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Saturday, 10 September 2016

InnJoo Mobile Now Fined 4Million For Selling Unapproved Smartphones

Can you just imagine great Innjoo mobile now fined huge 4million for selling Unapproved Smartphones? Well, even the InnJoo Management knew that they will be fined but the fine wasn't much that's why they responded immediately to the sad call lolzz. After the serious complaint about their swelling battery, is now that they where fully caught red-handed for selling Unapproved Smartphones.

So NCC raided the office of InnJoo mobile phone maker in Lagos for selling Unapproved and unauthorized Smartphones to the public which is earlier this week and they where fined a huge amount of money which is 4million naira only. So NCC said; the kind of unapproved smartphones InnJoo Mobile sells to the public will hinder network quality. In order words, sub-standard smartphones is not good for the public.

Their office was totally sealed which makes Innjoo to respond very fast and they paid 4million naira. So alot of people who have the InnJoo Mobile devices has ranted on InnJoo Mobile Facebook that they should stop having Innjoo accessories in nigeria here. Many people taught the InnJoo Halo was an MTK Device not knowing it was just a trash which make it a complete deception.

Well, it was 100% true that the InnJoo had one of the biggest opportunity to take over nigeria market but missed out because of their F@k£ life and they have missed and lost the opportunity to make it big here in Nigeria hmmm they make alot of money but they have lost their survival here in nigeria so I will say this is a lesson to phone buyers.

So always take care whenever you want to buy a phone and If you hear the name Innjoo ha! Kindly reverse and look for other phone to buy.

Is it helpful? What do you have to say about this F@ke life of innjoo?


  1. Why blazer wap always glo cheat how about airtel and mtn everyday i am visiting your site for letest update but when comes to network crack is always glo awaiiiiiting for mtn and zain

    1. Lolzz....I like updating to all networks but it depends on the network that unveils their linkage.... don't worry I will try my best to update you guys to the fullest.

  2. Dat useless company finally caught up by our NCC...lols

  3. Haha I don't care oo I dey enjoy my innjoo halo for almost a year now

  4. I cnt believe i cant access mtk engineering mode please is der any oda way i can tweak my imei?

    1. Is because you are on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, I think you should try this method if it will work for You.....Click here to see

  5. its a great pity for a whole company from China to b selling fake things.. its a big disgrace


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