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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Do you experience Bad Or Poor Internet Connection? See Two Solutions!

Do you always experience bad or poor internet connection whenever you want to browse the internet from etisalat, airtel, mtn and Glo? Sometimes these networks especially airtel and Glo are fond of having that problem with their networks. If rain falls ha! that is the end of surfing or blazing the internet that day.

So I have two solutions to that problem or issue because that is what I like using to overcome the internet connection problem from them so that's why I have decided to share it out also. If you subscribed for a data plan and you always experience bad or poor internet connection or not even able to browse the internet at all, that means you are at your right place to bring an end with these my two solutions.

How to resolve bad or poor internet connection issue or problem on mtn, glo, Etisalat and Airtel

In this tutorial, you will be making use of Tweakware and Psiphon vpn or other related colleagues to boost it which is the first method while the second method will base on your apn settings so see then below.

1. First method to set up your internet connection using your Tweakware and Psiphon: This method is simple and easy, you might just be browsing and immediately your browsing speed just reduced which will allow you to be loading a page for more than 5minutes or more and that's bad. I can also say, when you are browsing the internet especially using Uc browser and when the speeds drop down you might see this warning at the bottom side of your uc browser "Bad network! Unable to load page" which means your internet connection is poor.

So Tweakware and Psiphon can boost your internet connection very fast by using the methods below;

Firstly, you have to download Tweakware vpn by clicking here or download Psiphon vpn by clicking here. Only one vpn is ok for the process so after downloaded and installation kindly launch the vpn and configure it like this below;

For Tweakware

  • Click on settings
  • After that, click on go to BUNDLE SETTINGS
  • Then tick Enable Bundle Settings
  • Then just go back straight and connect with any free servers.
  • It will start reading immediately while using your normal data the you can then start using it to browse the internet very fast.

As shown below;

This method using Tweakware will boost your internet speed very fast using Tweakware speed of light than before.

For Psiphon

This is also easy kindly laugh your Psiphon vpn and configure it like this;

  • Then save and go to MORE OPTIONS
  • Then untick Connect through HTTP Proxy
  • Then click on START and immediately, your internet will start reading with your data and your internet will boost up.
As shown below;

This way has helped me alot to boost my internet speed with my data. So let's move on with the second method.

2. Second method to set up your internet connection using APN settings: This method affects many people alot when they might have filled up their apn with unnecessary stuffs and when they try to browse, they will start seeing different things or even the browser won't be able to browse anything again which will result to "Error in browsing". For example, you go to your apn settings and filled the proxy and port with a website ip Address and port, you won't be able to browse anymore and that's will result to bad network issue. 

Apn settings up

  • Goto settings from your phone
  • Click on MORE
  • After that, click on Access point and names
  • Then at the right top corner you will see three dots kindly click on it.
  • Then you will see RESET TO DEFAULT APN kindly tap it and immediately, your apn will change to default and you be able o browse faster with your normal data.
As shown below;

After this settings, you can also use the vpns above to boost the internet connection to be more faster. 

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!

Remember to share using the share buttons below! Keep blazing! 



  1. MMr blazer, I know what you are trying to say that you explain it like this. You where trying to say we should connect to vpn and rhen start using it browse

    Thanks alot that's what I always use everyday when my foolish network misbehaved.

    Thanks once again me blazer!

  2. this is a good method... but I guess this method works only when u subscribed to a bundle nd still get poor network..not wit 0.0k in ur acctbal.. its a good one at least I will use it fasten the speed of this glo network

    1. You cannot use it to fasten the glo network but only to use it when your network go down. Is just to connect to a vpn without any settings applied.

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