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Friday, 30 September 2016

Google Allo Now Hits 5Million Downloads On Android In A Week - See Now!

Google Allo is on the way to overtake whatsapp (like play like play). Google allo the new smartphone messaging application which started rolling out last week has hit 5million downloads in just only one week on playstore for only Android phones not IOS users yet o.

This application hit 1million downloads in just four days and is now the best top free Android application in US (united state) in this past weekend.

Well, I think Google has finally raised challenge against Whatsapp Application. Google Allo seems to be following the footsteps of Google's new video calling app Duo that enjoyed similar popularity when it was launched at first. However, the people excitement around Google Duo quickly faded - now it's not even in the top 50 apps in the Play Store's free list. So, it will be interesting to see how the future shapes up for Allo.

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  1. Allo will surpass Whatsapp the way am seeing it especially the newer generation

    1. Truetalk bro, the newer generation will prefer allo than whatsapp


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