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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Wow! Truecaller Dialer Application Now To Be Pre-installed On Huawei Smartphones

I know some of you will know Truecaller because is one of the popular dialer application that everyone uses everyday for calls, blocking of annoying calls from people and telecom operators, seeing photos and data of the person calling you and locations with many other features. So China huawei's company have decided to pre-install the true caller ID  application on Huawei flagship, well it was ordered by the owners of Truecaller application which is Swedish company.

So this is the company blog post about the development of the feature below;

We are also proud to announce today that we have joined forces with Huawei mobile phones (Huawei achieved 40M+ smartphone shipments from overseas market in 2015,) which will now come preloaded with the new Truecaller app in its flagship devices starting with Honor 8, to provide our users with smart dialer functions right from the day they buy the new device.

 So this Truecaller application will be made available for Huawei smartphones in America, Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia & India by end of next month and the company also said that the application will work seamlessly on all devices. So Huawei smartphones won't be using the default dialer application anymore but a replacement with Truecaller application.

See my screenshots of the Truecaller and default browser below;

Default dialer

Truecaller dialler

So what do you have to say about this new development and do you think other phones will leave the default dialer application and move to Truecaller?


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