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Friday, 5 August 2016

While Multitasking, See How To Float YouTube Videos On Android Device

Do you watch film on YouTube alot or are you a fan of YouTube and you want to learn how to possibly float or continue watching YouTube videos while you are multitasking or doing another things? Yes! Your solution is here which means you are currently on the right path to do that easily.

For example, you are watching an interesting movie and at the process, you received a message from Facebook or whatsapp and you know that before you check the message you have to exit or quit the YouTube video before you can check your message but I have finally sort out the solution for that with the help of an application called FLYTUBE.

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With this application, you will be able to float your YouTube videos while multitasking. Meanwhile, YouTube red offer this feature but it is not free so you know I like to make the impossible possible by applying some things to form something hmmm let's leave that because after following this process also you will be able fix things together and make it work perfectly also that's called knowledge.

Samsung Galaxy devices has this feature already pre-installed on it but must everybody buy a Samsung galaxy phone before we can use this feature? The answer is NO! Blazers need it free and this is it below.

Where to download this application called FLYTUBE?

This application is currently available on playstore for all Android users so download FLYTUBE by clicking here. It's very easy and simple to float videos using this application is just a little bit different from KMPLAYER the only difference is that KMPLAYER float videos from file manager while FLYTUBE float videos from YouTube.

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  1. I jst love the notification service on ur site it notify anyone if something is working % 100 or nt b4 trying it thatz a gud step u took only in site I hv experienced such service thanks bro.

    1. Yea you are right bro....just keep blazing!


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