glo 0.0kb has stopped working on Tweakware, I decided to bring an alternative solution in order for the blazers to use till Tweakware has fixed their application servers. Well, their domain has been unavailable for while now and now, they have fixed that and the servers aren't fixed yet so see the alternative solution.

"Because of the server problem of normal tweakware, we will be using MOD Tweakware in this tutorial because their settings are in a good health now. So you have to mange this settings till Tweakware resolve their Glo server issues"
Alternative Solution to Glo 0.0KB on Tweakware

  • So it goes like this, kindly download Tweakware Mod 1.6 by clicking here and send PAYU to 127 then you insert in your APN and leave other settings. 

  • Then after that, kindly launch your Tweakware MoD version 6.1 and click on LOGS then scroll down and click on Handler Menu. You will be asked for a Childlock code, kindly input this code cdce.imishiro.032990.
So after that, configure it like this below;

Mark Remove Port
Proxy type: Real host 
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Default 
Real Proxy port: 80

Untick Childlock to avoid repeated Childlock request. Then, click on Save.

As shown below;

Then go back to HOME and select region as NETHERLANDS or UNITED STATE and Connect. As shown below;

Then start blazing !

Is it helpful? Does this solve your glo 0.0kb issue? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to connect, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. Blazing fine for me with the best psihpon ever here

  2. Nice one blazer I will try that out commenting from bloggersprof

  3. Thanks very much but queencee,tweakware mod and phisphon are de same

    1. Yea you might be right....but it works differently in Tweakware form so that's why I recommend it foe those who wish to use Tweakware because the normal tweakware has fault with glo 0.0kb.

  4. It disconnects alots on my phone why..?

    1. I didn't make it stable, is an alternative to the glo server that is not working on normal glo Tweakware server.

  5. please do you have a whatsapp group... my number is 09033586930


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