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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why You Will Not Be Able To Activate The Airtel BB10 Plan For 3GB

Have you been finding it difficult while trying to activate the Airtel 3GB for N1000? Yea I have some key reasons why you should not go for that data plan at the moment because airtel has finally made somethings out in order to automatically destroy the plan. Well, that plan was not for Android device but for BB10 users so airtel finally find out that many of their users are trying to activate the data plan that's why they seek for a way or method to block it.

Airtel BB10 1,000naira for 3GB has helped many of the blazerwap fans which was working perfectly before the Airtel decided to terminate it for no reason with their 2G cheap data networks which they release not quite long ago ( 200naira for for 2GB). If you have activated this plan from airtel, you won't be able to use the BB10 plan anymore because whenever you activate it, they will ZAP your data for no reason so its better for you to use a new sim that has not been used for the Airtel 2G cheap network.

I decided to post this because of the complaint many blazerwap fans has been experiencing from this Airtel 3GB for N1000. So be careful!

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  1. so you mean I can't activate both plans on the same line?

    1. Yes if you have activated the airtel 2g, you can never activate the bb10 on Same line.

  2. But one can still activate the Bb10?

    1. Yes on a new sim that hasn't been used for 2G Pack


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