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Friday, 9 September 2016

Airtel 20GB For 200Naira Now Back On Opera Mini (PC And Mobile) - See How To Use?

Have you subscribed for the Airtel 20GB For 200naira and you are not able to use it on opera mini or it has stopped since? So today, airtel has opened it back again and if you are among the people that subscribed to it, kindly start using it now on opera on PC or mobile opera mini.

Well, this offer doesn't work on all opera mini so you can download any one from here or update to the latest Opera version.

  • Download eligible opera mini for pc/desktop here.
  • Download eligible opera mini for mobile here.
How use the 20GB for N200 on pc/desktop

This is very simple because is the still the exact way or method to connect it on mobile opera. So let's go on.
  • Download the opera above on your pc/desktop in the above link.

  • Then insert your Airtel sim in your modem then on your data connection.
  • Then launch it and go to and then scroll down.
  • You will see in a box kindly leave that and click on GOTO SITE then you will be taken to another page.

  • So in this page, kindly copy the link location of your download and paste it there by using CTRL C and CTRL V to copy and paste. 

  • So after that, you can now click on GO TO SITE then you can now start to download unlimitedly till your 20GB is off.

  • So keep blazing.

Are you still new on how to use it on mobile opera kindly click here to learn.

Note: If you are a new subscriber, please not subscribe to it because it has been reduced to 200mb.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions below and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


  1. I have a question admin, u said if u're new to it, dont subscribe cos it will be 200mb, but what if u have gotten d 20gb b4, will u get get it again when u exhaust it???

    1. No, you won't get it that means if you re-subscribe after exhausting this data hmmm you will get 200mb for 200naira instead of 20GB

  2. It seems this offer is available only on weekends

    1. No it's availability has stopped so the old subscribers are entitled to blaze it.

  3. That's to say my old SIM card I used last week for it can still be used again for the 20GB or do I need to use a different SIM card?

    1. It means If you have subscribed for the 20GB before that you can still use it now with the methods above and if you haven't subscribe for it before and just want to subscribe for it, that means you will be given only 200MB instead of 20GB because it has been reduced for new subscribers.

      So the point is that, if you have subscribed for it before and want to re-subscribevdoe it after you have exhausted the previous one, it means you cannot get 20GB Again because you have changed to new subscribers.

      I hope you understand?

  4. My 20gb av been removed since jare...hw airtel take 1 give me back for dis bad economy....useful information bt nt 4 everybody....I regret wasting my 200 cus I did nt even use it b4 Airtel took it

    1. Yes you are right but it was not everybody own that was deducted and so nor try to re-subscribe because you will be given 200mb or if you like the 200mb, you can activate it.

  5. hmmm at least it works for opera pc

  6. mine is bak too, just decided to try it during midnight, and it connected in a secs

  7. But opera mini isn't good for downloading movies not like UC browser

    1. Yea I will update how to use the uc browser in my next update when using glo to bypass sites anonymously to download in a proxy form.


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