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Monday, 19 September 2016

iPhone 7 Users Now Reporting Hissing Sound From Their Devices

This is so sad as iPhone 7 now creating out a new hissing sound at the back when is performing some heavy duties, this was reported by some frequency of customers who bought the iPhone 7 which is the latest iPhone family that was launched recently and this cost a fortune to get.

So if you are using iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus and you experienced this issue, just know that you are not the only one experiencing it. Stephen Hackett was the first person to experience it and he posted it on twitter saying "The sound was loud enough to be heard with the phone sitting on the desk while the phone was syncing with iCloud.". So this just happened at the exact time Samsung galaxy note 7 are experiencing their explosion.

What is the cause of this iPhone 7 hissing sound?

GSM arena has successfully expressed and explained it saying;

"The source of the sound is likely to be coil whine of some sort, where under stress some components can vibrate and produce a resonance that is audible. Most processors, especially GPUs, produce a faint amount of coil whine but it's only an issue if it gets too loud. This was normally not an issue on smartphones until now as the processors just weren't that powerful but with the latest smartphones reaching laptop level performance, particularly the iPhone 7 that beats some of Apple's own notebooks in CPU performance, coil whine could be an issue.".
What is Apple doing to this problem affecting iPhone 7 users?

Any affected iPhone 7 user will be directed to have their faulty iPhone 7 replaced as it might not be easily fixed. So iPhone 7 may have a new redesigned iPhone 7 soon, if the problem cannot be resolved.

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